SYOMSLFY Chapter 3.1 — Of Course He Thought About It. More Than Once.

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Luo Qi had half a cup of coffee before Jiang Sheng came back.

Perhaps because of the desk separating them, she couldn’t detect the smell of cigarette smoke on his body. Just now, while he was out smoking, she had a few words with Pei Shixiao.

“Signing on June 10?”, Jiang Sheng confirmed the time.

“Yes.” Luo Qi added, “On the afternoon of the tenth.”

Jiang Shenghe casually threw the unused pack of cigarettes next to the computer and informed her in advance, “Go to Sucheng on the 8th and return on the 11th.”

Luo Qi didn’t expect to come two days in advance and asked, “How many people are going in total? I will arrange to book tickets and rooms.”

“No need. Let the Secretary Ju arrange it.” Jiang Shenghe picked up another document and opened it. 

His peripheral vision could see her laptop and the color of her clothes. He tilted his head, so his gaze only touched the files and the top of his  desk.

Aroma of her cup of coffee was everywhere.

Luo Qi cheered up and quickly returned to work.The food was delivered half an hour later, and Secretary Ju brought two meal boxes directly to the office. Luo Qi often talked about work with Jiang Yueru while eating, but now the person sitting across from her was replaced by Jiang Shenghe which she was not used to.

Jiang Shenghe picked up the meal box, “Go out to eat, don’t mess up the documents.”

Luo Qi was relieved—the four of them eating together would not be so oppressive.

On the small conference table outside, Secretary Ju and another male colleague were sitting opposite each other. They were eating and chatting. Seeing them come out, Secretary Ju got up and set up the chairs.

Luo Qi sat next to Secretary Ju, and Jiang Shenghe sat next to the male subordinate, still opposite her, face to face. He chatted with the two subordinates one after another. Most of the questions he asked, they answered cautiously.

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She ate quietly, without saying a word.

Halfway through eating, Luo Qi put down her chopsticks to drink the soup. The lid of the soup bowl was tightly sealed and it was difficult to remove.

Secretary Ju complained, “Their takeaway meals are good, but the design of the soup bowl lid is really not friendly.” She often eats this and has experience in removing the lid. “I’ll help you.” 

“No need.” Luo Qi tried to open it twice but failed. She didn’t dare to use too much force for fear that the soup would spill out.

Jiang Shenghe finally couldn’t hold back and put down his chopsticks. “Give it to me.”

Luo Qi looked over, and his strong hand with slender fingers was already stretched out to her, just like when he was helping her plug in the charging cable before. His words were cold but not to be refused .

“Thank you, Chief Jiang.”

But, after all, how could she command the big boss of the group? So she didn’t hand it over.

With great effort, she lifted the lid of the bowl and spilled some soup onto the back of her hand. Secretary Ju had quick eyes and quick hands, and took out a few paper towels to dry the back of her hand.

The soup had splashed on her hand—Jiang Shenghe immediately touched his own soup bowl: it was warm but not hot.

After making sure she wasn’t scalded, he continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

After a hasty work meal, overtime continued.

They were busy until half past nine. When Luo Qi was about to go home, Jiang Yueru’s driver was waiting downstairs to take her home. She got in the car, looked up, and saw that the lights on the president’s office floor were still on.

As the car drove into the night, Luo Qi leaned against the back of the seat and only then was she able to completely relax.

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Soon, the car was parked under her apartment building.

This apartment was less than two kilometers away from the company. Pei Shixiao specially bought this apartment for the convenience of her commuting.

Once back home, Luo Qi sent a message to Pei Shixiao: [Video in half an hour.]

Throwing the phone on the bed, she grabbed some pajamas and took a shower.

Not long after, the bathroom was filled with mist. She closed her eyes and lifted her face to the showerhead. Working with Jiang Shenghe for one night and she almost lost half her life.

She hasn’t recovered yet.

Pei Shixiao’s video invitation came in on time half an hour later. Luo Qi placed the phone on its stand so as not to delay her skin care. From the other side, he hadn’t adjusted the camera angle well and only half of his profile was showing—his powerful jawline occupied the entire phone screen.

Soon, his upper body appeared in the video, with the office in the background.

Pei Shixiao adjusted the angle and saw Luo Qi clearly. He frowned, “Why don’t you blow dry your hair?”

Luo Qi toweled her hair after taking a shower, but didn’t dry it, and simply put a bath towel on her shoulders.

 “I’ll blow dry it later.” She picked a dollop of night cream from the bottle, and approached the phone screen with her finger, playfully scribbling on his face a few times in the air.

Pei Shixiao smiled and watched her do her skin care routine with his chin propped up, “Why were you working overtime at your boss’ office today?” 

“With Director Jiang’s surgery, some work can only be done with the boss.” She didn’t go into details about the project involving trade secrets, and instead asked “Are you still staying at the company tonight?”


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Pei Shixiao panned the camera around on the table, “So many materials left to read.”

Luo Qi patted her face lightly, “I worked overtime all night, I don’t want to read if it’s work related.”

Pei Shixiao pointed the camera at himself, and Luo Qi stared at his hair, “Even after a day, your hairstyle is not messed up at all.” The hair is meticulous.

Not only the hairstyle, but also the cufflinks of his shirt are still in place.

The man in front of her is very pleasing to the eye.

Pei Shixiao explained briefly: “Someone came to discuss cooperation this afternoon.”

“By the way,” Luo Qi told him, “I’m going to Sucheng on business on the 8th of next month, and I’ll stay for four days.

It’s the end of May now and the 8th is not far.

Pei Shixiao didn’t say that he would go back that day; he can give her a surprise then.

Before ending the video, he reminded, “Blow dry your hair before going to bed.”

“I will.” Luo Qi waved to the phone, “Good night.”

Cut the video, go to the bathroom, blow dry her hair.

Tomorrow is Black Monday again—the only thing worth looking forward to is the salary payment tomorrow.


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At 4:30 p.m. on Monday, the salary arrives.

Luo Qi had just left a meeting, and the wages only stayed on the card for ten minutes warming up. She kept a few thousand yuan in small change, and transferred all the rest to her mother.

The family still owes more than 11 million yuan in debt. In six years, she and her parents have repaid more than 20 million yuan in total. In the past, when she was rich, tens of millions was not considered a lot, but once she hit the bottom, thirty million became a huge sum of money, which once made her see no hope.

Fortunately, her father cheered up after the operation, used his skills to buy shares in other companies, worked hard, and earned a decent income in the past two years.

Her mother was an interior designer. In order to make more money, she kept taking jobs and working overtime day and night.

Six years later, her parents looked more than ten years older. Gay hairs appeared one after another, so they could only rely on hair dyeing.

A message came in on the mobile phone. Her mother didn’t ask for all of her money, so she transferred 50,000 back to her.

[Mom was paid for all the jobs she did recently; it’s enough to pay off the debt for this month. From now on, you can save some money every month to buy yourself a few dresses that you like, and wear them beautifully on your wedding day.]

The family wants face—they can’t dress poorly when she gets married, and they can’t let Pei Shixiao buy all the clothes. She owed her daughter too much but could not offer anything to make it up.

Luo Qi transferred the money again. [Mom, you keep the money, I still have money in my card. I don’t need to buy dresses—Director Jiang gave me two sets as wedding presents, both high-end.]

Mother: [The gift is too expensive to accept. ]

Luo Qi also thought it was too expensive, but Director Jiang had already paid for it when she told her, and asked her to choose the style.

[I give back at work.]

In the past few years, Director Jiang has taken good care of her, so she can only redouble her efforts at work—there is no other way to repay.

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