SYOMSLFY Chapter 2.1 — The Past

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The big boss was here, and Luo Qi had to rehearse what to say in her head before speaking.

She asked Jiang Yueru how to arrange the schedule when someone wanted to visit her in the hospital.

Jiang Yueru didn’t have the energy to be polite to those people from the business field. “I’ll be quiet for two days.”

Luo Qi understood it well, “You can rest at ease, and I will take care of other matters properly.” She put down the flowers she brought and stood by the hospital bed, waiting patiently for Jiang Yueru’s other orders.

Jiang Yueru couldn’t go to the company in the foreseeable future. The doctor told her to rest for two months. It wasn’t just because of the surgery—she has exhausted herself running the company all year round.

She arranged Luo Qi’s work for the next two weeks: the most important thing was a project in Sucheng.

This project in Sucheng was one of the group’s major undertakings in the next two years. Jiang Yueru originally wanted to wait until the contract was signed before undergoing surgery, but her body finally couldn’t endure until then.

With her current recovery status, she was unable to participate in the signing ceremony. If other high-level executives of the company were arranged to go there, the gravitas will not be enough. Only Jiang Sheng, as the big boss, could go in person to show their sincerity in the cooperation.

So she told Luo Qi, “We have decided to sign the contract on the 10th of next month, and there is no way to postpone it. Then you will accompany Mr. Jiang there.”

Luo Qi replied, “Okay.” Thinking of going on a business trip with Jiang Shenghe, she felt the psychological pressure increase inexplicably .

Jiang Yueru ordered again, “Before signing the contract, report the details of the project to Mr. Jiang.”

Luo Qi was about to reply, when a voice giving an involuntary sense of oppression broke in, “Assistant Luo, you go back to the company and prepare. Report to me at three o’clock in the afternoon.”

Luo Qi turned her face to look at Jiang Shenghe and replied, “Okay, Mr. Jiang.”

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She didn’t dare to look directly at Jiang Shenghe when she entered the ward earlier, and now she could see what he was wearing: dark gray athletic pants, black T-shirt, and sneakers. The muscle lines on the arms are clear and smooth, just right, and there seems to be sweat on the forehead. He should have just worked out. He had a narrow brow and eyes, and when he didn’t smile, he had a cold expression. 

Luo Qi looked at him for a short moment, “President Jiang, then I’ll go back to the company first.”

Jiang Shenghe nodded slightly.

Luo Qi quickly retracted her gaze and turned around to face Jiang Yueru, her voice could not help turning gentle, “Director Jiang, I will come to see you tonight. I will accompany you tonight and talk with you to relieve boredom.” 

Jiang Yueru slowly raised her hand and waved it—although she had no strength, her sharp energy still remained. “Don’t come here.” She joked, “You are all annoying, I don’t want to see you. Everyone get out of my sight.”

This ‘everyone’, aside from her, was probably complaining about Jiang Sheng.

Luo Qi knew Jiang Yueru best, so she said, “Then I’ll come over after work tomorrow.” She especially emphasized,”Come here and report to you about work.”

Jiang Yueru said with a smile, “That’s fine then.”

Luo Qi said goodbye, gently closed the door and left.

Jiang Shenghe stood up, planning to take a shower and change clothes to go to the company. The black T-shirt was drenched and stuck to his abdomen, and his well-proportioned abdominal muscles were faintly visible.

In the VIP ward, simple exercise equipment was provided for the accompanying family members. Before Luo Qi came, while his aunt was asleep, he did a few sets of exercises. But before the exercise was over, his aunt woke up.

Luo Qi arrived soon after and he didn’t have time to change clothes.

“I’ll still be here with you tonight,” Jiang Shenghe said as he walked towards the inner room.

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“No, what are you supposed to do here? Go home.” The nephew stayed with her for two nights, and staying up late was too much for his health. Jiang Yueru looked at her nephew’s back, “In such a hurry to set up the meeting? It has to be today at three o’clock?”1

Jiang Shenghe stopped and turned around, “I have meetings all day tomorrow, and I have a business trip the day after tomorrow.” Only this afternoon is free.

And these, as the boss, he didn’t need to explain to Assistant Luo Qi just now.

Luo Qi went back to the office, found out all the information about the Sucheng project, went over the key points again, and memorized them by heart, so that Jiang Shenghe would not miss any important details due to her nervousness when he asked her about it later.

While looking at the information, her younger cousin called.

Luo Yu was as nasty as usual, “Sister, do you miss me? How much?” 

“Missed you for just a second.”

“Wow, you missed me for a thousand milliseconds, so much.”

After speaking, both of them laughed. 

Done laughing, Luo Yu’s voice became serious, “Sister, what are you doing?”

“I’m at the company, working overtime.”

“Didn’t you say that you and brother-in-law would go back to Sucheng this weekend to finalize the hotel for the wedding banquet? Did you just work overtime and not go back?”

“I went back, the hotel is already booked.”

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Luo Qi temporarily put down the materials at hand, took the water glass to get some water, and told her cousin about the trip: that she went back by herself, and Pei Shixiao had no time to go back because of a problem with a project.

Luo Yu was indignant, and snorted coldly, “What problems with a project—is it more important than your marriage? Which one in his company is not a talent? Without him there to oversee the project, will there be no way to remedy it, and the sky will fall down? Sister, don’t try to be too  understanding of men’s excuses in the future, he will neither be moved nor grateful!”

Luo Qi smiled silently—her cousin has always defended her.

“Don’t be angry.” She changed the subject, “Why are you calling?”

Luo Yu didn’t want to embarrass her cousin, and tried to calm down, her voice became gentle, “I fancy a new bag, but there are two colors. I think they are both very pretty and I can’t make up my mind, so I’ll send a picture to you later, and you choose the one you like.” As she spoke, she threatened, “You have to choose one! This is the wedding present from that heartless guy and me—if you don’t choose, I’ll buy both colors and give them to you.”

“Sister, I’m hanging up now, and I will send you the picture immediately.”

Luo Qi was about to speak, but Luo Yu had already cut off the call.

The name of the heartless guy is Luo Xin. Luo Yu and Luo Xin are dragon and phoenix twins2, and Luo Xin is the older brother, but Luo Yu never calls him ‘brother’—she always calls him ‘heartless’.

They are the children of the Luo third uncle’s family. Since Luo Qi’s father’s company went bankrupt and owed tens of millions of debts, Luo Yu has been thinking of ways to give her bags and cosmetics every year. However, Luo Yu’s salary is not high, and Luo Qi is reluctant to accept her generosity, so Luo would keep thinking of reasons to buy and mail it to her.

Luo Yu always laughed and said, ‘Sister, you are the assistant to Chairman Jiang, you have to pay attention to what you’re using. I’m naturally beautiful and don’t need these.’

Luo Yu did send a picture of the bags; Luo Qi did not refuse this time, and chose the color she liked. She remembered all the gifts that Luo Yu bought her, and when Luo Yu got married, she would give her a big gift.

At 2:50pm, Luo Qi, who has already changed into her work clothes, picked up her laptop and went to Jiang Shenghe’s office with three file boxes in her arms.

The front desk on-duty at the President’s office let her in without registering.

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The whole floor was quiet, and the sound of Luo Qi’s high-heeled shoes was very clear. There were only two people working overtime in the huge secretary’s office area. She only knew Secretary Ju; she had no dealings with the other person before.

She joined the Yuanwei Group six years ago, and Secretary Ju took her in for half a year as mentor. She privately called Secretary Ju ‘Master’.

Secretary Ju raised her head upon hearing the sound.

Luo Qi mouthed to her, “Hello, Master.”

Secretary Ju smiled and raised her chin at her, the two of them understanding each other.

When Luo Qi approached, Secretary Ju stood up, instantly restored the seriousness that a secretary should have, and greeted her with a few polite greetings, “President Jiang is inside.”

Luo Qi walked over quickly without delay.

Both doors of Jiang Shenghe’s office were open, she freed her hand, and knocked symbolically on the door panel twice, “President Jiang.” 

“Come in.” Jiang Shenghe didn’t even lift his head.



1It’s Sunday. They will be working overtime on a Sunday afternoon. 

2Dragon and phoenix twins. Fraternals twins, a boy and a girl. A very auspicious birth. 

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