Seventh Year of My Secret Love for You

Seventh Year of My Secret Love for You is a popular light novel written by Meng Xiao Ji . The story is translated to English and covers Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Seventh Year of My Secret Love for You and can be read for free.



Luo Qi learned that her fiancé was cheating emotionally before receiving their marriage certificate, so she broke up with him decisively and called off the wedding.

Her now ex-fiancé was a rising star in the capital venture circle. In the eyes of her relatives, it’s impossible for her to find another man with better conditions than her ex-fiancé at her age. Even her fiancé felt the same way.

That night, Jiang Shenghe, the big boss of the Yuanwei group, suddenly asked her, “Luo Qi, do you want to try with me?”

Luo Qi looked at Jiang Shenghe in astonishment, tongue-tied.

The third son of the Jiang family stood at the top of the elite circle. She was completely different from him, and his so-called trying was nothing more than a whim to play tricks with her. She can’t afford it.

Luo Qi was thinking of finding a reason to reject him. Jiang Shenghe looked at her, and said again: “It’s not a whim, I’ve had you in my thoughts for seven years.”

This year was the seventh year she has been in his heart.

Luo Qi didn’t expect that when she was twenty-nine years old, she went crazy once, hiding the truth from everyone, and obtained a flash marriage certificate with her boss. He said: “The person you want to marry may not be me, but the person I want to marry has always been you .