Reverend Insanity

Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Multitask Gu

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The two dog groups were at a stalemate.

At Fang Yuan's side, the blue color lightning symbol dog were at the main position, with the grey hedgedogs as support along with the orange chrysanthemum akita dogs. As for the steel armor dog groups, it was a sea of black.

Fang Yuan mobilized the big lightning symbol dog to the front, waving his hand and sending the dogs out to attack as the vanguard.

Big steel armor dog barked, upon seeing the big lightning symbol dog appear, it stepped into the battlefield as well.

Beside it, the steel armor dog group followed closely behind, they were like a huge black cloud, flying down from the mound, giving off a terrifying aura.

The dog groups clashed together, Fang Yuan had a limited number of vanguards, quickly engulfed by the huge number of steel armor dogs.

But because of the big lightning symbol dog's existence, the steel armor dog group could not take them down so easily.

The big lightning symbol dog was after all a hundred beast king, under the attack of the dog group, it was able to handle them left and right, putting up a brave fight. Ordinary steel armor dogs were not its match.


The big steel armor dog stepped out, finally stopping the assault of the big lightning symbol dog.

Only a hundred beast king could stop a hundred beast king.

As the intense battle continued, big lightning symbol dog started to weaken. It had just undergone a battle earlier, and there was still injuries on it, causing its battle strength to be lower than usual. Furthermore, its specialty was speed, but it was going head to head with the big steel armor dog who specialized in defense, it obviously had the disadvantage.

Fang Yuan saw this, and sent his dog group over.

The new troops flowed in like a river, entering the battle causing chaos.

But the enemy was the steel armor dogs, experts at defense, most adept at such battles.

Although Fang Yuan sent out his army, and only left a few dog guards behind to protect himself, he could not change the situation.

Be it the hundred beast king battle, or the dog group battle, he was at a disadvantage.

But Fang Yuan was not worried.

The truth is, this was what he wanted all along.

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He was waiting.

Waiting for the weapon which suppressed the steel armor dogs to appear.


Big lightning symbol dog could not block the attack of the big steel armor dog, and suddenly barked, shooting out a mouthful of blue plasma.

Rank two plasma Gu!

"This is it." Fang Yuan's eyes shone brightly, as his lips curled up.

Steel armor dog group gathered at their dog king, attacking the big lightning symbol dog while enduring the attacks of Fang Yuan's dog group, causing them to be closely packed together, like the shape of a black bucket.

Blue plasma landed on the ground, splattering.

Large amounts of plasma landed on the steel armor dogs, causing their bodies to vibrate as they cried. Not only did their battle strength fall, the formation of the entire dog group was broken and heavily obstructed.

The armor on the steel armor dogs were of metallic element. Although the steel gave them superior defenses, it also made them unable to resist the power of electricity.

The attack power of plasma Gu was not high, but once used on the steel armor dogs, it was a formidable move.

The big lightning symbol dog shot out plasma continuously, as plasma covered the entire battlefield, heavily weakening the battle strength of the steel armor dogs.

The firm steel-like formation, had collapsed under the effects of plasma Gu.

Fang Yuan saw an opportunity, and commanded the dogs to charge, the dog group outside worked together with the big lightning symbol dog in the middle, unleashing a high offensive power.

If one watched from the sky, they would see that the large black area was first eroded by blue color, before being devoured by the surrounding blend of colors.

Black continued to reduce, while blue, yellow, and grey overtook them and dominated the field.

The situation changed quickly, soon, Fang Yuan regained his control, killing most of the steel armor dogs and encircling the big steel armor dog in the middle.

Feeling danger, the Gu worm on the big steel armor dog started to work.

Big steel armor dog gained more strength, while black spikes grew out of its body.

Fifteen minutes later, the big steel armor dog's throat was torn by the big lightning symbol dog, and fell indignantly. Its blood flowed on the ground, but it did not get up anymore.

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The battle ended.

As for the two Gu worms on the big steel armor dog, one was destroyed during the battle,while the other flew away.

Fang Yuan's expression was grim, in order to kill this hundred beast king, he paid a huge price. He only had half of his dog group left, and it would be a problem for his remaining battles.

After twenty rounds, beast kings would appear.

With the beast king, the dog groups would display greater battle strength, at the same time, the beast king itself was a huge threat.

The more Gu worms on its body, the stronger it is, and the worse the situation would be for the Gu Master fighting it.

Fang Yuan's luck was bad this time, the big steel armor dog he encountered this time had two Gu. Especially when one of the Gu was good at attack and defense, causing Fang Yuan to suffer great losses.

One's own luck matters when challenging the three kings inheritance.

The steel armor dog group was Fang Yuan's best choice this time, but his luck was not as good.

A rank two dog enslavement Gu fell from above, as his prize for winning.

Fang Yuan did not use the Spring Autumn Cicada, he instantly refined the Gu with the help of the heavenly power.

"This Gu is the key to getting past the next round." With such a resolution, Fang Yuan stepped into the fog.

Left, center, right, there were light shadows at all three directions. They were: A large numbers of corpse dogs, a certain number of Yin dogs, and a huge number of hyenas!

Fang Yuan's eyes glowed as he analyzed.

This time, his strength was limited, thus he had to choose wisely, fighting a weak enemy while thinking of the reward of winning.

"If I defeat the corpse dog group, I get a white silver relic Gu. Killing the Yin dogs give me a two tasks at once Gu…"

White silver relic Gu was no use to Fang Yuan. At this stage, only yellow gold relic Gu had an attraction to him.

But unfortunately, yellow gold relic Gu was heavily controlled even in Shang clan city.

Rank four Gu Masters were experts in the mortal Gu Master realm. One yellow gold relic Gu could affect the battle strength among rank four Gu Masters greatly.

In the market, white silver relic Gu was sold normally, while yellow gold relic Gu were extremely rare, often held in the hands of the higher-ups.

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Fang Yuan knew, super clans like Shang clan had lots of yellow gold relic Gu in their inventory. But even with the purple thorn token, he could not get them.

Shang Yan Fei held these yellow gold relic Gu in his hand, refusing to let them enter the market.

This was a secret temptation.

If Fang Yuan truly joined Shang clan, the yellow gold relic Gu would be a form of reward.

Shang Yan Fei's brilliance was not something a commoner could understand. Fang Yuan did not want to compete with him in wits and strength just for a yellow gold relic Gu, and cause his own plans to be stalled.

"In the three kings inheritance, there are yellow gold relic Gu. But only after the fortieth round, if I can get one, the situation would improve greatly.

Fang Yuan had desire towards the yellow gold relic Gu.

But he knew, whether he could get one was all attributed to his own luck.

He could not force this.

As for the two tasks at once Gu, it could allow the Gu Master to split his mind into two and was extremely effective in manipulating worm or beast armies.

Fang Yuan himself could do four tasks at once, if he added in this Gu, he would be able to do six tasks at once.

"Two tasks at once Gu is only a rank two Gu. Going higher, there are three tasks at once, four tasks at once, five tasks at once and so on. Multitask Gu is the most important tool for an enslavement path Gu Master. Hmm, wait… this is?"

Fang Yuan looked at the right, after the hyenas disappeared, it showed a token.

An ordinary reward is an enslavement path Gu.

But this reward was slightly special, it was an ordinary looking token.

The token was rough and had an irregular shape, like it was casually molded into shape by someone. On the surface, there was the carving of San Cha mountain, but this map was extremely casual and ugly, giving a strong feeling of half-heartedness. With one glance, one can easily tell that the person who made this token did not put in any effort, only doing it out of necessity.

But once Fang Yuan saw this token, his eyes lit up.

"King Quan travel token!" He immediately forgot about the white silver relic Gu, two tasks at once Gu.

"What luck to have encountered this token, I must get it!" Fang Yuan had a determined mind, he had to get this token at all costs.

Although this token looked worthless, it was one of the best items.

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Right now, no one knew its worth yet, but Fang Yuan knew clearly, towards to end of the three kings inheritance in his previous life, the price of such a token was as high as a rank four Gu!

"But this hyena pack is huge, and there are two dog kings. If I choose this path, the risks are huge. The best scenario is that I enslave one of the two big hyenas during battle. But even so, if I win this battle, I would suffer huge losses and would lose the ability to advance further."

Fang Yuan had a clear understanding of his own strength.

The advantage of experience was shown here, it allowed him to clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of every choice.

Fang Yuan thought about it, and decided to take a risk.

Since he walked on the demonic path, he had to take risks, by taking the extreme path, he would gain the biggest profits. Having no regrets after every choice, this was truly being alive!

Four hours later.

An intense battle ended.

On and below the mound, there were dog corpses everywhere. Fresh blood flowed as limbs decorated the ground.

Fang Yuan stood on the mound, slightly injured. In this Gu Immortal blessed land, he could not use his Gu, causing him to be extremely weakened.

"But I won anyway…" Fang Yuan looked at his surroundings, only a dozen or so dogs were left, as he sighed deeply.

Losing almost all the dogs that he had, there was no longer any hope of advancing in this cruel demonic inheritance.

But Fang Yuan had the last bit of hope in his mind.

The heavenly power descended, sending him into the fog once again.

"If I encounter Bai Ning Bing, by borrowing her strength, I would be able to continue." But Fang Yuan was to be disappointed.

All three directions led to dog groups. If he did not have the travel token, Fang Yuan would definitely die.

He took out the travel token.

Grasping it tightly, he bit the tip of his tongue and spit out some blood.

The blood landed on the token, and Fang Yuan opened his mouth, saying to the token softy: "Woof."

The token emitted a strong light, as it tore through space, dragging Fang Yuan with it.

In the silent fog, there was no one left.

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