Brought Back (3)

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“Whether you know or not, she’s not going to come back,” Rothgarr said.

Of course Anna knew this because she was an atheist. She even knew very well that death was death, and Natalie would not become a star or accompany her in any other form.

However, she didn’t know until Natalie had been dead for two months… If she hadn’t finally escaped from the Demon Realm and arrived in Black Cloud City with the “help” of Balan, she might never have known that Natalie had died. Wasn’t it ironic that her best friend in this world died and she didn’t know it?

Anna’s agitated emotions slowly subsided, the tears on her face dried up, and she said slowly: “Yes, Natalie won’t come back to life.”

She wanted to push Rothgarr away, but when she couldn’t, she said, “Let me go.”

Rothgarr didn’t listen to Anna. He carried her upstairs to his room and into the bathroom.

He put her down, looked at her and said with disgust, “Clean up.”

Anna originally disguised herself as a man, and rubbed a lot of dirt on her face. Now that she had cried a stream, her face was covered with streaks of dirt, looking both funny and pitiful.

After Rothgarr finished speaking, he stepped out. In a short while, he came back with her pajamas. Seeing that she was still standing there, he said, “Want me to help you?”

Anna glanced at him and opened her arms to him: “Come on.”

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Rothgarr sneered and exited the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Anna stood there for several minutes before slowly going to take a shower.

The demon really knew how to play. He wanted her to clean herself up and serve herself to the dinner table.

She washed very carefully, not letting go of a single spot on over her body.

She once thought that it was what it was, but now she didn’t want to die no matter what.

She wanted to avenge Natalie; this was the only thing she could do for Natalie… no, rather, it was the only thing she could do for herself, otherwise her guilt would cripple her.

After washing up, Anna carefully dried her long brown-red hair.

She had been afraid that Rothgarr would not want a weakspot like her and kill her……but he didn’t. He chose another path.

If this was in the past, she would at least bit a little happy about this.

Rothgarr liked her and wasn’t like one of those evil men that were afraid the woman they liked would become their weakness and kill her. Perhaps she would even consider being with him.

But not now. She was not in the mood to be in a relationship.

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Rothgarr stood in front of the window and looked out. The sky of the Demon Realm was as gray as ever. For some reason, he missed the sky of the Human Realm.

Hearing the movement behind him, he knew that Anna had come out, and when he turned around to see her, his pupils shrank.

Anna didn’t wear anything at all. Only her long brown-red hair, which was still damp, draped over her shoulders like seaweed.

Rothgarr once thought that Anna’s beauty was as gentle and harmless as misty rain, but the her in front of him was more alluring than a succubus.

He watched intently as Anna walked slowly towards him.

Anna approached Rothgarr step by step, and finally stopped half a step in front of him, looking up at him.

She saw the undisguised look of desire in his eyes, so intense that her skin felt like it was being pricked by needles.

She knew that Rothgarr might have figured out his feelings for her after being brought back this time, right? How could a person like him be patient? Under the huge disparity in strength, her resistance or cleverness was useless.

She couldn’t escape anyway, so it was better to get some benefits for herself.

Anna stood on tiptoe, put her arms around Rothgarr’s neck, kissed him lightly on the lips, and said in a low voice: “Teach me, train me, make me as strong as you…I can give you the greatest satisfaction. ”

Rothgarr froze, and then he suddenly picked up Anna, kissed her passionately as he walked over to the bed, setting her down on it.

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The kiss was very long, and Anna soon felt something strange. She opened her eyes suddenly, and stared at Rothgarr.

His hand was on her back, and a magic power hovered behind her.

She once had the experience of watching this. When she suddenly realized what he was doing, she struggled vigorously, but he held her tightly and kissed her deeply.

After a long time, Rothgarr finally let go of Anna. She pushed him away and sat up, with her hands bent behind her back, naturally not feeling anything.

“What are you doing!” Anna looked at Rothgarr, her reddened eyes in disbelief.

Rothgarr’s eyes fell on Anna unscrupulously. He slowly sat up and said indifferently: “With the lifespan of a human being, you will never be as strong as me. You need more time.”

“So you signed a soul contract with me?” Anna looked at Rothgarr as if she were looking at a lunatic, “Didn’t you say that the soul contract can only be signed once? This one chance, and you just use it like that?”

Anna could already guess that Rothgarr liked her. At the very least, he was willing to have an intimate relationship with what he called a lowly human being. But were his feelings deeper than that?

She wanted to gain power, he wanted her. Everyone got what they needed, no one owed anyone. Why couldn’t that work?

“Yes.” Facing Anna’s continuous questioning, Rothgarr’s answer seemed very perfunctory.

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In order to make Balan no longer stop him from looking for Anna, what he said at the time was that he would sign a soul contract with Anna. Balan knew very well what his words meant, and after confirming with him many times, he finally left dejectedly.

Since he said it, he would definitely do it. And… Maybe he hesitated a little before doing it, but now that the contract was completed, he felt more relaxed.

Anna looked at Rothgarr choked up.

In fact, the soul contract couldn’t explain anything… After all, she remembered that he said that the soul contract was used to share a demon’s lifespan with another. He didn’t say that the “other” person must be a lover. It was just that this signing ceremony would indeed give people the illusion that if they were not lovers, they would not sign. After all, a demon could only sign such a contract once in a lifetime.

She really couldn’t understand why Rothgarr would do this. What kind of ridiculous reason did he give? Even if she couldn’t be as strong as him after his training, it was because she had limits as a human being, what did it have to do with him? Sharing life with her for nothing, it couldn’t be that he wanted to play with her for a longer time, right?

…But she was actually very clear that there was only one reason that could perfectly explain his actions.

In the past, Anna would not let go of such an opportunity. She might force Rothgarr to tell the truth, or force him to run away, but today she would not say anything unnecessary.

She just said, “If someone uses me against you…”

Back then, Catherine used the soul contract to hurt Balan. Balan was lucky that time because Rothgarr was there, but Rothgarr might not have such good luck.

Rothgarr smiled proudly: “Then let them come.”

Anna looked at him, and suddenly lowered her eyes, hiding her eyes that became red again.

Why did she feel so miserable?

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