Brought Back (2)

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He saw Anna with her head bowed. There seemed to be tear marks on her cheeks, and the irritability in his heart became more and more intense.

Rothgarr stopped in front of the two. Leon did not act immediately because of prudence, but Rothgarr’s attention was only on Anna at the moment.

“Anna.” He called her, but for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

Leon frowned. The demon in front of him had such a strong aura, but his tone of voice when he called Anna seemed very familiar.

Anna broke away from Leon’s hand by pulling her hand back to wipe her tears. She looked up at Rothgarr and asked him, “Did you already know?”

Anna’s question came out of nowhere, but Rothgarr knew what she was talking about.

“Natalie was dead when I rescued you.” Rothgarr didn’t hide it.

Anna looked directly at Rothgarr with red eyes. Her lips moved, but she said nothing.

In order to win his bet with Balan, Rothgarr had to let her voluntarily agree to marry him, and her condition at the time was that he must save Natalie and Leon.

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So, how could he have told her that Natalie was dead? If he did, he would have lost.

And so, by twisting his words, the truth was concealed from Anna for two months. She had believed that while she continued to struggle to survive in the Demon Realm, at least Natalie was safe in the Human Realm .

The fact was that Natalie had died long ago, yet she was still alive and well.

It was truly ironic. Natalie had clearly done nothing wrong, yet she was the one who died.

Anna lowered her head and wiped away the uncontrollable tears. She raised her chin and looked at Rothgarr: “Do you want to kill me, or take me back?”

Rothgarr frowned. “How could I possibly kill you?”

“Okay, then I’ll go back with you, please don’t hurt any innocent people.” Anna took a step closer to Rothgarr, lowering her head as if she was about to give herself over without putting up a fight.

“Anna!” Leon called her in a deep voice.

Anna looked back at him and smiled with difficulty: “I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

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Apart from this, she didn’t know what else to say.

Not wanting Rothgarr to stay any longer and possibly cause more trouble, Anna took the initiative to take another step forward and hugged him. She buried her face in his firm chest, and whispered: “Let’s go.”

According to Rothgarr’s previous temper, he would have to make a fuss before leaving, but at this moment, he just hugged Anna tightly, spread his wings and flew into the air in an instant.

At this time, a thick white thunderbolt-like light struck Rothgarr. He suddenly turned around and took the hit with his back and wings. Anna was not hurt at all, but a little blood flowed from the corner of Rothgarr’s mouth.

In the past two days, he and Balan had been fighting a bit hard, and his injuries were not light.

“Demon, do you think you can come and go freely?” A silver-haired red-clothed priest stood on a balcony with a pitiful expression but sharp eyes.

Anna looked over, and she couldn’t help but think, after the demon incident, Black Cloud City had a five-star priest… If Natalie hadn’t died, maybe she and Natalie could really find protection from Rothgarr’s persecution with this priest.

He was just a five-star mage; Rothgarr would normally not be affected, and even start a fight with this kind of opponent..

But now, he was not in the mood to fight.

Therefore, he just glanced at the red-clothed priest, and flew out of the city with Anna in his arms. He didn’t even saying a few taunting phrases, and because of this, he suffered a few more blows.

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Anna was in a coma when Rothgarr took them to the Demon Realm last time, and she didn’t know how it happened. This time, she finally saw clearly that after Rothgarr flew outside the city, he waved one hand in the air. The teleportation portal appeared, and a familiar suction feeling came, and Rothgarr led her into the portal.

When everything around her was gloomier, Anna knew that she had returned to the Demon Realm. To be specific, she was in the basement of the castle.

Anna broke free from Rothgarr’s arm and dropped to the ground, walking forward.

But her arm was caught by Rothgarr. One hand brought her into his arms, while the other was feeling her body.

Anna suddenly remembered that day in Balan’s castle, when she was tricked by Catherine. After their failed “escape”, Balan directly pounced on Catherine in the basement.

Did all demons have this habit?

She tilted her head and asked indifferently, “Are you in such a hurry?”

Rothgarr paused and didn’t answer her, but he didn’t stop either. After a while, he found some gold coins and mixed element ores from her, and let go of her after taking them away.

Anna didn’t feel embarrassed or feel the need to apologize for her misunderstanding. This was a sooner or later kind of matter.

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Without saying a word, she continued walking upstairs.

Rothgarr followed behind her.

Anna walked all the way to the study, then stepped in. She walked to the place she always sat before her escape attempt, picked up a book and started reading it.

Rothgarr stood at the door of the study, watching Anna flip through the book quickly. As in the past, she only pays attention to books that can improve her strength, such as spell, and ignores all other books at a glance.

After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly saw that Anna’s body that was sitting up straight bent over, as if by some heavy object. Tears dripping down onto a page of the book, her whole body trembled. He rushed over to hug her.

Anna’s suppressed crying broke out immediately, and she shouted to him: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Even if it’s for a bet, you could have told me after Balan thought he lost the bet and you got the seed of The Abyss!”

The so-called “promise to marry him” was just a verbal agreement for the bet. After Rothgarr won, there were countless opportunities to tell her that Natalie was dead, but he didn’t.

She knew he must have a good reason for him not to do that, but she would never accept it.

Rothgarr didn’t reply. Maybe it was because of the bet, or maybe it was because he recalled what Anna had said to him about Natalie one day in the past: She is my best friend in this world, if something happens to her, I will go crazy.

He never thought about letting Anna go back to the Human Realm. So as long as she never knew that Natalie was dead, wouldn’t it be fine?

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