"――Peter-sama, I had considered the possibility that he might refuse, but it looks like he had more backbone than I thought it seems."

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Here, in a luxurious room.

A reconstruction of aesthetics based on the history of the house and personal beliefs, linked with rigorous uniformity, as though insisting on a vivid template for nobility. The result is a room that honors noble tradition while also reflecting the owner's values.

The man with silver-blue eyes sat at the ebony desk, caressing his golden hair. He was attractive, but his features were almost artificial, with outlines that gave the impression of coldness.

He looked at the speaker, who was a middle-aged man in a butler's uniform. The man appeared serious and stern but also gave off a slightly grubby impression.

The master of the room, Peter Swift, did not change his look and said."

He had no backbone. He was just a noble in name only, even if he was from a third-class family. He was just a few steps above useless, but that's not the issue. It's that the Grey Hound's fangs are still strong and effective, but the Shadows in our household is such a useless group. It's truly disappointing. While it's commonly believed that nobles shouldn't engage in lowly behavior, ultimately, those of low birth is just that - lowly. Does this mean that thinking of them as our "strength" was a mistake?"

His speech was cold and sharp, like faded glass.

He was willing to pressure the Damwead family, his birth house, if Desmond did not respond to the invitation he sent. As a noble, one would willing to cut off even his own family for the sake of honor. But perhaps it might benefit him instead as he was a "heretic". It's true that for aristocrats, women were nothing but "tools" but ironically, putting pressure on the Terrace family might work.

Originally, he planned to levy taxes on agricultural exports from Aldora territory and limit shipments to his territory. Regrettably, the region was weirdly cut off from such matters.

There were no exports and no imports from the area. Peddlers came and went, but also in negligible amounts.

 How could they manage their territory in such a situation?

Yet that land had accomplished it. However was it really that unreasonable? After all, the Aldora area was merely a name, and in actuality, it was a monster-infested wilderness on the boundary. It is little more than a tiny community run by a small handful of individuals hidden in the shadows.

If the "heretic" Damwead, a nobleman who lacked the dignity of a nobleman, then could live among the lowly inhabitants of the village without any pride.  Rather, it was a miracle for him to even survive for eight years, and managing a territory would be nothing but a fantasy.

 Although he was given a fiefdom and a title, it was actually an exile, imprisonment, and may even be described as a gentle death sentence. The nobles of the faction who find Desmond not pleasing to the eye were the ones who drove him there.

 He was, by all accounts, in a very bad place to be.

However, at that time Desmond was...

"What a terrible place, these nobles are so scary. But well, guess I can do as I  please now."

It was such a casual remark.

 As a result, together with the butler who went with him.

 ――He really did as he pleased.

As an "oddball" nobleman, he was able to energize the people there both mentally and materially by enriching the land. His desire to bring Charlotte along also became a great motivator for his action. And the monsters that appeared became a rich resource of materials to be utilized.

With the help of the "Gray Hound" - former connections, back channels - as well as the thought of the brilliant Parliamentary official Liz Bergamot, the "Aldora" territory has formed a unique distribution network. Moreover, thanks to Desmond's magic, which caused a massive soil quality improvement, and the nutrition obtained from the monsters that were incorporated into the soil, this territory had reached a state of inexplicable self-sufficiency, despite having a small population.

 It was impossible to restrict them through trade. Moreover, the nobles were not able to obtain information about the territory's internal affairs from neighboring areas, making it difficult to predict how much gap there would be in information warfare.

But still, the idea of marrying off one's former fiancée as a further weight on one's shoulders is...

"I should have killed that man and that woman long ago. At the time, I thought it would have been more beneficial to let them live, but - things are never as they seem."

 He said, not hiding his displeasure.

Peter gained an advantage over the Terrace family because Charlotte didn't become pregnant. He could, for example, proclaims the birth of a child with a consort and claim it as Charlotte's own by keeping both Charlotte and the consort concealed from public view until the kid was born, then announce it as her own child. In this way, he could have gained an advantage over the Earl of Terrace in a more friendly manner. But he did not do so.

It was because that "woman." who was in a position of "tool" for the "noble." rejected his seed. He felt betrayed and wronged. The same was true for Earl Terrace, who had sent him a woman who could not conceive.

At the time, he was still young. He was driven by the desire to control and dominate the Terrace family, a great noble family with a venerable tradition, and also clung to the brilliant idea of using Desmond, a disgrace to the nobility as a stepping stone. He thought it would also be a punishment for the woman who betrayed him.

"Tools" are tools, so they shouldn't be perceived as betrayed. They should be used more skillfully. In that way, that would have been more "noble."

――But, then that wouldn't make him a "merchant"?

If he was a "noble." shouldn't he have sought "pride" rather than "benefit"?

He thought so at the time. Dominance was more important than friendship. The relationship with the Terrace family was the same. That's what made you a noble.

And now Peter is trying to settle his past debts to prove his "righteousness."

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Unfortunately, his "tools" are weak.

 He can no longer hide his anguish over it. The "Shadow" on his side is so useless, while the "Gray Hound" is still baring his fang on the other side.....

Capable people don't gather effective tools, and effective tools gather around incompetent people.

 What a lamentable thing. For that reason, Damwead, his family of birth, and Baron Desmond Damwead himself are all the same in his eyes. It is the highest humiliation that the Marquess of Swift has to deal with directly.

But if he were to act recklessly and be defeated, it would be even more humiliating. That's why he must break through as an aristocrat with dignity.

First, he managed to lure the individual who was hiding in Aldora out into the open.

He chased the badger out of the den one by one...

――No doubt he will bring along  Grey Hound as an escort.

Even if one is an "oddball" who cannot be placed upwind of a nobleman, they still know to use effective tools.

 No matter how much force they may have amassed, a battle for the "noble" is not only a head-on confrontation of "strength".  "military prowess" was used on the real battlefield of sword and sorcery, but on the social battlefield, the one who reveals their sword first is usually the loser.

 ――Let me show you a true noble's battle.

Even if the opponent is a third-rate, lowly person who can't even be taken as a noble, the lion will still exert full effort to hunt the rabbit.

 ――Baron Desmond Damwead, go wash your neck and get ready. I shall grant you the honor of being crushed by my full strength.

A sinister aristocrat awaits the Lord of Aldora.


 I am washing my neck in the bathroom.

 ――Actually, someone else was washing it for me.


"Fufu, Desmond-sama, does it feel good?"

"Yeah, it feels amazing."

"Fufu, then, more.....Mmmn....."


*squish* *squish* *squish* *squish*  ♪

Charlotte's foam-coated tits rub and wash the back of my neck. They're warm and smooth, with an irresistible flexibility..., I'd like to have my neck cleaned like this forever.

In addition, my wife was becoming horny while washing me.

She moaned sweetly and would occasionally rub her puffy nipples against me. Of course, I am also horny.


"Desmond-sama, I'm sure you're exhausted. It is the duty of the legal wife to soothe her beloved husband."

The righteous wife expresses her feelings for her husband in a very sincere way.

――Apparently, she's been holding up a lot lately.

 Let's not think about it anymore and surrender to her irresistible healing.

And forget about that useless maid that caused me so much grief! That shrewd woman! Perhaps it would have been better to refer to her as a first-class maid instead...

 Oh well, let's forget about her for now.

"Hah, nnn..... fuu....."

Charlotte-chan moans and moves her breasts on her husband's back along with her superbly voluptuous body like a sponge. She puts her arms around him from behind and hugs me- *squish*.... *squish* *squish* *squish*♪

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 ――Oh..... I can also feel the tip of the cock.....

My tool jumped with a start as the desire of a woman in heat seeped through our skin. Lady Charlotte peered at it, her chin resting on my shoulder.

 The weight is irresistible.

"... it's already twitching... it seems like you're really feeling good, Desmond-sama. Of course, I'm feeling good too... Haan..."

Unsurprisingly, I feel shivers down my spine. A hot and loving lady clings to me, all slimy and cleansing me while she herself is burning. Are there any other pleasure that can surpass this?

"Of course there are." I was immediately denied by my wife - she could see right through me. It was an ironic response to an ironic question. As expected of her.


"For example..."

 And she slid her supple fingers down.



What's she gripping?

Of course, what else could it be!

Charlotte keeps rubbing her body against mine and begins to work on my soapy, slippery meaty root. Her fingering is superb. Her delicate fingers entwined with it, moving up and down with loving strokes. Not only that, but she also emphasized all of my weak points.

I let myself be pleasured by her soft, sweet body heat while she poured her lewd, surreptitious breaths into my ears.

"Ha~aa, kku..." she utilize the slipperiness of soap.

 *slip* *slip* *flop* *flop*

 ――No~, I'm so embarrassed, but I can't help but make moan.....

However, no matter whether I wriggled my hips or try to free them, there was no way I could escape The lord's wife's erotic hold on me as she held me from behind - And can I feel her breasts squishes on my back, the dampness between her legs, and the erect sweet buds.

"Haaah....." she moans, her sweet sigh piercing into my ears.

Looking down, her pure white fingers are entwined around a reddish, angry erection, the ugly glans appear and disappear as it moves up and down.

――Ah, no good..... I can't believe this...

 Charlotte-sama now rubbing my nipples with another hand. A sweet scratching sensation spreading not only from my groin and back but also from my chest.

"Desmond-sama's nipples are erect too."

"But Charlotte's is even more...ugh!"

"Oh, your cock jerked when I pinched it. Desmond-sama seems to like it, too.....*sqeeze* *sqeeze*"

"Ufufu, so adorable...*chu...* *lick*"

 Lady Charlotte upped the gears even more. She now attack my ears, licked around the contour, and nudged the tip of her tongue into the hole.

"Oh, ho..... ku~ha..... ah....."

 The pleasure pulses sent through my entire body made me squirm and jerk. The lord's wife rolled my testicles, my fate was right in her palm.

Charlotte continued to work on my angry dick, half bending forward as she pressed down on me. Her back is soft, sweet, and hot. Her crotch, pressed against me is wet, and also..... slick with something that's totally not soap.

She rubs it as if she's scooping it up.

――Kkk, this..... I'm being violated..... I'm really being violated by Charlotte.....

Even though I'm trembling, I can't escape from being caught by my wife!

"Hey, Charlotte, forgive me already....."

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"I don't want to! I'll heal Desmond-sama's body and mind."

"You're not healing me, you're making me feel so weak that I won't be able to get up."

"Fufu, that's also quite entertaining," she said as she clung to me, rubbing her cheek against his while stroking me.



 So warm.....

 She rains kisses down on me.

 ――Oh, I'm so happy, I can't stand it.

Charlotte just kept on fondling me, even though her fingers were soaked with something that wasn't soap. Her fingers make me aware of how hot I'm burning.....

"Ugh, kuh...... Charlotte, get out....."

 As soon as I said that.


 Charlotte let go of her hand and off my back.

 A sense of emptiness surged over me.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to," she said.

――Un, my heart was conveyed to her.

She rushed forward, as if in a panic, and

"*chuu* *smooch*, *chu*....."

She kissed me, even with her tongue.

――H-Hey, even if you kissed me, I won't be deceived... Ukuuu!

 Again, her slender fingers entwine around the angry rod and start to handle them with gentle strokes. Rubbing my weak spot, as if to soothe my meaty pole.....

"*smooch*....." When we pulled away from each other with our tongues sticking out of each other, forming a bridge made out of saliva.

 Big emerald eyes, wavy platinum blonde hair, moist and wet with water. My beloved wife, who, despite her having the sex appeal of a twenty-nine-year-old, still had the air of a cute girl.


 She laughs like a pretty fairy.

 No, like a fairy in a wet dream.

"I just thought it would be a waste if I let you release it like that. If you're going to cum, it's better to be on me... nnu..."

 Charlotte now leans forward and rubs her large peaks with erect tips against my chest, then drops down to my crotch.


 And with a lewd, cunning smile.

Charlotte's massive breasts began to deform as she exerted irresistible pressure from both sides, enveloping me.

 She herself did not move. The only thing that moves is her miraculous breasts.

 I was amazed that she could make me feel so good with just the movement of her tits.

"Look, My boobs ate all of Desmond-sama's dick."

"Oh, they ate me all right..... they feel so good....." I moaned and shook my hips involuntarily.

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"Oh my, it seems Desmond-sama is feeling pampered." she looks very happy.

"Well, how can I not be? This thing is... ohh..."

"It's fine. Please let it out like this... I'd like you to bukkake me........mmmn..." Charlotte collects saliva in her cute mouth, then let it runs down her tongue and drips down between her valley.

I'm not sure if my heart or my groin is pulsing anymore.

*squish, squish, squelch, squelch*♪ squeezed 

 Between the white jewels, a reddish tip slides in and out as if to defile it.

"Ah, it's getting hotter and harder. Come, don't be shy, I want you to let it out. Desmond-sama's fishy semen, let it soak into my skin."

"Oh, Charlotte!" I caught Charlotte by the shoulders and slid my hips between her tits. My need to ejaculate increased exponentially as her soft body moved as though she were milking me.

 Her emerald eyes, which were now hazy and misty, gave me a flirtatious look.

I'm at my limit!

 My hips buckled as I pulled her closer.

 Charlotte opened her petal-like lips and stuck out her tongue to receive me.

*splut* *spluuuuut*

My cock, which was sticking out of her cleavage, was defiling the pretty and beautiful madam as much as it could. It was as if I was branding her as my personal property, and I couldn't stop ejaculating as a result.

Yes, Charlotte belongs to me. Me alone.

 No one else can have her.

 My own, beloved wife!

"Ohh, Charlotte, I love you, I love you so much! take it all!"



She had such a luscious appearance, and though her eyes were closed, she took in the white mist of my yearning as though to greet me with her own. With her platinum blonde hair, snow-white skin, shapely eyebrows, eyelids, shapely nose, petals-like lips, pink tongue, and mouth. My white liquid then her neck, tits, and cleavage. Make it all dirty and sticky.

"Ha, ha....." I caught Charlotte's shoulders as I was breathing hard. Her shoulders are smooth, like peeled boiled eggs. Between her ample tits, my meat pole quivered with the afterglow of pleasure while standing stiffly.

"Nn....." Charlotte closed her lips, keeping her eyes closed.

She chews it, tasting and smearing the filth in her mouth.

"Nkku..... nnnn....." her slim throat moved. Her cheeks flushed.

 The shoulder I caught turned pink.

 A beautiful woman, with skins that pure like snow.

Such a woman wipes the filthy liquid off her face with her delicate fingers, brings it to her mouth, and swallows it while making a licking, lascivious sound.

 It was as if she don't want to waste even a drop.

All I could do was just watch, entranced.


her eyes opened.

 My very own precious jewel. My beloved wife looked at me.

"Desmond-sama's love is so intense, I can hardly take them all." 

She said with a slight blush and a happy expression.

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