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"Hoo..... I can't believe Liz is sucking my cock....."


Liz, a guileless beauty, sits between my legs. She nestles her face between my knees and kisses my stained meaty tip, a testament to the love she and I have just made.

Her silver hair falls to her chin and spreads out delicately. Her eyes have a distinct look to them. Nevertheless, as she services using her lips for the first time, the corner of her eyes reddens and brims with tears, giving the impression that this devoted service is being carried out by a girl who is inexperienced with it, prompting my sensation of domination to spike.

Furthermore, even though I wash it properly, it is already used and stained.

As a kiss is dropped on my meat head, the fiercely immoral feeling causes me to tremble.




She squinted her eyes like a cat as I caressed her head gently. I kept stroking her and slipped my fingers toward her cheeks.

"Liz, instead of just kissing, how about giving it a little lick?"



She gasps as I tickle beneath her chin. Suddenly a pink, moist tongue brushes against the glans.

"Fu~a..... is this what Desmond-sama tastes like?..... It's bitter and....not very tasty."

"Well, I'm afraid it is. Don't worry, you don't have to do it if you don't enjoy it. While I appreciate Liz doing this for me, I don't want to make you do something you're not comfortable with....."

"*Lick*, *lick*... No one said I don't like it. I just said it doesn't taste good. And if it makes darling feel good, I'll do more for you *lick*"




"Fufu, you seem to like it here. *lick*....."

"Kuh..." Yes, it feels good. But it's still awkward. Sometimes it's good, and other times it's not. It's frustrating, but... that's part of the experience.

"Liz, can you go down while licking the shaft? And also kiss it."

"Yes. *Lick, lick... kiss*."

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Liz's beautiful lips glide down the filthy shaft. She kisses me and runs her pink tongue around it.

"Ho..... then, massage my balls around with your fingers....."

"Yes," The silky fingers that ordinarily handle this domain's government matters raised and caressed the lord's testicles.

『Elite Parliamentary Official Lady's Raunchy Night Duty』 starring Liz Bergamot.

 ――Give me the whole stock!

"*Kiss, kiss, lick... *darling, does it feel good?... *Kiss*."

Normally, her three eyes would look unfriendly, but now she looks up at me with a worried expression, that's cheating.

"Ah... you just trembled. So it does feel good then. *smooch, lick*... ehehe."

"Liz, can you lick my balls too? Suck them and....."

"Yes. *kiss*..... *suuuuck*....."

I wonder what this sensation is that they call true pleasure. She obediently follows my instructions, using her delicate lips and tongue to serve me as I please.

It reminds me that I am Liz's boss.

"*Lick, lick*..."

"Liz is such a good girl," I said, patting her head.

"I'm not a child. I'm your


. Kiss,"

"Don't feel embarrassed at all, I see. Besides, you're already my wife, right?"

"Yes, darling. ,*suck*....."

"Ku..... isn't it time for you to blow me.....?"

"...Understood." Liz opened her mouth and lined it above the tip. I wonder if is it okay for me to put it in her mouth like that? "――Haamu"




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 Liz took only the tip into her lips, and I jerked.  How immoral, the sight of the tip of my glans buried in her lips.

"Liz, stay just like that....take it in as much as you can... Then, release the air in your mouth and suck in, hollowing your cheeks... Ahh..."

Liz's cheeks hollowed in. "*schulp*, *schulp*..." Although it was awkward and slow, her head moved as the grotesque flesh pillar entered and exited her lips.

"Ha, ha....." my breath ragged, and my hips shudder at Liz's slurping. Her slippery lips glide over my flesh. Inside the hot, wet woman's embrace, the male's meaty mass swells with desire.

"Nn, nn, *juu*, *slurp*..."

With each inch inside her, it becomes a little more and a little more rhythmic, Liz impaled her face against me......Our lewd juices, the evidence of our love had long since been cleaned up by Liz's mouth, which was now slippery with her drool.  Her slick saliva dripped down onto my balls.

Oooh, she makes an indecent, lewd sucking face when she pulls her head back. This must be preserved permanently in the memory of this lord.

"*slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*....."

"Good, now...lick the head."



"*slurp*, *slurp*."

She obeyed and rolled my balls between her fingers as well. I let her suck just the tip of it into her mouth and let her use her hands to handle my shaft.

"Ha, ha..... Liz, that feels good....."

"Nfu, huh......♡"

I reached down and scooped up a large plump meat on her petite body. I jiggle it around like the lord swirling a wine glass. I caught her plump and swollen nipple buds and pulled them, twisting and turning them.

Liz doesn't stop moving her face while being attacked herself as well.

"*glug*, *glug*..... *slurp*....."

My gradually heating phallus is getting angry, and my hips begin to squirm with the desire to make this girl swallow all of me.

"Liz, I'm almost there..... what do you want me to do? Will you take it in your mouth? If you don't like it, I can put it somewhere else, or I can simply stick it in your cunt..."

Liz hooks her lips around the shaft and begins to work on the pole, stretching her lips wide. She begins to slide her hands up and down the shaft, as well as the balls. This must imply that she wants me to release it in her mouth.  Truly ready to squeeze it.....

"Damn, ugh.....I'm going to cum.....just like that, keep sucking - ugh, ooooh!"

The meat shaft, with just the tip buried in the beautiful woman's mouth, pulsed..... I let out my boiling lust into Liz's mouth.

Liz's teary eyes leered upward.

――Oh, sorry, that must be a lot. And it's her first time too, so of course she's uncomfortable.

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"Liz, don't overdo it...oh!"


 Liz's nose flared wildly, but she never let go of her lips. She grips up the pole with her fingers and slowly, trying to push her head in further, taking my desire in her mouth and her slender throat.

"Good, hang in there. It's just a little bit more...... ohhh."

"Nng..... ng..... ng....."

 I poured every last drop into Liz's tiny throat.

Liz swallowed the entire mouthful without taking her mouth off me, and she even sucked out the rest from my urethra to clean it up.

"Ungh! Pu~ah... The amount is too much... *cough*..."

"Sorry, but wow, you're amazing, you really drinking it all....."

"Of course. Because darling served it to me....."

 I stroked her cute, silky silver hair.

She squinted her eyes like a cat and looked like she was about to purr.

"Darling, please tell me if there's anything else you want me to do. I can't do it all right away, but soon...I'll gradually fulfill your desires."

 Her face is red to the ears.

"Well, I'm counting on you. We're going to be together from now on――Well, like we've always been, I will turn Liz to be more erotic to let me do more things to you."

"Y-you said it with such an innocent smile..."

"So, let's get started right away~"


I pulled Liz around by the waist and put her down on all fours. She may be petite, but her ass is just as magnificent as her tits.

"Heeea, no! I already did it with my mouth, so... no more...maybe next time"

"I know. So."

"Eek, aaah, uu... It's so hard.......and all the way in... Haah... Ahh... It reaches all the way inside..."

She kept saying no, but when I inserted her, her meaty hole was waiting for me, cooing and tightening around me. So I lay down with her, covering her and hugging her close.

"Let's sleep like this." I reached out my fingers to her breasts, which were as big as Charlotte's. "Liz is my body pillow now."

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"Uwaa... I want to hug you too..."

"Do you dislike it?"

"No, I don't."

"Is that so? Well, it's okay then."

"But... Ungh..."

 I rubbed her breasts and buckled my hips around.

"Uh..., uh, huh..., uh, don't poke me... guu..."

"I need to mold this part of Liz's body into my personal hole."

 *schulp*, *schulp*, *schlick*, *schlick*!

"Naaa..., nuu, nguu... It's already in your shape..., no..., ah..."

"You're moving your hips, Liz."

"It's a natural reaction. Ah, ah..."

 I stirred Liz's vagina for a while, slowly, and debaucherously. I kneaded her nipples, played with her clit, and moved my hips while burying my nose in her neck, enjoying the scent.

"Hii, Ungh, mean.. corrupt......bad lord...... so good....."

"Oh, great"――*spluuurt*!

"Ahhh, it's coming out,... ah an...... I didn't even have a choice to resist.....hmmm....."

"Yeah, it can't be helped. Although, I bet Liz would sleep more soundly if you slept with cum plugged up in your womb, right?"

"Stop preventing me to sleep otherwise."

"Alright." - I say as I fill her womb with a big load. The pleasure of my ejaculation makes my hips buck.

"Auuuu......." Liz shivered. She then relaxes and begins to breathe in a drowsy sound.

 Like a child who is tired of playing and has the light turned off.

 Well then, I think it's time I go to sleep too.

 I sleep while holding my beloved second wife in my arms. ――zzz.

"Damn it...why you..... Both of you better watch out!!"

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