2465 Didn’t Want You To Exist

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“Don’t be surprised. Putting aside all the rumors, you’re indeed a child I admire. You don’t have the selfish blood of the Ye family in you. You’re stronger than your mother. I’m afraid you inherited this trait from your father.”

Ye Zhifan spoke calmly, and his tone was filled with loneliness. “Two of Grandma Ye’s children aren’t her biological children. Her only biological child is Ye Zhixiang. That’s why she fought for Ye Zhixiang and made things difficult for your father and me. We’re not her biological children. We don’t have any blood ties.”

Ye Jian couldn’t help but look up when she suddenly heard this secret that she didn’t know about in her two lifetimes.

She didn’t expect that… Ye Zhifan wasn’t Grandma Ye’s biological son either!

With this, many things could be explained. No wonder Grandma Ye treated Ye Zhixiang’s family so well. It turned out that only her daughter was her biological daughter.

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This showed Ye Zhifan’s sincerity in negotiating.

“Sun Ying made Madam Li the laughing stock of the entire capital city. Even if she has a deal with Sun Ying, she won’t let Sun Ying off. It’s true that Madam Li has power and influence, but don’t forget that it wasn’t Madam Li who sent Sun Ying back to the Southern Province. It was the military unit.

“So, even if Madam Li wants to do something, she has to be wary of the military unit.”

After Ye Jian finished speaking, Ye Zhifan understood what she meant.

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Why did Madam Li care about the military unit? It was because of Staff Officer Du.

Seeing that Ye Jian had finally loosened up, Ye Zhifan lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in them.

“Just like what you said, the person behind the jade wanted to cripple you. He didn’t want your mother’s comrades to know about your existence.

“Why did I give the jade to Sun Ying, then? Well, he told me to groom Sun Ying well. From this, I could tell that he wanted Sun Ying to replace you. In the past 20 years, I’ve only contacted him four times. Every time, I did as he instructed.

“After Sun Yaozu was killed, he called and suspected that I killed Sun Yaozu. From this, I could confirm that Sun Yaozu had always been working for him. So, if you want to find any traces of that person, you can first investigate what Sun Yaozu did in the coastal areas back then.”

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Hearing this, Ye Jian raised her eyebrows slightly. Sun Yaozu had been working for the person behind the jade for many years?

“We’re all ordinary people. People with high power naturally want to have wealth. It’s normal for the person behind the jade to ask Sun Yaozu to help him gather wealth. That year, when Sun Yaozu left, he suddenly became rich. The price was that one of his eyes was blinded by your mother. I’m sure you know about this.

“Sun Yaozu, who became blind in one eye, left the village again after that. Before he left, Grandma Ye even took the things your mother left behind, but it was just to fool people. Otherwise, how could they explain how Sun Yaozu managed to save up hundreds of millions of yuan?”

Ye Jian pursed her lips. She missed this point!

When she finished dealing with Sun Yaozu, she didn’t even think about this.

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It seemed that if she wanted to investigate the mastermind, she could start with Sun Yaozu’s old company. She might be able to get more clues from there.

Ye Zhifan saw that Ye Jian’s expression wasn’t as calm as before. When he looked up, his gaze was sharp and cold. He was even more certain that she was interested.

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