Chapter 61 — A Light Touch

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After sorting out her emotions, Su Yanyi began to reflect on her attitude. She had always believed that everything she did could only be right and never wrong; therefore, self-criticism wasn’t something she indulged in often. However, this time she thought that she should be more generous.

She had once said that she wanted to protect him and provide him with a good life. She’d also promised to live well with him, and that meant she needed to recognize his status as her husband. Her home was also his home. Furthermore, she understood that she needed to respect his wishes and be tolerant. If he really wanted to keep the tiger, then she would give in.

It was just a matter of having another pet to take care of anyway, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Plus, the white tiger cub was rather cute. When she was a child, she visited the Su family’s private overseas island and saw a great variety of animals. As a matter of fact, her father had even suggested that she raise some. If Qin Jiran wanted to, she could also take him to visit.

Now, the problem was, although Su Yanyi had decided to accept the situation, Qin Jiran couldn’t tell. Her expression was still too cold.

“If you don’t like, I won’t keep it,” Qin Jiran insisted earnestly, with a determined expression.

Su Yanyi would never change her mind to cater to someone else, and she wouldn’t use this kind of “retreat for the sake of advancing” and “agree despite wanting to disagree” approach either.

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That was how he knew that she had indeed thought everything out herself and sincerely agreed to keep the tiger if he wanted to. It had nothing to do with her own interest—just as she said, her home was his home, and she wanted to show him that he also had the right to make decisions!

Naturally, he felt extremely touched by her consideration. However, he still couldn’t bear to make her accommodate him. To him, Su Yanyi was a woman who should never suffer from even the slightest of grievances, especially not from him.

At this moment, he could truly sense her acknowledgment and consideration for him. He didn’t know why she had changed so much, but regardless of the reason, he was moved and didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness.

“What, are you saying that if I don’t want you to do something —anything— you won’t do it?” she asked, skeptically raising an eyebrow.

Qin Jiran was his own independent person, and she herself was someone who would only change her mind if it was of her own volition. Therefore, she couldn’t understand his notion of doing whatever she wanted him to do and not doing whatever she didn’t want him to do. Although she knew that he loved her, she didn’t believe he would go that far.

“As long as you tell me not to, I definitely won’t do it!” was his unhesitant reply. Why wouldn’t he? He’d even entered the entertainment industry for her sake.

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Su Yanyi was surprised by his steadfast answer as it immediately dispelled her skepticism. Again, she knew that he loved her, but she had only experienced his love when she was lying on the hospital bed in her past life. In this life, the knowledge that this man actually loved her to the point of being willing to unhesitantly change himself for her finally sunk in for the first time.

Some people believed that if a man had to change himself in order to pursue someone, then it wasn’t love. However, what if the man was willing to change himself? Then wouldn’t that be an ideology? After all, love came in several forms.

“You don’t have to do that,” she said. Her voice was softer and imbued with a sour hoarseness—she was touched.

“I want to.”

Suddenly, a strange silence fell over them. They stared at each other without looking away, as if afraid that they would miss something if they did.

Su Yanyi sighed to herself and thought, who said this man was clumsy and couldn’t sweet talk? Wasn’t this the best kind of sweet talk? Even she felt touched by it.

And that was when Su Yanyi, who had been trying to hold herself back, finally snapped.

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Reaching out, she pulled the man to her and leaned in. When her lips fell on his, the man was stunned into a stupor.

His clean and familiar scent enveloped her. The feeling of his lips against hers was very novel, but it wasn’t repulsive. Although the moment was brief, the tinge of warmth it bought seemed to occupy her mind and make her feel as though the world had become a little different from before. In that brief moment, she felt a hint of a certain emotion. And if kissing him and feeling her heart race afterward meant that she liked him, then… she liked him.

Similar to how he had kissed her fingers, her kiss against his lips was gentle, like a dragonfly flitting above water.

“It’s not that I don’t like the tiger, I’m just afraid it would be troublesome to take care of. It’s alright if you want to keep it though,” she explained after pulling away. It wasn’t often that she explained herself to someone else.

Just then, the robotic voice of the System sounded in her mind, surprising her.

【 Congratulations on completing the Hidden Mission: Initiative a Kiss With Mr. Qin!

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Reward: Anti-alcoholic Potion x1 (Immune to alcohol for three days after consumption.)

Rewards are automatically stored in the space dimension and can be accessed at any time. 】

Su Yanyi felt a bit speechless. The hidden mission was to initiate a kiss? And the reward was an Anti-alcoholic Potion? Why did she feel like the System was congratulating her?

Meanwhile, Qin Jiran was still in a daze. When he heard her question, he stared at her blankly. Her face was close to his, and he couldn’t think about anything else.

After a long moment, he recovered enough to stutter, ”W-What did you say just now?”

“I said, you can raise the tiger. I’m fine as long as it doesn’t disturb me,” she patiently repeated. Her expression was completely normal, and it was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

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