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Chapter 770: 770

Chapter 770: Mistake, slapped in the face

The Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince thought that if they arrived late at night, the Jinwuwei Army would not have time to prepare. When that happened, not only they would be in a big mess, but also they wouldn’t be able to show off the spirit of being elite soldiers, but… …

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They underestimated the Jinwuwei Army and underestimated Lin Chujiu.

In the distance, the two princes saw that the place where the Jinwuwei Army was stationed was full of torches, making half of the sky red.

Although the distance was still a bit too far, the light in front is too strong. They can’t see exactly what was going on inside, but the horses who were pulling the carriages were too scared to move forward, and they can guess how imposing the Jinwuwei Army was.

“What’s going on?” Although the carriage stopped, the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince were not in a hurry to get off. Instead, they asked for an ‘explanation’ of the soldier who had gone to report earlier.

“Answering back his highness, this lowly subordinate doesn’t know. When this soldier was there. there was nothing like this.” So to say, it took the Jinwuwei Army less than half a quarter of an hour to set up such a big battle.

“Seventh younger brother, what do you think?” Unable to find out the reason, the Eldest Prince turned to look at the Seventh Prince.

After talking all the way, the Eldest Prince knew that his seventh brother was not simple, so he would not ignore him after encountering a problem.

“Imperial Aunt seems to have made preparations long ago. Let’s go in and talk about it.” The Seventh Prince smiled. There was no trace of dissatisfaction on his face. As if he was not the person who proposed a midnight raid to pick out the mistakes of the Jinwuwei Army and suppress their arrogance.

The Eldest Prince was shocked, and then laughed at himself: “The seventh brother is right, let’s go in and talk about it.” He was not as good as a child. He needs to reflect when he goes back.

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The two princes got out of the carriage, while Yuan Shao, the highest-ranking general officer in the army, came with his soldiers.

Seeing that the Seventh Prince and the Eldest Prince got off the carriage, Yuan Shao quickened his pace, took three steps to walk in front of them, and saluted respectfully, “This general, Yuan Shao was ordered to meet His Royal Highness, the eldest prince, and the seventh prince.”

Yuan Shao’s armor was neat. There was no sign of waking up. The Eldest Prince exchanged a few words with Yuan Shao to explain the reason for their late arrival. The Seventh Prince took the opportunity to look at Yuan Shao and several deputies behind him carefully.

The Seventh Prince, a child, stood beside the Eldest Prince, looking so depressed and sleepy. No one will be defensive if people see it.

When he raised his head, held his drooping eyelids, and looked at people with an ignorant face, the people who have seen it would not think much. If he met someone with a good temper, he would probably return a friendly smile.

Yuan Shao and his deputy were unlikely to coax the seventh prince, but they will pay the Seventh Prince’s attention seriously.

The Eldest Prince glanced at the Seventh Prince quietly and said ‘what a devil’ secretly in his heart, but he didn’t show it at all on his face. His face still look the same when he exchanged greetings with Yuan Shao. Then he asked: “What’s wrong with the camp? Are there always so many torches every night?”

The Jinwuwei Army has always been short of supplies. According to his understanding, the Jinwuwei Army has always been frugal. Unless they march late at night, they seldom use torches. Most of the time, they will light a single big fire for heating and lighting.

They have no other choice. There was not enough fuel. If they don’t use it frugally, where will they get these military supplies?

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Even though Prince Xiao was so powerful that he would supplement the military supplies secretly, there was no way to ensure sufficient reserves in the army like the imperial court. Prince Xiao can only guarantee that the Jinwuwei Army will not be short of materials when needed but weren’t as many that they can use things casually.

“Answering back his highness the eldest prince, this is only the case tonight. Wangfei said that the two princes were ordered to come to comfort the army. Even if they came in the evening, we should not neglect them, so we specially lit the torches, and ordered the whole army to line up to meet them.” Yuan Shao did not go around the bush with the Eldest Prince, and at the same time, he expressed Lin Chujiu and Jinwuwei Army’s dissatisfaction.

They came to console the army, but no one come to console people at night. So what were they doing?

Want to catch them off guard, break the rules, and lose their faces to be satisfied?

The Eldest Prince looked embarrassed and didn’t know how to reply for a moment. When the Seventh Prince saw this, he pulled up his clothes and said with a worried face, “Imperial Brother, is it not the right time for us to come? Is Imperial Aunt unhappy that I came to find her?”

“No, Imperial Aunt likes you so much. How can she be unhappy?” The Eldest Prince patted the head of the Seventh Prince as if they were good brothers.

After pacifying the Seventh Prince, the Eldest Prince said to Yuan Shao with an apologetic face: “I’ll go to apologize to Imperial Aunt. The Seventh Prince has not seen Imperial Aunt for a long time and misses her very much. He kept talking about meeting her all the way. This is why he keeps fighting his eyelids and refused to sleep. He insisted on seeing Imperial before he would sleep.”

These were the words that the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince discussed before, and put everything on the Seventh Prince who was “young and ignorant” and “missing the Imperial Aunt”.

Lin Chujiu was also an elder. Isn’t she ashamed to argue with a child?

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“His highness speaks seriously. Wangfei is very happy to learn that the two princes are coming, and has prepared food and drinks for the two princes.” Yuan Shao said flatly. He didn’t believe the words of the Eldest Prince, but he didn’t think too much about the Seventh Prince’s behavior. He only thought that the Eldest Prince was treacherous, and even used his brother as an excuse.

“Your highnesses, this way please…” Yuan Shao turned aside and gave way to the two princes. After the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince came forward, he followed behind.

They were only a few hundred meters away from the military camp, so they arrived after a column of incense. As soon as they entered the military camp, the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince felt a chilling aura rushing toward them. The accompanying soldiers were shocked by the momentum. They froze on the spot and forgot to leave.

Even the Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince were shocked when they saw the Jinwuwei Army, lining up neatly and orderly, with no discrepancy in sight.

Each of them stood like pine and cypress, with a solemn expression on their face. Their eyes were cold and full of murderous intent. Each one of them could frighten and suck up the courage of children. So many people stood together, their momentum was almost suffocating.

The Eldest Prince opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak for a long time. He had seen the Jinwuwei Army and knew they differed from other armies. But at that time, he only thought that the Jinwuwei Army was probably stricter than the other general’s army. As for their fighting spirit, the others were not much worse.

However, today he saw that what he knew was only the tip of the iceberg. He didn’t know the whole picture of the Jinwuwei Army at all.

The Seventh Prince was also severely shocked, but he soon regained consciousness. His big eyes twitched and he shouted in shock, “Is this the Jinwuwei Army? How powerful!”

The voice of the Seventh Prince was not small, which just made the shocked Eldest Prince come back to his senses. The Eldest Prince quickly took back his sight and praised: “Imperial Uncle is powerful. The momentum of the Jinwuwei Army is comparable to that of the world-famous Black Armor Guards.”

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The Seventh Prince continued: “What are the Black Armor Guards? Is it very powerful? I don’t believe it. Imperial Uncle is the most powerful. The Black Armor Guard is certainly not as powerful as Imperial Uncle’s Jinwuwei Army.”

When the Seventh Prince said this, his face was full of pride. He was full of pride in Xiao Tianyao. But as for what he was actually thinking, only he knew… …

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