Please Tell Me How to Remember Love

Please Tell Me How to Remember Love is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Romance, School Life genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Please Tell Me How to Remember Love and can be read for free.



Like magic, ‘it’s’ a special power that saves others who have been hurt by love.

A love consultation to end a hopeless love.

A mysterious story about a boy who consumes the feeling of love itself and a girl who’s hopeless at love.

Miyama Aoi, a talented, well-liked and the most dependable girl in her class has one weakness. She’s hopeless at love.

However, that changed when she met her classmate, Satou Takayuki, the self-proclaimed ‘love counselor.’

“I have the power to erase other people’s ‘love.'”

Hopeless feelings, twisted thoughts, immature love. Slowly, little by little, Aoi’s feelings changed as she spent her days with him. Using his special power, he solves consultations after consultations, until—

“Let’s become partners!”

Takayuki’s secret was revealed to Aoi.

“From the moment I was born, I’ve never fallen in love with someone.”

This is a mysterious love story between the two people who are hopeless at love. The story of their discoveries about love.