Chapter 123: When Miss Green Tea became the love group controller (17) Part 2

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Phoenix watched quietly as she applied the ointment to the wound on her calf, her eyes narrowed, her flexible jawline taut, and the tendons of her collarbone shined, making his eyes look like a lurking beast.


After simply applying the ointment, Bi Ming looked at the golden ball with its wings fanning fast in mid-air: "Okay, the audience will be impatient to wait, let's start."


The man's thin red lips slowly pulled out a graceful arc: "No hurry, there are not many problems, you can take your time."


The barrage saw through someone's sinister intentions: [Phoenix, you just want to stay here, right?]


[You really don't treat us as outsiders, how long have you been chatting?]


The eldest lady had already received the list of questions, and the first one made her blush and she could not help coughing twice.


Phoenix couldn't help but deepen his smile as he looked at the thickening of color on her plain white cheeks.


"That's it, the first one, Fini... So far, who is your favorite female guest?"


This is simply a bonus question, but netizens seem to want to hear Phoenix say it himself, so there's this one.


"This question is very interesting," Phoenix whispered, his eyes like a scorching sun, covering the girl in front of him warmly, "Testai, I can't think of an answer other than you."


Her pure blue eyes frightened away from his straightforward gaze, and her thick eyelashes danced like a small fan: "Fini, have you ever thought about it... Maybe it's because I'm the only one you know here as a female guest?"


After she finished speaking, she pursed her lips a little ashamedly, her eyes didn't dare to look at him, and her tone was a little nervous.


Phoenix lowered his eyes, looking at her petal-like fingers, where the girl's little apprehension and anticipation were hidden.


"Actually, I can't remember our past very well." He slowly considered the language, but finally smiled, "The you I saw is the current you, do you understand that?"


The blond girl's back straightened quietly, and her lips also leaked a bit of a smile: "Okay, you pass the test."


"What's next?"


"Second question, uh... It's interesting, is Cecia injured today?" Bi Ming glanced at the question and was a little surprised, "What netizens asked is, if my foot is sprained in action today, just like Cecia. Then, how will you deal with it?"


Phoenix didn't expect that there would be so many idle people on the Star Network who are not too serious.


The arc of his jaw was sharply clenched, with a hint of displeasure, aimed at those netizens: "The hypothetical implication here is a bit boring."


"I think so too." Bi Ming nodded, and Lan Tong suddenly squinted, looking a little sly, "So, what's your answer, Fini?"


Phoenix put the scene on the beach into Bi Ming, and then frowned deeply: "I will stand behind you, you have no chance to fall."

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"But—what if?" The eldest lady seemed a little stubborn in this regard.


Phoenix looked at the blonde girl who was approaching him, and finally reached out his hand to tuck her loose hair, with an intimate and gentle gesture, just like an ordinary big brother.


"Testai, I won't let you get hurt in front of me, so this is in case it doesn't work."


Bi Ming recalled that the other party seemed to be serious, and he was still trying to practice this - since the meeting, he never let her be bullied by anyone.


He always protected her before danger happened.


"Unless you are as determined as she is and want to stay on the ground," Phoenix looked at her ignorant pupils and couldn't help but chuckled softly, "Then I will let you choose a pose you like and take you with me. Continue on your way."


The blond lady was a little bothered by his laughter, as if she had really imagined the scene where she was willing to dive in order to get him to hug her.


And Phoenix's remarks are equivalent to veiled debunking of today's truth.


It can only be said that the program team does have a hand, and tonight's question and answer is equivalent to the clarification of the sentinel who has been morally condemned in disguise.


"Okay, next one." The eldest lady extended her voice, and then her pupils slowly widened, "Excuse me... eh?"


Her voice stuttered.


"Oh... Fini... This is a bit too much... Netizens want to know, how many girlfriends have you talked to..." She paused for a second, then added, "In the physical relationship."


In the last half of the sentence, her voice was very low, as if she had said something incredible.


As a great lord with no shortage of resources, Phoenix holds authority and is extremely talented. In people's expectations, he is naturally experienced.


After all, as long as the sentinel does not have a formal partner, it is possible to have a lover.


Phoenix was a little uncomfortable with this question, and answered it neatly: "No, not one."


The barrage felt a little unbelievable: [Didn't it say that nobles will receive sex education after the bariatric ceremony?]


[So innocent? Great lord, if you don't formally combine with the guide, you can still make waves, right?]


This is as absurd as asking modern people to believe that the rich and handsome man has been single for many years and solved their desires purely by hand.


Bi Ming took a few more glances at Phoenix in surprise, and saw that he looked calm: "I am more traditional, and I will only do this with my legal partner in my life."


It was probably because the man looked at her with too gentle and meaningful eyes when he spoke, and the girl could only finally let out an embarrassed "Oh", and couldn't wait to skip this topic.


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Phoenix and Bi Ming were probably the longest chatting group. The black-haired boy in the living room saw the other sentries coming down from the second floor, so he impatiently walked to Bi Ming's door, leaning against the wall and snorted coldly.


Even through the door, Phoenix, who has perfect five senses, heard someone's urging.


So, the red-haired man's hand that was originally on the doorknob suddenly stopped again.


"Testaii," he turned back and told the girl beside the bed, "it's windy at night here, you'll be better off wearing an extra coat."


The blonde girl didn't know why, but she accepted Phoenix's concern: "Okay." She wrapped herself in the silk nightgown beside her.


Phoenix looked at her arms that were covered, and was finally satisfied: "Then, I wish you a good dream tonight."




Sean outside the door snorted lightly, and when the red-haired man opened the door, he said slightly sourly, "You really—"


"She needs to rest early after her injury, pay attention to the time, don't make it too late." Phoenix interrupted him.


The black-haired boy's delicate face sank, and he hummed softly, "You don't need to remind me."


After a while, Sean walked into the room and saw the girl wrapped in a robe, he couldn't help but "tsk":


"Aren't you afraid of suffocation when you dress like this?"


"It's up to you." Bi Ming knelt down between the soft mattresses, her legs were like snow-white jasmine petals under the skirt, and her whole body exuded a faint girly body fragrance.


The bulge between Sean's throat moved slightly, and he subconsciously avoided her sight: "I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you, let's start quickly."


It was probably a confined space, and the soft orange light made them feel a little embarrassed even at each other, and they only felt that the air was getting hotter.


"Well, then I said," the eldest lady with curly hair falling to her chest and looking a little lazy whispered, "The first question, who are you..." Her voice suddenly disappeared.


"What's the matter?" Sean looked at her biting his lip and seemed to be unable to speak, so he couldn't help but get a little nervous.


"The netizen asked," the girl closed her eyes and seemed to be holding back her embarrassment. She threw the question out in one go, "Is it because you like me that you are against me all day long?"


The air was suddenly quiet.


A long silence - so embarrassing that both faces burn -


"Ha..." The black-haired boy sneered dryly, "Are they crazy... What kind of fantasy is this?"

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The eldest lady tugged at her blond curls with her fingers, her eyelashes trembled twice, and took a deep breath: "Hope is really a fantasy, Vernal."


"Otherwise?" Sean's expression was like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and he almost jumped up, "Don't tell me what you think this question is worth discussing? Egbert, you won't be so self-conscious in love?"


"Anyway, I remember someone blushing on the beach and told me to leave him alone," Bi Ming raised her chin, her tone arrogant and light, "Who knows what's on your mind?"


"That's you—" Sean wanted to find something to refute, but found himself stuck, "Tsk, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you, next question!"


Bi Ming sighed in her heart as she saw that the fair face of the young man in front of her had already turned a magnificent blush.


Innocent children are just so fun, and even the skills of changing the subject are so clumsy.


"Okay, then, next, if your partner is me today, will you still use your superpowers to control me when I fall?" The girl's voice was lazy, and she sneered at the back. "What did you do to Cecia? It sounds disgusting."


Sean's crow-colored pupils stared at her immediately, with a hint of anger: "Egbert, what do you mean?"


"Controlling's very evil when you hear it..." The eldest lady didn't seem to notice that the air pressure was gradually decreasing, and said to herself, "It's very bad."


"Evil, scary?" The boy's brows were hazy, and his sarcastic tone sounded very bad, "I didn't do anything to that woman, just let her walk normally. If you want to experience it, I don't mind."


The next second, she felt that her hands and feet were ambiguously entangled by something transparent.


"Ah!" The sticky and weird touch made her exclaim.


Sean looked at her pale face, showing a hint of confusion: "Egbert, you are so brave, I didn't do anything."


"Don't - let that thing - haunt me -" the girl warned him while shivering, gritting her teeth.


"Then say it first, it's not evil."


"This is obviously evil!"


Sean couldn't understand why Bi Ming's reaction was so violent, he didn't make fun of her, he just wanted her to feel his ability.


However, the pink on the eldest lady's face had spread to her neck, and the corners of her eyes had also turned a faint rose, as if she had fallen into a strange fantasy.


"'ll bully people..." Her voice sounded like she was about to cry.


Seeing the girl's emotions suddenly out of control, Sean was a little overwhelmed, he immediately canceled his ability, and then looked at the girl's shameful gaze—


"How could you just use this - to tie me up with this thing? That's rude..."

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Sean finally realized what she was afraid of: ...! !


"No," the boy also stood up from the chair with a shy face, "Egbert, what are you thinking about?" His face also turned red at this moment, and was one more unjustly collapsed.


His superpowers can control other people's limbs...but that doesn't mean he can do...the bad things she thinks...damn, is Egbert an idiot?


The two enemies stared at each other, I stare at you, you stare at me, looked at each other for a long time, and then let out a sneer at the same time.


"If you fall, I will definitely, absolutely, definitely not help you!"


"Who cares, you perverted control freak!"


"Who controlled you?"


"You just took control..."


"I'm letting you know about my abilities, forget it... Next question, hurry up!"


On a hot summer night, the blushing young men and women refused to admit defeat to each other, struggling to support this "stupid" and "boring" question and answer session.


The live broadcast room with them all laughed crazy:


[Although Sean's ability is really terrifying, Miss's misunderstanding is too outrageous, right?]


[No, is Miss Sister afraid of being controlled on the bed, and then being held like this?]


[Hahaha, the second male's reflex arc is really long, which only shows that he is a pure and good boy!]


When everything was over, Sean returned to his room, only to find himself in the mirror blushing so red that he was about to explode.


It was the first time he hated his skin color so much, but if he was a little darker, he wouldn't look so stupid.


"Damn Egbert..." He walked into the bathroom, remembering how he had manipulated each of her limbs.


Her eyes are so bright, with shimmering water in them, like the gentle blue sea rippling gently, attracting people to indulge in them and unable to extricate themselves.


And if he let her take the initiative to walk into his arms, shed all pride and thorns, and snuggle softly in front of him...


The water in the bathroom was steaming, and the boy's black eyes were also stained with a dark fog, and the water flowed down the bridge of his sharp nose, flowed over his chin, and spread all the way to his bare chest.


In the body, an instinctive and primitive desire flourished, and it seems to bring him into a sinking hallucination.


The numbness spread from the tip of the vertebrae to the limbs, as if clamoring for him to conquer and plunder everything that belongs to him.

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