Chapter 123: When Miss Green Tea became the love group controller (17)

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At night, the discussion about "Garden of Eden" was rampant in the forum of Star Net Entertainment District.

Netizens were extremely entangled in the performance of the two sentinels of the relic group today.

Their impersonal approach not only failed to provide pink bubbles, but also made many people uncomfortable.

"Sean should be sued, that asshole doesn't respect the guide!"

"Even if Phoenix doesn't like female guests in the same group, it's too much of a lack of grace."

"Knowing that this is a public program for the entire Federation, Sean and Phoenix are still going their own way, disregarding the injured Cecia's wishes, making her more seriously injured, and robbing her of the keys she found..."

"I don't understand why there are male guests who regard so-called tasks as more important than female guests, can't they learn from another group?"

"That's right, look at how Christian carefully carried the fourth girl back, and Arnold went to see the fourth girl's injury without even caring about the prey... It can only be said that it is not unreasonable for some sentinels to pay attention to guides."

However, there are also netizens who hold the opposite opinion, these were mostly Yan fans and other CP fans.

"Injured Cecia? These are definitely Cecia's fans. You people didn’t even watch the broadcast before coming here to complain. Your starlet is doing very good. She’s still vigorous and lively, she faked that trip."

"It's even funnier to grab the key. Cecia can't get it herself, so don't let others take it down?"

"Don't be kidnapped by morality. I know that some people hold a grudge today that the Ruins Group did not develop a new Shura Field, but Phoenix and Sean have a double-standard attitude towards guests other than the eldest lady."

"Even if Cecilia is really injured, those two probably won't betray anyone. After all, they are the ones who talk to Cecilia the least frequently among the male guests."

When there is controversy, there will be popularity. Unconsciously, netizens gradually twist the building to another direction—

If Phoenix is judged to be ruthless and Sean wicked and selfish just based on today's performance, do they do the same to other female guests?

"I'm very curious, if Cecia and Testai are swapped today, will they get the same treatment?"

"This conjecture is really interesting, but our eldest lady has already been to the ruins, and she won't fall flat."

"@Program Group, can you guys hold an interview? I'm really curious to what extent they can double-standard hehe."

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As the first and second most popular female guests, Bi Ming and Cecia have a direct competitive relationship with the special Asura field nature.

In the same "injury", Cecia was deflated and coldly treated by the sentinel, but Bi Ming got the fastest treatment and the princess hug, which is indeed a knife in the hearts of Cecia's supporters.

It is difficult for Cecia fans and the others to accept that "vase" is actually more popular than "erudite".

Cecia knows a lot of ancient blue star knowledge, and will take the initiative to use some skills to interact with the sentinels. There were more people who are optimistic about her than Bi Ming at the beginning of the broadcast.

And Bi Ming, whether it is the number of fans or cooking skills, can't compare to Cecia, except for her excessively beautiful appearance, but now she has become the most popular one in the show...

Some people who couldn't understand this and became the sunspot of Bi Ming.

The program team also seemed to have heard the audience's voice and started to make trouble, launching a new activity before going to bed:

[Q&A for two people]

"Tonight, the guests in the hut will have a two-person Q&A in two groups. Each person will answer ten questions. Now the special area will launch a special post. All "Eden" viewers are welcome to make suggestions. What do you want to ask the guests? We will Press Like to select a question."

"The men and women are assigned to teams. Due to the poor number of people, there is a female guest who needs to ask two male guests before and after."

As for how to group them, the program team was also very scheming, and they operated directly behind the scenes, almost writing the trouble on their faces.

After dinner, everyone who received the news was thoughtful.

"Testai, do you want to ask two people?" Lilith approached Bi Ming, unable to hide her envy in her words, "Sure enough, the program team will arrange this opportunity for you."

Since yesterday morning, Bi Ming has been a lot colder to Lilith, but the other party doesn't seem to feel it, and still treats her with the attitude of "ally" before.

"It's not an arrangement, the distribution probability is random." Bi Ming touched her ankle and said softly.

"Um, that's true. Speaking of your feet... are you okay?" Lilith looked at her movements and suddenly reacted, as if she had never cared about the other person's body.

"It's okay." The blond girl's tone was even more perfunctory about the plastic concern.

Seeing that Bi Ming didn't pay much attention to herself, Lilith swallowed back the information she wanted to say.

She's going to have a Q&A with Tang tonight—it's annoying to be honest, she'd rather have some alone time with Sean than the dude she'd given up on.

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Nina clenched her fingers nervously next to Bi Ming. The object of her question and answer was her idol. It felt like she was about to ask her boss for a year-end report, which made her scared and anxious.

On Cecia's side, there was a faint fear, because she was assigned to Christian, the mysterious man who whispered "corpses" to Tang in the middle of the night.

She had tried very hard to force herself to forget what happened that night, for fear that the two conspiring men would notice her abnormality. But they don't seem to intend to pursue who eavesdropped on their words at all.

It's as if the elephant doesn't care when the ants under its feet are trampled to death.

This attitude made Cecia uncomfortable and made her more vigilant against them.

And what was left to Bi Ming was naturally the two sentinels who had the deepest bond with her—the protagonist who caused controversy today, her bamboo horse and her nemesis.

Netizens went crazy with joy: "This program group can handle it, everyone wants to see what they want."

"Take a gamble, tonight's question is absolutely hilarious."

"I can't wait to wait for the night to come."

The sentries didn't respond. After reading the announcement from the program group, they continued to discuss things related to the ruins.

The half of the key was taken out by Phoenix and tossed around in the hands of many people. The texture was crystal clear, like a work of art.

Bi Ming touched the key in her hand, recalled the original book, and then glanced at Arnold.

Tomorrow it will be the man's turn to go to the ruins, which means that this stage is coming to an end.

The next stage will be much better for Bi Ming, who is afraid of the sun, as far as she knows - the home field will be the largest dense forest area on the island.

Of course, the number of venomous snakes, mosquitoes and dangerous creatures will increase dramatically.

However, in a dangerous environment, the relationship between men and women is more likely to change, or even deteriorate.

In general, Bi Ming is looking forward to it.

In the middle of the night, under the surveillance of the golden ball in charge of the live broadcast, the male guests all went to the matched female guests' room.

Due to the existence of the camera ball, the girls' rooms were also "disguised" and made public.

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Lilith blushed suddenly when the golden camera ball flew in. She saw that her messy clothes on the bed had not been stuffed in, and even some private clothes.

Fortunately, Tang did not come in directly, but waited at the door.

The pink-haired girl hurriedly dragged her suitcase out, roughly stuffed all the clothes inside, closed the lid with a slap, and pushed it aside violently— To the audience in the live broadcast room, it was simply lightning fast, as if eradicating criminal evidence.

After the Q&A started, Lilith looked at the questions she got and felt so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground. These netizens dared to ask them one by one, and the show team dared to give them to her.

Like the first question, it's a bit too sharp.

"Why, is it very embarrassing?" The baby-faced teenager said lightly, with a familiar smile on his face.

Lilith looked at the face of the other party that was several tens of centimeters away from her under the light. The unusually handsome silhouette really had a free and easy charm. If you didn't know his essence, it was normal for him to fall.

"It's not too embarrassing." Lilith sighed, feeling that she was still confused and ashamed by the other person's face, "Tang, listen carefully, this is what the netizens asked - number one, who do you feel was the person who made the most impression on you in the show?"

When Lilith asked this question, she still had a trace of expectation.

Because on the broadcast day, Tang was the first person to talk to her, and explained the program rules for her, which made her feel more cordial.

"The deepest?" The handsome young man with flaxen hair blinked, as if he was thinking about something, "It's almost the same, I have to say that one is Testai."

"Why?" Lilith gasped.

Tang said of course: "Because the first impression of a man is to look at is the face. She is as shiny as jewelry, and it is easy to see her."

Barrage: [Although it is hateful, it is indeed the truth.]

[Not only men, but even women look at the face.]

[Lilith looks embarrassed, this is considered to be directly saying "You don't look as good-looking as Testai", right?]

[Tang is really a straight man of steel, how can he hold another girl's appearance in front of a girl?]

"Then why did you talk to me so much if you were interested in Testai on the first day..." Lilith was really dissatisfied.

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"I did?" Tang raised his eyebrows suspiciously, "I remember that I had a few words with everyone, and it seems that I didn't say anything to you in particular—" When he saw Lilith's angry eyes, he stopped talking, "Okay. Well, if you think so, then I can only say sorry."

Perhaps his image of a bright and cheerful boy was too successful of a disguise.

The spy chief of the Star Thief Intelligence Department thought to himself.

Netizens were also deeply touched by this conversation: "It's really stupid. I always thought that Tang only took a different look at Testai after the day of the ruins. It turned out that there was an omen, a superficial man."

And Cecia and Christian, who were separated by a wall, were even more embarrassed.

"Netizens asked, what did you think of me when we cooked together on the first day?"

Christian looked at Cecia, who was a few meters away from him, trying to keep her cool, and smiled slightly: "I forgot, I was busy with the ingredients at the time, and I was a bit in a hurry."

"Oh. The next question..." Cecia didn't intend to get any meaningful reply, and simply continued to ask in a stiff tone, "What is your ideal type of woman?"

Christian sat on the high-back chair, raised his legs, and said without hesitation: "A firm belief, a kind soul, and infinite courage."

Cecia breathed a sigh of relief, it didn't sound like the Miss Vase.

"Hmm... Add a beautiful appearance and strong self-esteem." The man paused and added.

"You're asking too much." Cecia wanted to roll her eyes.

"Isn't it about answering the ideal type," Christian kept his smile unchanged. "Of course, that is to say the best things."

Cecilia had nothing to say, and the barrage army in the live broadcast room was also choked up: [Male fifth, this requirement sounds really unattainable for ordinary people, if you are too picky, you can't find a target.]

On Bi Ming's side, the first door was Phoenix.

The blond girl sat beside the bed, looked at the ointment he handed over, and raised her lips slightly: "Fini, I'm all right, you don't have to worry."

"It can remove scars and spots, and you can use it later." The red-haired man pulled the chair and sat in front of her, shoving the small ruby-encrusted box into her hand, "It's dangerous here, remember to be vigilant at all times. "

"Okay, thank you." Bi Ming took the ointment in his hand, pressed the hidden button of the ruby, and the box opened with a "click", revealing the light green paste inside, exuding a faint aroma of grass and trees.

No matter the shape or the material, it looks like a lot of money.

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