Perfect Superstar

Chapter 232

Chapter 232 – Star Interview

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“This is my son…”

Sister Li opened the stored photos in her phone and proudly showed them to Lu Chen.

The teenager on the screen was handsome and sunny, with the age of 15 or 16 being the beginning of youth. The look in his school uniform was full of vitality. with the temperament of a boy next door.

Sister Li was obviously not asking for a role ‘haphazardly’. Her son’s appearance was really suitable for playing the role of the young Yoon Joon-suh!

“He is now studying at the attached middle school of Beijing Film Academy, and his grades have always been very good. He has studied basic acting courses.”

Talking about her son, Sister Li was full of pride, like all mothers.

Her marriage was a story that was often talked about in the industry.

When Sister Li gained a firm foothold in Beijing and began to expand her career, she met an artist who had been in the industry for a long time but was always struggling, and fell deeply in love with him.

This artist was handsome and had a good charm with women. It was reasonable to say that he wouldn’t take a fancy to Sister Li at all.

But he married Sister Li and had a child. Receiving wholehearted strong support from the latter. Eventually, with hit TV series, he became a popular star.

After becoming famous, the artist asked for a divorce from Sister Li.

Sister Li agreed readily, with the only requirement being custody of their son.

When others talk about it, they would speak up for Sister Li, saying that the artist was a white-eyed dog Chen Shimei, but Sister Li never mentioned any negative comments about her ex-husband. On the contrary, she spoke highly of him in many situations.

She believed that having a very beautiful memory was enough.

And she had a son who inherited his father’s virtues!

It was this optimism and open-minded attitude that made Sister Li admired by many people in the industry.

Lu Chen had heard this story and admired the other party’s character.

This matter was settled, The Qiande Brothers Pictures was full of sincerity to the cooperation, and it wasn’t a problem to have a supporting role that would only appear for three or four episodes.

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The cooperation agreement between the two sides has been basically settled. As long as the script was approved, filming could start immediately!

At 7:00 in the evening of that day, Lu Chen began to update the novel version of “Autumn in My Heart” on Inspur blog in the form of a long blog post.

Different from other star artists who hire ghostwriters to write or find professionals to edit their books, the novel version of “Autumn in My Heart” was all written by Lu Chen himself, with only the proofreading of typos completed by the studio staff.

This was an important means of promotion for the pre-release of “Autumn in My Heart” TV series. Although there was a great risk of advance spoilers, it could attract a lot of fans’ continuous attention. Using the huge platform of the blog, the advertising cost saved was not a small amount.

On November 13th, the script outline of “Autumn in My Heart” passed the review of the relevant departments.

On the same day, Lu Chen participated in the recording of “Star Interview” program of Beijing TV Variety Channel.

He has been very busy lately, with his daily work schedule filled to the brim. Even at night, he had to sit in front of the computer typing away to write scripts and novels, with no more than six hours of sleep and rest.

In such a situation, many notices


were declined, but some could not be refused, nor could they be pushed.

For example, the “Star Interview” program.

There were a total of 9 channels on Beijing TV, in addition to the first channel, which was a satellite channel called Beijing Satellite TV. There were also the second channel for variety shows, third channel for finance, forth channel for lifestyle, fifth channel for film and television, and so on.

The “Star Interview” program on the variety channel was the “best” program on Beijing TV’s second channel. It had been broadcasting for three years and produced one episode per week. So far, it had invited more than 100 celebrities from the entertainment industry.

The ratings of this program were quite high, and Lu Chen was able to participate because of his good cooperative relationship with Beijing Satellite TV. Otherwise, with his qualifications, he would have been a little out of place.

Like most variety shows, “Star Interview” used a recorded broadcast method, and the live recording was done in Beijing TV Station’s T5 studio.

Compared to the recently opened T1 studio, the T5 studio was undoubtedly much smaller, only accommodating 300 audience members. The stage was not large either, but it was still more than enough to record a talk show.

The host of “Star Interview” was called Mu Rong. She was an intellectual woman with gentle temperament, with a gentle and humorous conversational style. She never pushed her interviewees too hard and always made them feel at ease, like two friends having afternoon tea together. They would talk about their life and work troubles, or the insights they had gained from life.

“Good evening, everyone. The star I invited for you tonight is a very special big boy…”

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“He has extraordinary musical talent and once won the championship of Singing China. His debut album was very popular, and all the songs made it onto the original music charts. He is regarded as the new hope of the pop music industry and the founder of campus folk music…”

“He is Lu Chen!”

With Mu Rong’s slightly emotional introduction, “You Who Sat Next To Me” music began to play, and Lu Chen stepped onto the stage.

“Welcome, everyone!”

There was immediately warm applause in the studio, and many fans who had been invited to the scene raised small signs with Lu Chen’s name, looking especially happy.

Lu Chen smiled and thanked them as he walked by: “Thank you!”

Among the 300 audience members on the scene, half were Lu Chen’s fans. These lucky fans had registered through the internet and phone calls and were selected by the Beijing TV Station.

The other half consisted of ordinary enthusiastic viewers and TV station staff, known as “official trustees.”

“Hello, Lu Chen.”

Mu Rong took the initiative to reached out her hand to Lu Chen: “Welcome to the Star Interview.”

Lu Chen shook her hand and said, “Thank you, it’s an honor for me.”

The host was over forty years old, but she looked like she was only in her thirties due to her good maintenance. She has an elegant appearance and her makeup was exquisite. Her gentle voice, soft words, and smiling face made people feel as if they were basking in a spring breeze.

There were four cameras set up on the scene, with three aimed at Lu Chen and Mu Rong.

It was Lu Chen’s first time participating in such a talk show, but he was not the slightest bit nervous and sat relaxed on the sofa.

Mu Rong smiled and said, “Lu Chen, I think many viewers may not know much about you. Can you first tell us how you got started in music?”

As with most interview programs, the host’s questions are pre-set.

As the invitee, Lu Chen was given the “topics” in advance, but for the sake of the program’s authenticity and effectiveness, the host would also come up with “additional questions” that require improvisation.

The first question belongs to the “routine question”.

Lu Chen nodded and said, “Well, actually, I got into music by accident…”

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He gave a brief account of his experience, without deliberate exaggeration or embellishment, just what most fans know.

After he finished, Mu Rong asked again, “So what are your plans for your future?”

The first few questions were all ordinary and had no special highlights.

But Mu Rong quickly brought up something interesting.

She first showed everyone a video that was played on the large LCD screen next to them.

The content was exactly the video of Lu Chen saving lives in Hangzhou.


The short two-minute video played, and once again, the sound of warm applause resounded through the studio.

Lu Chen’s fans have all seen this video, and many have even watched it multiple times. But now, seeing it again, there was still a thrilling feeling, and they couldn’t help but applaud and cheer for him.

Mu Rong smiled and said, “I see that the loudest applause in the audience is from the girls. I believe that when the girls see this video, they will be very moved. It introduces us to a truly brave and admirable young man.”

Laughter immediately came from the audience, and many girls covered their mouths and giggled. The camera timely gave a close-up shot.

Mu Rong asked Lu Chen, “At that time, you must have rushed directly to save the person without thinking. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to act so quickly. So, when you watched this video afterwards, did you feel scared?”

Reporters and the media have asked Lu Chen about his thoughts at that time before, but Lu Chen had no thoughts at the time.

As Mu Rong had said, if he had taken more time to think, he wouldn’t have been able to save Tian Tian at all.

The host asked the question from a different angle.

Lu Chen replied, “I wasn’t afraid. I would like to thank the cameraman for making me look so handsome!”

His humorous response not only made the audience laugh, but even Mu Rong showed her eight pearly white teeth. 3

Mu Rong asked with a smile, “Were your family members worried when they saw it?”

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Lu Chen replied, “My mom was ‘quite’ worried, but she thinks I did well and makes her proud.”

Mu Rong sincerely said, “You have a good mother!”

Lu Chen nodded, “Yes.”

Applause rang out again.

Mu Rong said, “During the interview with the reporter, Lu Chen said something that I remember very clearly, that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. He has more abilities than ordinary people, and he also has the courage to bear his own responsibility.”

“We all know that Lu Chen’s family had once owed a lot of debts, but he wants to give his love and kindness. Please watch the following video. Our reporter filmed and interviewed at the Hematology Department of the First People’s Hospital of Ningyuan City.”

The TV screen showed several leukemia patients, all of whom received assistance from Lu Chen’s crowdfunding project, including Meng Meng.

This fan of Lu Chen has successfully undergone a bone marrow transplant surgery and is currently in the recovery stage.

Due to the good effect of the surgery, she will soon be able to live like a normal person and enjoy a wonderful life!

In the video, Meng Meng expressed her gratitude to Lu Chen on behalf of all the leukemia patients who have been treated.

She spoke while smiling and shedding tears.

The applause in the studio was long-lasting!




refers to participating in various
programs and public activities (such as autograph sessions, talk shows,
promotional meetings, endorsement activities, press conferences, etc.) to
basically announce their upcoming works. 
Referring to chapter 212. Eight teeth smile means “The Golden Ratio of Smiling”. 

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