Perfect Superstar

Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – Sister Li

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Jinhui Building, Alchuang Film and Television Production Company.

Inside the office, Yan Chengyi closed the web page opened on the browser and sighed heavily.

What he just closed was an Inspur blog page.

And what made the director sigh was the news that has been circulating in the blog in the past two days, that was, Chen Fei’er was going to make a TV series, and the leading actor she was working with was Lu Chen, who once had a rumor with her.

The TV series, called “Autumn in My Heart”, has been so hot even before it started shooting, and the screenwriter was actually Lu Chen, a young man rising rapidly in the pop music world, and he was showing his ambition to develop into the film and television industry.

Alchuang Film and Television could have signed him!

Thinking of this, Yan Chengyi was really helpless. He went to great lengths to prepare for the shooting of the second season of Urban Love. He chose Lu Chen as an important actor for the new series. In addition to factors such as his appearance and strength, he also took a fancy to the latter’s popularity among young people.

The tens of millions of fans on Lu Chen Inspur’s blog could at least increase the audience ratings by a few points.

However, he never expected that during the audition, he would be set up by the investors. Lu Chen was rejected and replaced by the so-called small fresh meat Jiang Dongjun, taking the role of Chen Yaoyang.

Yan Chengyi felt that his face was hit and was swollen!

During the filming of the first season of “Urban Love”, he had a little conflict with the investors. He originally thought that this kind of work disagreement would not affect the cooperation between the two sides, but he was naive.

Regarding Jiang Dongjun, Yan Chengyi was really dismissive of him. Apart from a feminine face, he has no acting skills and no strength. How could he play a brave and extraordinary policeman like Chen Yaoyang?

Thinking that he had to pinch his nose1 shooting this TV series, he was really a little dejected.

As for the matter of Lu Chen making a TV series, Director Yan sneered secretly.

He knew that this was Lu Chen’s powerful counterattack against Jiang Dongjun and those behind him.

Despite Yan Chengyi’s age, his attention to the Internet was no less than that of young people. The previous matter about Jiang Dongjun and his agency stepping on Lu Chen for hype in different media, he knew all about it.

The entertainment industry was that vicious.

Lu Chen ignored this and remained silent and did not give them more opportunities to hype.

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But his silence was clearly not a stoic retreat. Rather, he retracted his fist first.

And then hit hard!2

This punch was very beautiful. He directly pulled out a big name like Chen Fei’er. The publicity effect was hundreds of times stronger than Jiang Dongjun’s small means. He slapped him in the face.

What are you acting pretentious for? I don’t even bother to play with you. If you want to play, play big!

Yan Chengyi silently supplied Lu Chen’s line3. He could even guess that this “Autumn in My Heart” would almost certainly compete head-on with the second season of “Urban Lover” for audience rating. At that time, there would be a good show to see.

As the director of “Urban Love”, Yan Chengyi was unexpectedly a bit schadenfreude.4

Although he hasn’t read the screenplay, intuition told the director that with Chen Fei’er joining in, “Autumn in My Heart” was likely to be a hit and would badly beat “Urban Love”.

Unless they arranged the time of “Urban Love”, so that it would not collide with the other party.

But was that possible?

Yan Chengyi shook his head.

Alchuang Film and Television and the investors have already completed the preparations and the publicity has also begun, and there was no reason to postpone it.

Yan Chengyi suddenly had the idea of giving up on continuing to direct.

He didn’t want to be the scapegoat!

Compared with Yan Chengyi’s lack of self-confidence, Zhu Minghe, the deputy manager of Baolong Picture’s Production Department, was much more confident!

He also saw the news on the Internet, but he didn’t agree with it.

To be honest, Lu Chen inviting Chen Fei’er to be the leading actress in the show surprised Zhu Minghe.

If Lu Chen had brought up that he had invited Chen Fei’er during their talk at that time, it would have been negotiable.

Now since it has been missed, Zhu Minghe also didn’t feel much regret.

“He can’t make this show, even with Chen Fei’er.”

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Zhu Minghe confidently told his immediate boss, the deputy general manager and art director of Baolong Pictures, “It’s too melodramatic. The audience won’t like it. Chen Fei’er’s salary can’t be low, and the risk of our investment is too great!”

“The most important thing is that Lu Chen’s offer was so high, I couldn’t agree to it at all.

The art director of Baolong Pictures, surnamed Wu, was also a veteran in the industry. He nodded and said meaningfully, “If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. As long as you know what you’re doing.”

Zhu Minghe smiled and said, “Boss Wu. I understand.”

After Director Wu left, Zhu Minghe sat back in his chair, picked up his teacup and took a sip.

Only to find that the tea was already cold.

He frowned, and there was a layer of haze in his heart. He couldn’t express his uneasiness.

“This matter has become a mess.”

It was really people sitting at home, disaster comes from heaven!5

Zhu Minghe blamed Sister Li, the general manager of Beijing Rainbow Brokerage Company.

If it wasn’t for the other party introducing Lu Chen, he would not have been upset by this mess.

In fact, most of Zhu Minghe’s self-confidence in front of Director Wu was an act!

Chen Fei’er, this card, was so unexpected.

He suddenly regretted his attitude towards Lu Chen at that time. He really didn’t attach great importance to it.

At the same time, in the Lanting Cafe on the top floor of Jinghua adjacent to the Blue Sky Business Park, Sister Li, whom Zhu Minghe was complaining about in his heart, was sitting with Chen Fei’er and Lu Chen.

Sister Li’s full name was Li Zhenzhen. It was said that when she was a teenager, she ran from the inland countryside to Beijing to make a living as soon as she graduated from junior high school. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant, swept the streets, sold insurance, and then seized the opportunity to squeeze into the circle. Starting as a small assistant, she finally became the general manager of a large-scale brokerage company.

Her life experience could be made into a full-length TV series!

Sister Li was very fat. Her weight of more than 200 jin made her body chubby, and she looked quite jolly. When she smiles, she looked like a female version of Maitreya Buddha, with a pair of small gold-rimmed glasses.

In the circle of Beijing, Sister Li was known for her boldness and righteousness. She rarely treats the contracted artists of Rainbow Brokerage Company harshly, and she never makes it difficult for anyone who wants to leave.

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But she was also very astute. She has a lot of personal connection in the industry, especially with upper-level people. She has been flourishing in the circle, and not many people dare to look down upon her.

Lu Chen, of course, dared not underestimate her, and his attitude was polite and respectful.

Sister Li has a very good relationship with Chen Fei’er. She helped her a lot in her early years. It was this elder sister who pulled the string so that Lu Chen got in contact with Baolong Pictures. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and, in the end, it fell to Qiande Brothers Pictures.


For such a result, Sister Li complained to Chen Fei’er: “You should have told me you wanted to be the leading actress, then I wouldn’t have introduced Baolong Pictures. How about I have a talk with China Film and China TV?”

China Film and China TV were both giants in the film and television industry. They were truly behemoths.

Sister Li wasn’t bragging. She really has a channel to get in contact with China Film or China TV.

Chen Fei’er said with a smile, “Sister Li, how can China Film and China TV take a fancy to him? Even if the screenplay is selected, he will not be able to play the leading actor, and I don’t want you to owe a big favor.”

In the eyes of China Film and China Television, a small person like Lu Chen didn’t exist. Even Chen Fei’er was barely qualified. It was simply impossible for Lu Chen to make conditions with these two giants, so it was meaningless.

Good cooperation required equal qualifications.

Chen Fei’er certainly understood the truth that it was better to be the mouth of a chicken than the back of a cow.6

Sister Li smiled and said, “You are so considerate for him, you two are really in a relationship, isn’t it?”

Chen Fei’er immediately blushed: “Sister Li, we are just friends!”

Sister Li smiled and shook her head and said to Lu Chen, “Little Lu, Fei’er is so good to you, don’t let her down.”

What kind of person was she? How could she not see the ambiguity between the two?

Lu Chen could only smile wryly. It was not good for him to comply, and it was not right for him to not comply. He didn’t know how to answer it.

Fortunately, Sister Li didn’t continue to pursue. She told the purpose of this meeting with Lu Chen: “Little Lu, I have read the screenplay of ‘Autumn in My Heart’. Can I have a role?”

Lu Chen said without hesitation, “No problem!”

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He didn’t ask which role it was.

Earlier, when Chen Fei’er called him and said that Sister Li wanted to meet him, she said a lot of things.

So, Lu Chen knew that this elder sister was one of Chen Fei’s precious people in her life and has helped her a lot.

The most important thing was that Sister Li has a lot of personal connection in the circle, which was very helpful to Lu Chen’s career.

Now that she has taken the initiative to make a request, if Lu Chen hesitated, be overcautious or be indecisive, he would not only lose points, but also disgrace Chen Fei’er.

Sister Li was curious: “You agreed so quickly without asking which role, what if I want the leading actor?”


Lu Chen coolly answered: “If Sister Li really wants the leading actor, it’s not a problem at all!”

Lu Chen wasn’t pretending to be polite. There were a lot of classic screenplays that he could write. As long as the situation opened up, if he wanted to be a leading actor in the future, would he still be afraid of not having the opportunity?

Of course, he agreed happily, because Sister Li was obviously joking.

But Sister Li was very satisfied and happy. She said to Chen Fei’er, “Fei’er, the boy you chose is really good. You must hold on to him firmly and don’t let him get away.”

Chen Fei’er covered her face with her hands.

After Sister Li made Chen Fei’er embarrassed, she smiled and said to Lu Chen, “in fact, I really want the leading actor, but it is the leading actor when he was young. My son has been clamoring that he wants to act. So, this time, it’s just a chance for him!”

Lu Chen suddenly understood.

The first few episodes of “Autumn in My Heart” needed young leading actors and actresses. They didn’t have many scenes, but they were also very important.



Pinching one’s nose – suffer patiently and silently. Author compared what Lu Chen did to throwing a hard punch. Imagine, throwing a hard punch, you first retract you fist before throwing a hard punch.  Referring to the sentence above. Like he was thinking what Lu Chen would be saying.  Take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.  A saying, which means, even if one’s thinks they are safe, they could still suffer misfortune.  A Chinese idiom. A metaphor for being autonomous in a small place, and unwilling to be dominated by others in a big situation. 

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