Pat Me Please

Chapter 70


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Before Yu Zhou left, she replenished the kitten’s food and water, cleaned the litter box, and habitually sealed the trash bag before taking it downstairs. However, she didn’t find the classified trash bin in the community. So, she first ran to the street to throw away the trash.

After throwing away the trash, she hurriedly got in the taxi she called.

Leaning against the car window, she felt she had both changed and not changed.

What hadn’t changed was that she was still the same as before, always actively doing work, unable to ignore housework when she saw it. What had changed was that she was able to look into Su Chang’s eyes while seriously asking her—do you see me as your maid?

The former her wouldn’t ask this question, and she had never thought about it in her heart.

When her relationship with Su Chang changed, she finally asked it, only to realize that it was not that she had never thought about it, but that she was not aware of it, or didn’t want to be aware of it. What could she do even if she was aware of it? Her deep-rooted self-esteem in love wouldn’t let her admit it, let alone ask it.

But she just asked.

She asked not in a demeaning way, but calmly and openly.

Perhaps it was because Su Chang was too weak, which made her feel that she was looking at her on an equal footing.

Maybe it wasn’t Su Chang’s problem, it was that she, Ba Da Qin Cai, was really becoming a bit more famous, hahahahaha.

Well, she had to be famous, there were more people looking for her as a scriptwriter, she could pick and choose projects, she could afford a five-star hotel when she went out, (even if she only dared to book one room), she wouldn’t feel heartache even if the taxi fare was 40 yuan.

She returned home in a relaxed mood, seeing Xiang Wan was reading a script on the sofa.

“How’s the situation online?” Yu Zhou hung her bag at the entrance and her coat on the rack.

“It should be over now.” Xiang Wan smiled slightly.

“That’s good.” Yu Zhou also breathed a sigh of relief, “What did you eat tonight?”

“Just some fruit, didn’t feel like having a meal. How’s Teacher Su?”

Yu Zhou sighed, “Her stomach hurts, but she’s getting better. She should be able to record the day after tomorrow. I don’t know if she’s told Director Peng, and I don’t know if I should tell Director Peng.”

“For work matters, Miss Su should communicate with Director Peng.”

“That’s true.”

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“Teacher Su’s health doesn’t seem to be very good.” Xiang Wan put down the script.

“How can it be good since she stays up all night all year round? Let me tell you, you’re young now, but don’t overdo it. When you take on jobs in the future, don’t stay up all night. Do what you can during the day, and keep regular meals.” Yu Zhou nagged her.

“Are you…caring about me?” Xiang Wan smiled.

Yu Zhou laughed, “Caring about you is my daily routine, since you came here I’ve been worried about everything about you. What’s wrong?”

“No problem.” Xiang Wan buried her head back into the script. She had only put down her phone half an hour before Yu Zhou returned. She had searched for a rental app online and browsed through some listings, all of which were quite good.

Her income from the short drama was quite good and with the income from other shows, she could afford her own expenses. So, she thought, as per the agreement, it was time for her to move out.

So, caring would naturally happen one less time.

Given the circumstances, she wanted to double-check one more time.

During the recording of the second season of “Shrine”, Yu Zhou also visited the set with Xiang Wan. The recording studio this time was not as grand as the Tianyin Building, it looked like a renovated duplex apartment. The living room downstairs was used as a reception room and the four rooms upstairs were four recording studios.

As for the equipment, it didn’t seem as good as Three Sounds’, although Yu Zhou didn’t know it a lot, however, it just didn’t look as good.

Nevertheless, the performances of the voice actors were still very good. When she went there, it was almost done. Su Chang made up for half a day by herself today and will record group scenes for another day tomorrow. After that, it will be the recording of group miscellany.

Looking at her through the glass of the observation window, she looked fine. Her expression was faint and nothing abnormal could be seen. She was still very professional at work.

So professional that it seemed like the Su Chang from two nights ago was in a dream.

But when Su Chang paused, she looked at Yu Zhou as she curled her lips, smiling.

There was a taste of everything is left unsaid.[1]

Tsk tsk.

Yu Zhou also nodded at her, but in fact, she was not optimistic about their conversation. What she wanted to say was whether there were mistakes in her previous relationships, but what Su Chang probably wanted to talk about was whether they could resurrect their relationship.

She thought about it for two days when she got back and felt that the answer to the former question was “yes” while the latter was “no”.

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There were too many problems between them and they never broke up because they didn’t love each other. Now even if it is proven that they still love each other, what about it? The problems still exist. Perhaps she can solve the issue of their schedules now that she has left her job, and she can even accompany Su Chang at work. In terms of living habits, she can do more, or she believes that after a sincere talk, Su Chang will change.

But their issue of guessing each other’s thoughts remains unresolved to this day.

She also doesn’t understand why she, who is usually outspoken, changes when she faces Su Chang.

However, she also understood very well that many people are good enough daughters, good enough friends, good enough teachers, good enough students… but good enough they, when it comes to love, are completely unrecognizable. They, who are so knowledgeable in theory, are like illiterate laymen in love.

Clumsy to the point of being laughable.

Perhaps it’s due to a lack of confidence. If she was confident enough, she could express herself openly and put forward her needs openly.

Su Chang’s show of weakness satisfied a bit of her vanity and gave her self-esteem a bit of support, but she couldn’t rely on tormenting Su Chang to prove her importance to her, nor could she rely on Su Chang’s repeated proof to gain a sense of security and confidence in this love.

This is also not a long-lasting and healthy love.

Sitting in the reception room downstairs with Xiang Wan, Yu Zhou took a sip of the latte she had ordered at the bar. The latte in this recording studio was even better than that in the cafe, she marveled.

After a while, Su Chang and Peng Xiangzhi came down from upstairs. The two were talking and came to their table. Su Chang sat down and Peng Xiangzhi asked, “What do you want to drink? I’ll order.”

“A latte,” said Su Chang.

Peng Xiangzhi said “okay” and was about to turn around, but heard Yu Zhou suddenly say, “You shouldn’t drink coffee, your stomach just got better.”

Su Chang looked up at Yu Zhou and said softly, “Oh, then change to warm water.”

“Oh~~” Peng Xiangzhi didn’t go anymore but leaned against the table while watching them.

Xiang Wan also slowly swept her gaze between the two of them, then lowered her head to sip her tea thoughtfully.

Ambiguity is like lice on a bald head, you can catch one every time you try.

Peng Xiangzhi sat down: “What happened between you two that day?”

Su Chang didn’t answer. Seeing that the atmosphere was about to become awkward, Yu Zhou asked, “Which day?”

“The day you came to me,” Peng Xiangzhi said, propping her face with her hands.

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“You asked me to check if she was dead. I called her and she didn’t answer, so I went to her house to see. She wasn’t dead,” Yu Zhou said.

Su Chang lowered her eyes to play with her phone, curling her lips.

“Just checked if she was dead?” Peng Xiangzhi frowned.

“Well… I asked a couple of questions too. You can’t be too sure just by looking,” Yu Zhou added.

The smile in Su Chang’s eyes grew a bit bigger, and she continued replying to her WeChat messages.

Peng Xiangzhi scolded them: “Annoying!”

Yu Zhou laughed out loud and even Xiang Wan laughed.

Peng Xiangzhi ignored them and turned her head to go order a drink at the bar.

The commotion died down. When Peng Xiangzhi brought the warm water and sat down with a number card for the drink, Xiang Wan took out a contract from her bag before handing it to Su Chang.

“Boss,” she called out first obediently.

“Pfft,” Yu Zhou was tickled.

Su Chang also chuckled softly, taking the contract, “You don’t need to call me boss.”

“Then, sis Chang?” Xiang Wan tilted her head.

Hmm, that’s also strange, Yu Zhou frowned.

“Just call me Su Chang,” Su Chang said with a light smile as she flipped through the contract.

“Or you can call her Miss Su, I think it sounds nice,” Peng Xiangzhi interjected.

Xiang Wan nodded, “Okay.”

So obedient, Peng Xiangzhi thought about stroking her head.

“I need to take this back to get the official seal, and I’ll give you a copy after it’s done.” Su Chang said as she put the contract away in her bag. She then asked, “Since the contract is fine, let me know when you’re free, and I’ll arrange a tutor for you.”

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Xiang Wan pondered for a moment, before she said softly, “I want to move first.”

Yu Zhou was surprised, “Ah?”

“I found a place online. It’s not too far from where I live now, and the price is reasonable. I want to go take a look. If it’s good, I’ll settle on it, move in a few days, and have the tutor come over when I’m in the new house, perhaps that would be better.”

Hearing her say this, Yu Zhou felt a bit lost. Although she had suggested moving out, Xiang Wan had found a place on her own and hadn’t told her.

She found out about it with Su Chang and Peng Xiangzhi. This made her feel a bit disappointed.

“Let’s go take a look today then, it should be quite convenient to arrange a viewing with the agent now. You contact them and see if it works today,” Yu Zhou said in a muffled voice.

“Okay,” Xiang Wan said, lowering her head to look for the agent’s contact information.

Peng Xiangzhi asked her, “Do you have a lot of stuff?”

Xiang Wan shook her head, “Not much.”

She glanced at Yu Zhou again. She had come here all alone, and most of her clothes were Yu Zhou’s. She wasn’t sure how many she could take with her. The only things that could really be considered hers were the recording equipment, which Yu Zhou had given her.

Yu Zhou caught her glance and whispered to her, “You can take any clothes you like, as well as any cosmetics and skincare products. I’ll also give you all my ex-boyfriend face masks. If you need anything, just let me know and I’ll bring it to you.”

Just like at home, Xiang Wan could use anything of Yu Zhou’s.

Xiang Wan smiled and said, “I’ll first plan out my budget. If there’s a surplus, I’ll get some things for myself. If there’s a shortage, I’ll ask you.”

“Okay,” Yu Zhou felt relieved seeing her not being too polite.

Su Chang said, “Since you don’t have much stuff, there’s no need to hire a moving company. Just let me know on the day of the move, and I’ll come pick you up in my car.”

“Yeah,” Peng Xiangzhi said, “It’s more convenient with a car. Try to arrange a time when both Su Chang and I are free. I’ll also come and help you tidy up your new home.”

“Right, the more people, the more prosperous the home. And you should bring a bag of rice and choose a day to start cooking,” Yu Zhou added.

Xiang Wan looked at the three of them, feeling a bit touched. When she looked at Yu Zhou again, she felt a bit reluctant to leave her. But she didn’t show it on her face but kept smiling, nodding, “Okay.”

一切尽在不言中, a saying that menas even if no one speaks up, everyone understands the meaning behind it.

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