Chapter 665

-I will leave your share, so please don’t interfere.

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It was the whisper that Grid had sent to Euphemina immediately after Agnus summoned Lich Mumud. Grid didn’t want Euphemina to interfere in his confrontation with Agnus. It was because he wanted to win against Agnus, who was praised as the best, and be reborn as a true master. Euphemina was convinced. She didn’t mind Grid’s useless pride and respected it.

Thus, she remained silent. She felt sorry for Regas, but she reserved her power and waited for the time when she could leave the battle with White. Grid would call her after showing a satisfactory performance against Agnus. However, this plan was ruined.

“Fated to Perish.”

Piaro appeared in response to Grid’s summons. He broke White with Pounding Mortar and then used the worst technique. The target was Agnus!



The death of the summoner meant the defeat of the familiar. Once Agnus started turning to grey due to the hand plow hitting his forehead, Grid and Euphemina felt despair. It was because it was natural for Mumud to die when Agnus died. That’s right. Due to Piaro, Grid failed the ‘Braham and Mumud’ quest, while Euphemina failed to clear her ‘Liberate Mumud’s Soul’ quest.

“D-Damn Piaro...”

He was a troll like Braham!

“Ruined... Eh?”

Grid doubted his eyes. It was because the grey covering Agnus had disappeared.

‘The death was cancelled halfway through?'

The concept itself was different from the immortal passive possessed by legends or those who were close to being legends. The immortal passive was a skill that temporarily resisted death, while Agnus had already received the death sentence. 

‘How is this possible?’

Agnus’ dismal voice entered the ears of the confused Grid.

“Kuk... Kukuk! I never dreamt that such a big boss monster would show up.”


Agnus lifted the grey coloration and appeared again. The flesh and muscles of his body were torn apart, exposing his bones. It was like seeing an undead, causing everyone to freeze.

“Summoning knights... You don’t need to control the summoned targets, so it’s the best summoning skill.”

Agnus swept away his green hair that was covered with blood and sweat. Of course, a person needed to have a noble title to be able to summon knights. But he never thought about using the Summon Knights skill in this battle. The players who he had a dominant relationship with were already engaged in battle and the NPCs had finite lives. It was too risky to summon them against the ‘strong’ Grid.

“The bottom line is that your knight is too fraudulent.”

Agnus stared at Piaro. A legendary NPC wasn’t something that players could face at this time. Wasn’t it unbalanced for such a monster to exist as someone’s possession?

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‘People think like this when they see me.’

Agnus laughed and remembered the Absolute Domination skill. Absolute Domination. It was a skill that Baal’s Contractor could only use three times. He could make a dead target his servant forever. Thus far, Agnus had only used Absolute Domination once. It was when he took away Lich Mumud from Braham.

‘I want to use this skill...’

Agnus lips curved up. His eyes were filled with greed as he stared at Piaro. On the other hand, Piaro was looking at Agnus with a fierce hostility.

"The power over death... A dangerous guy.”

Agnus’ strength was so high that Piaro was alert against it. Piaro saw that if he didn’t finish off Agnus now, Agnus would someday strike back at Grid.

"I have to kill you.”


Piaro tightened his grip on his sickle and hand plow.

"Ah, forget about today.”

Agnus stepped back. The power of Immortal gathered near Agnus.

Clack! Clack clack!

Clack clack clack!


A barrier of thousands of skeletons was created. Even Piaro couldn’t rush through all of it and had to take a while. Veradin cried out as he broke through the encirclement of Ares troops.

"Agnus, this way!”

"Wait!” Grid called out to the retreating Agnus. "Do you have no pepper? Does it make sense for you to flee? Isn’t it shameful?”


Agnus froze in place. Grid thought his provocation would work. Unfortunately, Agnus was accustomed to criticism and mockery. He wasn’t sensitive enough to respond to Grid’s provocation. 

“No? Kik!”


Agnus threw off his robe and revealed his lower body. It was in a skeletal state. It wasn’t a good view, causing Grid to flinch and some people to feel nauseous.

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"I will delay the game until next time. In any case, the quest doesn’t have a time limit. Kukuk!”

Agnus tried to leave his position, but the Overgeared members and Ares troops weren’t willing to let him.

“Fly Up!”

The phoenix rose from Jishuka’s myth rated Red Phoenix Bow and acted as the signal for the Ares’ troops onslaught towards Agnus. But.

"Raincoat. Body Shield.”


Fly Up! was blocked by Agnus’ anti-air spell while the other skills were disabled by Body Shield. Of course, Agnus couldn’t stop every skill alone. But Agnus had hundreds of necromancers and their undead numbered in the thousands.  It was virtually impossible to break through the undead army that was only focused on defense. Piaro and Euphemina struggled against the skeletons.

"Next time we meet, summon the farmer and you will end up crying.”

Agnus used Lich Mumud’s magic and retreated quickly. While Immortal was tying up the legs of the Overgeared and Ares members, Agnus left this meaningless comment and exited the battlefield.


[You have failed to defeat Mumud.]

[Braham’s promise will have to wait for next time.]




The failure to kill Agnus couldn’t be interpreted as a loss. In the first place, Grid’s purpose was to help Ares occupy the Belto Kingdom and it was purely a coincidence that they met Agnus.

『 As soon as Agnus and Immortal retreated, the Belto Kingdom raised the white flag! 』

『 God of War Ares has occupied the Belto Kingdom and has become the second player king! 』

『 It’s amazing that a person who possesses a national-level army has remained obscure for so long. I once again realized how wide the world of Satisfy is. 』

『 In that sense, Agnus is also incredible. He might’ve been defeated and unable to keep his promise to kill both the Overgeared King and God of War, but his strength was unique. 』

『 He blocked the Ares Army and elites of Overgeared... To be honest, the impact is bigger than when Kraugel appeared. I don’t know how many times I was thrilled watching him. 』

『 But the conclusion is that Grid is much better. The first king who helped the birth of the second player king will be even higher. 』

『 The farmer... 』 

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The stir was huge. The second kingdom of players was born after the Overgeared Kingdom. It also seemed to have a strong relationship with the Overgeared Kingdom, exponentially increasing Grid’s influence. Numerous people became alert and fearful of Grid.

The reputation of the Ares Army also soared into the sky. The impact that people received was great because the unknown force had excelled over a kingdom. People suspected there were many hidden forces in addition to the Ares Army... 


"If Agnus hadn’t consumed power to deal with Ares in the beginning, the outcome of his battle with Grid might’ve been different.”

“In particular, his undead appearance when he reached the point of death was thrilling. Agnus is at least the level of Kraugel.”

“I felt charisma in the way he laughed while sacrificing the same side.”

“Yes... Agnus is the only one. Let’s follow Agnus.”

The former Blood Carnival members and other villains were attracted by Agnus’ strength and madness. They started to gather around Agnus.




"I'm sorry.”

Grid apologized to Euphemina. It was because she lost the opportunity to gain Lich Mumud due to his desires. Euphemina shook her head.

“Don’t apologize. In the first place, it’s unclear if I could’ve suppressed Mumud even if I was part of the fight.”

The encounter with Agnus was unexpected. It was pure coincidence in Grid and Euphemina’s eyes. It was doubtful that Euphemina, who had consumed a lot of skills dealing with the armored elite troops, would be in good shape against Agnus and Mumud.

“He’s too strong.”

Agnus’ strength far exceeded everyone’s expectations. But there were no shadows on the faces of Euphemina and the Overgeared members as they thought about Agnus. Agnus might be great, but Grid eventually won. The Overgeared members were reassured because Grid was by their side.

However, Grid’s expression was dark.

‘The crowd was right. If Agnus had all his liches and death knights against me from the start, I would’ve been less likely to win.’

If the Braham and Mumud quest hadn’t occurred, then Grid wouldn’t have been a match for Agnus. Grid was able to maintain his status due to the robust compensation effect of the quest.

'Yes, I’m currently weaker than Agnus. I would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Piaro.’


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‘The next time will be different.’

The darkness on Grid’s face lifted. He was reminded of the flexibility of his items.

‘It’s the greatest advantage of Pagma's Descendant.’

He could create new items. Grid didn’t doubt it. It would be much easier to deal with Agnus if he had items for the undead.

'I'm sure. Agnus is different from Kraugel.’

Kraugel’s control and senses were a strong foundation that made him feel like a hard wall. But Agnus relied on skills and seemed to have a lot of blind spots. Items were the correct tool to use against skills.

“Then next time...”

He would win. A big smile appeared on Grid’s face as he vowed. The game was too fun and there was no time to be bored.




Outside the Belto Kingdom.



Agnus was alone and his body started turning to grey. The duration of his half-lich transformation was over.


[You have died.]

[You have lost a large amount of experience.]


“Kik... Kikikik! Grid...”

Agnus wasn’t furious, despite his supposedly glorious debut being stained with humiliation. Was there another opponent who had pushed him so far since Kraugel? No.

"Grid! Kihat! Kikikik! Kuhahahat!”

Agnus was happy. He felt gratitude for Grid, who covered his memories of suffering. At the very least, he would be able to sleep soundly tonight. 

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