Chapter 659

Furfu. Along with Hell Gao, Drasion, Morax, and Astaroth, they were the great demons that the public were most familiar with. It was because these great demons appeared as regular guests in stories of Muller’s heroism that could be found in various quests and books.

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That’s right. Furfu was one of the great demons who had their bodies sealed by Muller. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that all two billion users knew the name.

“Furfu’s Power.”


Why did Agnus mention the name of a great demon? Ordinary viewers didn’t know the concept of ‘runes’ and were puzzled, while the Overgeared members and Ares troops turned pale. At that moment.


The night sky turned white. It was a change in landscape caused by the frost that started to pour down like rain.

‘Blizzard-like magic?’

Grid and the Overgeared members took up defense postures.

“It isn’t magic!”

Ares shouted from where he was dealing with a death knight and lich with the help of Luck and Scott. His voice sounded urgent.

“It’s the power of Furfu...!”

Yes, this was the power that Ares wanted most. The might power was taken by Agnus!

“Dammit...! Beware of Agnus’ familiars...!"


Ares' cry was buried. It was due to the aura explosion from the death knight that was bound by Luck. The death knight’s aura that poured towards the sky was no longer purple. It was transparent like ice.


Ares was hit in the chest and coughed up blood. For a commander who needed to lead the army until the end of the war, safety was the most important virtue. Most of Ares’ stats were invested in stamina and health. Yet he received a serious injury from the death knight’s blow.

“Ares...! This damn bastard!”

It didn’t change its aggro and only attacked Ares until the end. Luck rotated like a spinning top in front of the persistent death knight and used the acceleration to aim a mighty kick at the death knight’s face.


A heavy blow! The skull that seemed small compared to the gigantic body looked like it shattered. Luck’s strike was that powerful. But the death knight was fine. The frost from the sky created a barrier at the point where the death knight was hit, nullifying Luck’s kick.


This was a complete scam! Unlike Luck, who was losing his cool, Scott calmly grasped the situation.

“The caster...! Attack Agnus!”

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Scott’s shout reached Grid. 

If only he had secured the rune before raiding Hell Gao. His rune would also hold the power of Hell Gao. Grid was filled with envy and regret when he saw Agnus use Furfu’s power.


He hurriedly recovered. All of the Magic Missiles fired by Lifael’s Spear were blocked by Agnus’ Body Shield and Agnus was fighting back to back with the death knight and lich.

“The starting point is different...!”

It was actually an excuse. Grid and Agnus’ starting points were the same. No, maybe Grid was earlier. Why? Grid had been playing Satisfy since the closed beta. Why was Grid a low level user while Agnus was Baal’s Contractor? It was simple due to a lack of talent and skill, not because their starting point was different. In other words.

‘Our difference occurred at that time...!’

Grid recalled the past while opening the power attached to the Rune of Darkness. Was he lacking after becoming Pagma's Descendant? No. The evidence was that he had already caught up with Kraugel, the sky above the sky.

“...I will fill up any gaps that remain!”


Grid’s body was surrounded by flames. It was from head to toe. The red flickering covered Grid’s eyebrows and hair. Belial’s Power, the power of fire was opened.


Agnus, who could continue to release Furfu’s Power thanks to the help of Baal, felt his eyes widening. It was because the intensity of the flames coming from Grid was so sharp it felt like his flesh was distorting.

‘That’s right!’

This was the true power of a great demon that was incomparable to Furfu, who was weakened and had his body sealed by Muller!


A wide smile spread on Agnus’ face. He was enjoying this moment. Grid won that power and took one step ahead of him. Agnus was delighted at being able to grasp the power he would eventually have.

“Kik! Kilkil! Kuhahahat! Come!”

Agnus shouted with a high momentum, but didn’t engage directly with Grid. One hand extended to the sky as he attempted to release Furfu’s strength to block Grid.


Clack clack!!

A defense line of 50 skeleton warriors armed with a sword and shield was formed. The effect of a unique skill of Baal’s Contractor that could enhance the stats of a summons and Furfu’s Power meant that each skeleton warrior was equivalent to a level 250 user.

A one man army! There was no statement more appropriate to describe Agnus. But no matter how powerful the army, Grid already proved that this force was helpless in front of him.

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“Flames of Hell Path!”


The flaming Grid rushed towards Grid.


Clack! Clack clack!!

The skeleton warriors that approached Grid and the frost in the sky were melted.


Agnus’ smile of admiration became thicker. It was amazing that Grid dealt damage despite Furfu’s power protecting the summoner from enemy attacks twice.

‘Did he already know about Furfu’s Power?’

Indeed, this was the guy who defeated the rodent Kraugel.


Agnus admired Grid’s skill and gave a command to the 20 skeleton archers behind him. It was the appearance of the skeleton archers that Agnus used to deal damage in hunting and combat. Their attack power was high, although their physical strength and defense were significantly lower than the skeleton warriors.



The sharp bone arrows flew towards Grid, who was narrowing the distance with Agnus. But Grid’s momentum didn’t decrease.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend.”


As soon as he saw the flying arrows, Grid changed to ranged attacks.



Grid’s energy blades intercepted the flying arrows. The unbalanced skeleton archers collapsed from the aftermath of the explosion and Agnus recalled them. At this point, Grid was already in front of Agnus.


“I won’t allow it!”


The death knight moved. It was the death knight that had been tied up by the God Hands wielding Mjolnir after Item Transformation ended. It released its aura as it moved in front of Grid. The explosion between aura and Kill caused a powerful shock wave that shook the ground. At that moment.

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“Corpse Explosion!”

Agnus exploded the bodies that rose from the ground shaking. No, he tried to explode them. But the bodies didn’t explode.


Agnus was confused. The skill was activated and mana was consumed, but the skill effect wasn’t shown. His sharp eyes discovered a black ring on Grid’s finger.


He knew exactly what he saw. Grid was wearing Dark Bus’ Ring. In addition, he was careful not to let his sword dance be cancelled by the Corpse Explosion.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”


The death knight couldn’t endure Kill and fell down. Grid narrowed the distance to Agnus as much as possible and used his ultimate skill.

““Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

“Kuk...! Kuhahahahat!”

The energy of the blue greatsword, enhanced by flames, was tremendous enough to remind Agnus of the ultimate boss monsters he raided so far. Agnus felt thrilled as the fiery +9 Failure aimed for his vital spot.


The strike that precisely hit Agnus’ heart announced the start of Linked Kill.


The second strike aimed at the same spot. Grid’s amazing skill meant Agnus’ health gauge fell in an instant. It was an overwhelming damage that made Baal’s Contractor’s Mana Shield useless.

“From now on...!”

The true power of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle would be revealed when the third strike of Linked Kill hit. Grid raised his concentration. He raised it to its limit in order to hit Agnus with the next attack. There was still a smile on Agnus’ face.


A sound emerged just before Grid’s third consecutive Linked Kill hit Agnus.


Jishuka, Euphemina, Pon, and Regas were astonished as the lich suddenly fired magic at Grid.

“No way!”

The strongest the species, the higher the ego. Jishuka and the others were convinced that the lich’s aggro wouldn’t pour towards Grid as like as they were attacking it. This wasn’t the case. Agnus’ dominance violated common sense.

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Agnus laughed as he watched Grid scream from the lightning that flew from his rear. He laughed as Grid’s sword dance was cancelled. But this didn’t last long.



Grid turned to grey after being hit by the lich’s magic? Agnus was puzzled. Grid wouldn’t die from the lich’s magic. Even if he died, he had the passive of a legend and would fall into an immortal state. Then how did he die? 

‘Don’t tell me...!’

Agnus urgently moved his gaze behind him.

"It’s too late! Shit!”



Grid’s third Linked Kill flew from the side and struck Agnus in the side. It was all thanks to Grid utilizing the ‘position change’ skill with Randy.

『 Ninja...! 』

The commentators around the world were excited by the reversal. In particular, there was an uproar in Japan. The Japanese commentator saw Grid’s swapping skill and was reminded of a ninja. He revealed unnecessary pride that Grid acted like a ninja. At this moment, no one doubted that Grid would win. In particular, Grid was aware that Agnus’ health gauge was like a lamp in front of the wind.

‘It’s the end!’

Grid was linking up Wave when Agnus’ sullen voice was heard in his ears.

“Bentao’s Mockery.”



[You have suffered 1,930 damage.]

[A legend doesn’t die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]



Grid’s confusion reached the peak due to the situation that couldn’t be understood.

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