Chapter 1720: 1720

Chapter 1720

It was during the Great Human and Demon War.

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Braham regained his lost power and realized an unchanging truth. It was that the body of a direct descendant was stronger than imagined. He could feel it even more because he had experienced human life for the past hundreds of years. It was like a real god from the concepts, not a creature. He wondered if it would be the second best after Baal, whose life was infinite as long as ‘fear’ didn’t disappear from the hearts of humans.

Braham was confident that he could recover even if his body was broken down into particles beyond the level of being shattered. Of course, this was under the premise that he had a mental strength strong enough to maintain his ‘will’ to live even in the face of immense suffering. The direct descendants who were hunted by Grid didn’t have that type of mentality.

Yet for Braham, patience wasn’t a particularly difficult task. He was abandoned by his mother, whom he admired and loved the most, and he lost everything. He fell into the abyss before climbing to a higher peak than before. It was just a matter of enduring the pain… it wasn’t light, but it was bearable. This was how he started doing crazy things like creating a black hole through his body.

“Kuuack… Kuaaack…”

Kadlow had completely lost his mind. He half-rolled his eyes and drooled. There were no traces left of the dignity of a god, who existed without breathing. Was it the shock of being deprived of divinity? No. It was just the start. A little while ago, Kadlow’s time had increased to infinity. The more that his divinity was sucked into the small black hole, the longer his time seemed to stretch out like a noodle. Then suddenly, it was sucked in very quickly.

His life, which remained as a trace of divinity, took away the present moment from him as his memories were fast-forwarded to eternity. It was an eternal pain. It would turn any god into an idiot. Fortunately, Kadlow had a history of being a chief god, so he endured the eternity, but the aftermath was strong.

The ‘pain that I don’t want to go through again’ was engraved in his mind.

It meant that he had learned fear. A god became afraid of Braham, the apostle of the Overgeared God.

“The Specter of the No Offspring Tomb… it must be as vicious as you…”

Kadlow recalled the fact that a few gods were afraid of the Specter of the No Offspring Tomb. At this moment, he empathized with them and muttered in a trembling voice. It was without daring to make eye contact with Braham. He kept his eyes lowered.

“A pillar.” Braham didn’t care about Kadlow. He realized that it wasn’t easy to mix the divinity he had taken from Kadlow with magic power and devised other ways to use it.

The moment he mentioned the pillar, Kadlow was shocked before soon calming down.

The Pillar of Production—it was his own power. It operated on the basis of divinity, but it was an innate power from the moment he was born. Even Kadlow didn’t know the principles behind creating the pillar and he took it for granted when using it. It was just as humans naturally learned how to breathe. Just because Braham took away Kadlow’s divinity didn’t mean he could handle the pillar of production.

‘You can try hard for hundreds or thousands of years.’

You will never get a pillar…

Kadlow, who was crushed by the humiliation of losing, smiled slightly. He was convinced that the Pillar of Production that fascinated Braham would be the curse that imprisoned him forever.

At this moment…

“It is roughly like this.”

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Beyond the distant clouds, a pillar that was still small and weak rose. It was a pillar that had little effect. It was no different from a mere pointed, stone mountain. The problem was that it was created.

[The apostle of the Overgeared God, ‘Braham,’ has violated a god’s rights.]

[The possibility of a status beyond a ‘Myth Usurper’ has arisen.]

[The name of ‘Braham’ is recorded in all the myths of ‘Kadlow,’ who was a chief god of Asgard and is in some of the large-scale myths of Asgard.]

[The apostle of the Overgeared God, ‘Braham,’ has written a new myth.]

[He used powerful magic to play with the gods and violated the rights of the gods with his great wisdom.]

[The new name of the god…]

“Overgeared Magic God,”Grid muttered while feeling thrilled by the successive world messages.

[He is Braham, the God of Magic and Wisdom.]

Fortunately, the world message ignored Grid’s comment. It was the birth of a new god. It was even a god with two nicknames. ‘Wisdom’ was Judar’s nickname. The new god was born from violating the rights of Kadlow, the former chief god of Asgard. He was threatening the current chief god of Asgard with just his existence upon his birth.

“Wh… at…” Kadlow, who barely controlled his mind, was shocked again. It wasn’t enough that he lost the dignity of a god. His mouth dropped open like a crucian carp on land.

Braham had his unique arrogant expression on his face as the corners of his mouth rose up to the fullest.

“Braham, the apostle of the Overgeared God, has won.”

Braham hadn’t changed. Even after reaching the hierarchy of a god, he still called himself the apostle of the Overgeared God. It was also recorded in Grid’s epic.


He ended the situation himself by declaring his victory. It was at a time when people were enthusiastic about the Braham-like finish that suited the expression ‘I alone am the best’ better than anyone…

“This fight is invalid.” Someone acted even though it was difficult. It was none other than Lauel.


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Braham doubted his ears, while the people were in an uproar. Braham stood still for a moment and stared at Lauel, who was standing below the stage. Then he took a deep breath and asked, “Invalid? What type of vain argument is this?”

“The essence of this holy war has long changed to a competition between His Majesty’s items and Zeratul’s martial arts. From the moment Kadlow used his power, to be precise, from the moment Duke Braham gave God Kadlow the right to use the power, this fight went off topic.”


Braham was the Duke of Wisdom… no, he was the God of Wisdom. He understood Lauel’s point right away.

However, shouldn’t they just ignore the rules set by Zeratul in the first place? Why did they have to abide by the rules and nullify his precious victory?

Such questions weren’t even worth asking.

Lauel wanted Grid to fully absorb Zeratul’s status. If they fought and won according to the rules set by Zeratul, then Zeratul would be defeated without any excuses. Considering the penalty he would suffer and the advantage that Grid would gain at that time, it was right to nullify the battle between Braham and Kadlow.

“Booo! Booooo!”

Braham himself was convinced, but boos poured in from all sides. There were also many people who made accusations.

Lauel wasn’t agitated at all. He was used to being sworn at. In the process of raising the Overgeared Guild into an empire, he had purged tens of thousands of people. Lauel was so ruthless that he had a history of burying alive soldiers of surrendered enemy nations.

Rejecting the accusations directed at him due to such a thing? Lauel wasn’t such a shameless person. He humbly accepted any accusations. It was still the same now.

“…I understand.” Braham dismissed the criticisms of the people and nodded. He, the person involved, respected Lauel’s will, so people were no longer able to make accusations.

Of course, there was still a lot of regret for those cheering for the Overgeared World. They missed the opportunity to win 4:1. The 3:1 situation was back. There was room for a reversal. There was no law that said the Overgeared World wouldn’t lose the remaining four matches.

The gods of Asgard were strong. It was witnessed by countless spectators. Most of the audience naturally believed in the apostles of the Overgeared God and hoped to win, but they recognized that it wasn’t easy. The strongest card called Braham was consumed in vain, while the boyish god pointed out by Braham remained intact on Asgard’s side.

The gods standing on the left and right side of the boy were also reticent, and their presence was enormous.

“Looking at the manhwas, it is the turn for the protagonist team to lose, right? So I’ll step out.”

Euphemina went on the stage. The two blond ponytails further emphasized her girlish, youthful appearance. It was an appearance that didn’t suit the battlefield at all. However, she was the secret weapon of the Overgeared Guild. Everyone knew it was a secret, but the fact that Grid had been afraid of her in the past was an open secret.


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“Look at me with a contemptuous gaze!”

“Smile and tell me that I am poor-looking!”

In her Duplicator days, she easily scammed people with her beauty (?) and she had many fans. The screams of Euphemina’s name spread endlessly. The addition of the words ‘please win’ was the basics.

Euphemina stuck out her tongue.

‘How am I supposed to fight here?’

Mumud’s Successor was a class that was inherently open to the possibility of becoming a myth. Her skills after eating the Fruit of Good and Evil and being greatly enlightened to her potential clearly transcended the normal categories. Yet she was inferior compared to the gods.

The previous battles…

Kadlow blamed the funny way that the gods were wielding the swords, but there was nothing to demean from the perspective of a third party. It was because the sword wielded just once by a god caused a disaster in itself. This would be the case if it wasn’t for the barriers laid out by all the groups in the empire.

Reinhardt would’ve disappeared in part like it had been hit by a bomb every time a god wielded the sword. Fighting and winning against such ruthless beings? Euphemina wasn’t confident.

‘I’m not Kraugel.’

People who very occasionally underestimated Kraugel had something in common—they compared Kraugel to Grid.

Yes, the comparison was wrong. Apart from Grid, Kraugel was the strongest player. Even Kraugel managed to wield Grid’s sword intact thanks to his class characteristic of being a Sword Saint. Euphemina evaluated herself as one level below Kraugel. People who saw themselves on the same level as Kraugel didn’t know the true value of Kraugel. Or perhaps they had been hit by Grid’s smooth talking.

‘Grid oppa always had a high evaluation of me.’

She often hung out with Sehee, so she was accustomed to calling him ‘oppa.’ She started smiling. She suddenly had a thought. She wanted to repay Grid who always believed in her from the day they first met until now.

‘…I don’t think there is any need to feel like I will unconditionally lose.’

Now there were too many people who believed in her, not just Grid. The magicians of the Tower of Eternity came to cheer for her as a group.

“It is okay to get hurt, so go and fight as you like.”

Sehee—even Saintess Ruby gave her a fighting cheer that didn’t suit her. Sehee used to scold her not to get hurt.

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‘…Yes, it is an important point.’

The cliche was to be broken.

“I’ll correct it.”

Euphemina looked back at Zik, Mir, and Sariel, who were standing side by side, and smiled. It was a smile with her unique confidence and playfulness. It was the smile of a little demon.

“I don’t think it is our turn to lose yet.”

Euphemina’s determination was largely attributed to Piaro and Braham. Piaro gave her the great gift of the Fruit of Good and Evil. Euphemina wanted to win for him, who suffered an earlier defeat and was depressed. She wanted to tell him, ‘You made my victory.’

Additionally, there was Braham. He valued Mumud more than anyone else. Therefore, he always observed Euphemina carefully. Then he was disappointed every time. There was a huge gap between Euphemina and the Mumud that Braham remembered.

Of course, Braham never openly expressed his disappointment. However, Euphemina always felt it. This time, she wanted to meet Braham’s expectations. Seeing his admiration seemed to unravel the lump in her chest. Above all—

“I will definitely win.”

The staff that Grid had just thrown her was the source of her confidence. Wasn’t it a staff that he designed and made as soon as he heard that she could use a large number of resources without restrictions after consuming the Fruit of Good and Evil? It was a new staff with effects to go with her current self.

“You can do it,”Grid whispered from the blue sky. He compared himself from before becoming a god with the current Euphemina. Unlike his usual self, his expectations for Euphemina were from an objective point of view.

The stage was engulfed in the universe.

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