Online Game: My Healing Becomes a Permanent Buff

Online Game: My Healing Becomes a Permanent Buff is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Online Game: My Healing Becomes a Permanent Buff and can be read for free.


Su Ming entered the VRMMO game and received a strong talent at the very start.

[Grace of Life]: Eternal Tier Talent. When healed by its healing skills, you will randomly receive a layer of permanent buffs that cannot be removed….


“Frost Breaker” “Dragon’s Blessing” “Infernal Dark Flames”

Eventually, Su Ming had stacked up thousands of layers of buffs that, when added, amounted to hundreds of thousands of buffs.

When the Mythical Boss had spawned, Su Ming effortlessly tanked all of the Boss’s earth-shattering skills. With just a spell, he landed tens of billions of damage on the Mythical Boss in a matter of seconds.

“WTF is this?! T-this is a Priest?!”

All players stared at the scene blankly.

All priest players cried envious tears after witnessing his feat. They were Priests too but why was there such a huge gap between them?

This is experiment, what it become depends on you, Readers.