722 A Finger Is Enough to Stop You

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After all, this abundant resource point was the best place to obtain the Origin Breakthrough Stone.

He definitely did not want to miss the Broken Divine Fist. This time, he was determined to win. Even if they fought, he had absolute confidence in himself.

“Is that so?”

“In that case, you’re determined to fight with me?” Heaven Slaughter narrowed his eyes, revealing a dangerous glint.

Not to mention that he also needed the Origin Breakthrough Stone.

If he retreated now, his reputation as the God of Slaughter would be lost.

Therefore, Heaven Slaughter would definitely not give in.

“Very good. In that case!”

“Just ask my iron fist if it agrees!” The God Destruction Fist roared.

Soon, the powerful waves emitted by the two of them rushed toward each other and began to confront each other.

After all, they were all top experts. Without knowing the other party’s background, they did not dare to attack rashly. They mainly wanted to test him.


“Hey, are the two of you still fighting?”
“Why are you so slow? I dare to waste time!”

Seeing the stalemate between Heaven Slaughter and the Broken Divine Fist, Zhou Han could not stand it anymore and said impatiently.

He had wanted to see the battle.

After all, seeing the moves and cultivation techniques of experts could help him absorb the essence and create his own moves.

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Therefore, this was also why Zhou Han did not attack immediately and waited for the two of them to fight.

In the end, he kept probing, making Zhou Han anxious, so he said such words.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

“Damn, who is this person? How dare he show off like this? Don’t they know that two peerless experts are fighting here? Don’t they have any sense?”

“That’s right. He’s too bold! Great, he offended both big shots at once!”

“He killed him just now!” Clearly, someone in the crowd saw Zhou Han’s performance just now and recognized him at a glance.

“Really? In that case, he’s also very strong!”

“It’s indeed very strong. I admit it!”

“However, you have to know that the Three Swordsmen of Cloud City are nothing in front of Heaven Slaughter and the Broken Divine Fist. The difference is still very big.”

“Therefore, this young man will soon pay a painful price for daring to be arrogant in front of them!”

The crowd discussed fervently. Because of Zhou Han’s actions, everyone’s enthusiasm soared.

This was because the next battle would probably be even more exciting.

Therefore, they all watched a good show.


“Kid, what did you say?” Heaven Slaughter glared, killing intent flowing as a violent aura swept over.

He would definitely be very unhappy to be disturbed during the battle.

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Especially since Zhou Han’s face carried a hint of contempt, making the anger in Heaven Slaughter’s heart reach the extreme.

Heaven Slaughter had dominated the world for tens of thousands of years. Who wouldn’t be polite and filled with fear when they saw him?

Now, he was provoked by a junior.

He might not be able to do anything to the Broken Divine Fist for a while, but he was still absolutely confident in dealing with a junior.

“Kid, how arrogant!”

“You have no right to speak here. Get lost!” The Broken Divine Fist also roared, its face filled with anger.

After all, it was simply too rude for a weak person to say such disrespectful words in front of the strong.

What kind of strength? What kind of words?

This time, Heaven Slaughter and the Broken Divine Fist stopped fighting at the same time. Their targets were unanimous against the outside world, preparing to deal with Zhou Han first.

“Both of you, attack together!”

“I’m in a hurry!” Zhou Han hooked his finger and smiled disdainfully, provoking.

Zhou Han had long finished appraising the relevant attributes of the Heaven Slaughter and Broken Divine Fist.

Therefore, he already knew his trump cards and killing moves.

Although he had the strength of a Divine Emperor, his comprehension of Dao techniques was still very crude. It could not even be considered a Beginner-grade Dao technique.

Such combat strength was no threat to Zhou Han at all.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an arrogant person!”

“He really doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

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“Watch how I shatter your bones!” Hearing Zhou Han’s clamoring words, the Broken Divine Fist could no longer hold back the anger in his heart, and the force in his entire body exploded.

The fist in his right hand condensed a blazing light, like the sun.

“Fist Dao—Sun Chasing Flame!”

“Can you withstand my punch?”

With a furious roar, the punch of the Broken Divine Fist was imposing. The forest within a thousand meters instantly turned to nothing under the violent force.

The violent heat wave kept trembling in the air.

“Strong, really too strong!”

“This move already contains a blurry shadow of a Dao technique. Is this the combat strength of the Broken Divine Fist? It’s indeed terrifying!”

“The famous experts do live up to their reputation. They’re a powerful batch!”

The aura released by the Broken Divine Fist shocked everyone. They could feel an incomparably powerful force.

“Hehe! Die!” Hearing so many people bragging, the smug smile on the Broken Divine Fist’s face intensified.

“Is that all?”

“I can block it with a finger!”

Zhou Han pursed his lips and said disdainfully.

After all, he had fought the Blazing Sun True Fire head-on back then. That was a true Dao technique attack.

Although the attack of the Broken Divine Fist had a trace of the charm of a Dao technique, the lethality of the two was far different.

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Zhou Han’s current strength had increased a lot again.

Therefore, it was simply too easy to deal with the Sun Chasing Flame triggered by the Broken Divine Fist.

“Hmph! Shameless boasting!”

“Soon, you will pay with your life for your arrogance!”

The Broken Divine Fist clearly did not believe Zhou Han’s words. Flame waves surged and forced their way over.

In a flash, the two were inches apart.

Zhou Han tapped his right index finger gently.

A powerful blood energy power spewed out, forming an indestructible defensive light barrier.

Coupled with the passive defense effect of the Blood Emperor Golden Bell Shield and the abnormal defense of the Earth Origin,

he stood there quietly like a towering mountain, unmoving.

Even if the Broken Divine Fist used all his strength, it could not move Zhou Han at all.

“You… you actually have such a powerful defense?”

“How is that possible?”

“My attack failed!!!”

Waves surged in the Broken Divine Fist’s heart, and he was dumbfounded.

He never expected Zhou Han to really stop him with a finger.

How strong must he be to be able to do it so easily?

Broken Divine Fist was immediately frightened. His forehead was instantly covered in sweat and filled with great fear.

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