Omniscient Reader

Chapter 336

...What? I looked at the message with blank eyes. What did it say?

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[The constellation 'Father of the Rich Night' wants to make you the successor of the Underworld King.]

I wasn't mistaken. I gazed at Persephone, who was smiling this way. Rather than Yoo Jonghyuk, who was supposed to be the successor, I was chosen instead. Still, I didn't understand. Why me?

Poseidon spoke, [You are crazy. You are going to make your successor someone who doesn't have divine blood?]

[Isn't it past time to get over the disgusting old-fashioned notion of blood descendants?]

[Someone who hasn't even performed the task of succession...]

[He performed the 'task.']

I wondered what Persephone was saying. I completed a task for the succession? Something flashed in my mind.

-I'll give you a task. You want to show me an interesting story? If you succeed, I will let you find the soul you want.

-Your task is to cut off the head of the serpent.

Certainly, there was this incident. The test that I did to regain the soul of the 41st round Shin Yoosung. At the time, I cut off Yamata no Orochi's head to complete Persephone's task. That wasn't an ordinary task but a task for succession? Since when had this queen planned...

[Hades! Are you serious? You want that trivial constellation to be your successor? Poseidon cried out fiercely and Hades glanced at me.

Come to think of it, Hades had always been favourable to me. Father of the Rich Night. He seemed strict and scary but never once did he do anything to harm me. It was strange when thinking of the many characters who went to the Underworld in the original novel.

Persephone's eyes deepened.

-Demon King of Salvation, it is better to decide quickly.

Becoming the successor of the Underworld. It suggested that in future scenarios, I might be able to borrow the probability of the Underworld. Furthermore, I was qualified to become the master of the Underworld after succeeded Hades.

「 Kim Dokja thought. 」

If I accepted their proposal here, the Underworld would formally be able to participate in Gigantomachia. In return, they would get a part in the giant story of Gigantomachia. If I refused the succession proposal, the Underworld would suffer a great loss and be locked underground again. Then their relationship with me would be completely severed.

...Really clever, queen of the Underworld. The Underworld would get the right to participate in Gigantomachia. I would prepare for the overthrow of Olympus. If I refused this offer, Poseidon was the only one to benefit. In such a situation, what was there to think about? In order to return to Earth as soon as possible... in order to revive my mother, this was the best way.

"...I will be the successor of the Underworld. However, I have a condition."

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I swiftly told her my condition. I also said that I couldn't accept the succession if the condition wasn't met. After a while...

[The constellation 'Father of the Rich Night' has accepted your condition!]

[The constellation 'Demon King of Salvation' has become the successor of the Underworld.]

The moment I made the declaration, the probability of the Star Stream moved. Many stars looked down on me. Some were jealous of me, some felt admiration and some were genuinely pleased. Then the Underworld King spoke.

[Spear that Parts the Boundaries of the Sea.]

The tone was thicker than any voice I had ever heard.

[We of the Underworld came here to protect our successor.]

It was a dependable tone. I really wanted a father like this.

[The Star Stream is convinced of the cause suggested by the Father of the Rich Night.]

[The Star Stream has accepted the probability of the Father of the Rich Night entering.]

A huge scale was now moving. It was on a level I had never seen before. The two myth-grade constellations climbed on their respective scales, released their status and destroyed the ecosystem of the scenario.

[The bureau has built a wall of probability to prevent the destruction of this scenario!]

[Many constellations are focused on the collision between two myth-grade constellations!]

[Many constellations are shouting the modifier 'Spear that Parts the Boundaries of the Sea'!]

[Many constellations are shouting the modifier 'Father of the Rich Night'!]
[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is keeping a close eye on his rivals.]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' is excited about the 'real' confrontation.]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is silently watching the situation.]

[Many constellations are praising the 'Demon King of Salvation' for the confrontation!]

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[700,000 coins have been sponsored.]

This was the moment I realized how big a deal my actions were in the Star Stream.

Dionysus made a despondent laugh and said, [You really... you don't know what you have done.]

"No, I know."

Then both constellations moved. In the darkness reminiscent of a giant mountain, a black sickle appeared. Meanwhile, Triaina emerged from the waves that rushed like a tsunami. There was a collision as the waves surged in front and a cloud of dust was created in the air, reminiscent of a
nuclear explosion.

Then Hades' body disappeared. Poseidon exclaimed, [Dammit, it is Kynee!]

If Poseidon had the star relic Triaina, Hades had the golden helmet 'Kynee.' A star relic made by the three cyclops brothers of Olympus and a helmet that could hide the existence of the wearer from the world.

[This is a cowardly method of fighting, Younger Brother!]

[...You are still trying to claim that you are the older brother.]

Every time the wind struck, water vapour swept through the area and the fish that died in place of Poseidon were blown away. The enraged Poseidon pushed Triaina towards the possible position of Hades' defense.

The stormy waves swallowed the darkness before the darkness once again broke out from the waves.

It was a game regarding the pride of the myths. In the duel between myth-grade constellations, neither of them retreated.

[The giant story 'Underworld' is continuing!]

[The giant story 'Supreme Ruler of the Open Seas' is continuing!]

Their main stories struck and Dionysus desperately started to protect the cave. The stories that the myths had been accumulating since birth were intersecting. The collision of the myths caused some sentences to disappear and some sentences to be born. The living stories of Poseidon and Hades were being rewritten here.

I watched the scene like I was reading a novel.

「 A new wave was pouring in from where the night and the sea met. 」

It was a scene that had never been seen in Ways of Survival. It was beautiful. The battle itself was spectacular, tremendous and marvellous.

I pulled out my sword.

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Then Dionysus' surprised voice was heard. [What are you doing now?]

"I can't just watch."

If the fighting of the two people continued, all the beings here would be wiped out from the aftermath. The giant story of Gigantomachia would be reconstructed around the influence of these two.

In addition, they might be even now but the stage of this battle was the 'sea.' Therefore, it was obvious who the god of victory would side with.

"I have to help Hades. Let's try whaling."

[Didn't you see Athena disappearing into the horizon? If you get hit like that, you will die.]

"It is because she was trying to catch the father whale. Then what about the baby whale?"

I was pointing at Theseus. The great Greek hero, who accepted Poseidon's descent, was releasing stories in the midst of the waves.

「 Stop... 」

「 Now, stop, please... .」

Dionysus' expression distorted. [You want to send Poseidon back by defeating Theseus?]

"It is cowardly but it is the best method."

[It isn't cowardly. Still, do you think that fish will allow you to do so? It is impossible for a narrative-grade constellation to break through those waves.]

"Yes, if I am only trying with a single story. However, what if I'm holding the sacred torch?"

At this moment, Dionysus' expression changed. [Don't tell me... you want to create a sacred torch? Will you collect the stories to pierce through Uncle Fish's barrier?]

"It is similar."

A sacred torch. The flames that burned when many beings gathered their stories.

Dionysus asked, [Who will carry that fire? You?]

"I have to wear the fireproof suit first."

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I looked at the broken Pluto near the cave. Pluto was completely ruined in the previous battle with Ares. I pulled out the Old to New Toad. The toad sang. "Give me an old house and I'll give you a new house."

"I'll give you two. Instead, fix this with the new one."

"Go od."

The real power of the Old to New Toad wasn't simply exchanging items with new items. This toad had the special power to replace broken items with the same 'new items' if the sacrifice was available. There was a reason Anna Croft wanted this toad at the auction house.

I fed the toad with some low level star relics from the battle just now and Pluto's body. The toad opened its mouth unusually wide and swallowed the metal Pluto. After a while, Pluto was vomited out.

[Uwah, shit. What? I'm alive?]

Pluto, who was smaller at two metres in size, came out while covered in sticky fluids. It looked perfect without any scratches.

Dionysus looked somewhat surprised but his expression was still dark. [How are you going to make the sacred torch? Do you think the other 12 Gods will help you? In addition, the 'torch' needs to borrow the power of the sun...]

I knew. However, there was a later matter. There was something more urgent right now. Someone rose from beside Dionysus. He looked terrible as soon as he woke up.

"You woke up?"

"...Poseidon?" Yoo Jonghyuk held his head like he had a headache and frowned. Thankfully, it wasn't a big hit.

"He is fighting over there."

"...The opponent is Hades."

Yoo Jonghyuk read the battlefield at once. A great battle between myth-grade constellations. The probability was vibrating uneasily. Perhaps he was thinking the same thing now.

"It is a great opportunity to deal a blow to Olympus. Don't you know?"

"...We have to hit them now."

"To do so, we need the cooperation of the woman you hate."

"A woman I hate?"

I silently stared towards the depths of the cave. Then from deep inside the cave, something like a torch turned on one by one.

The woman walked slowly through the light. I stared at her and asked with a smile, "Anna Croft, will you help?"

TL: Rainbow Turtle

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