Chapter 11: Successfully Leave

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The first draft of the contract was a template stolen from a gold-medal lawyer's computer by Roth. It was very formal and Yang Yang had signed his name.

After Archibald finished reading, there was nothing to add, he just want the "remuneration" of Yang Yang to directly cut down a zero.


"50 million star coins, if you agree then I'll sign."

Yang Yang "..."

Yang Yang didn't think that the 500 million star coins would be a big lost to the Doton Family. The reason why Archibald bargained was purely to return his "threat". And Archibald clearly understand that the price would hurt him, but also wouldn't let him give up this deal.


This little bastard.

Yang Yang was happy and felt that it was funny, then he meaningfully looked at Archibald, "Okay, I agree. Happy cooperation."

Archibald remained expressionless, but the tip of his tail easily twitched twice. He happily signed his name and passed the electronic contract back to Roth, while also looking at Yang Yang, "Happy cooperation."

Yang Yang and Archibald looked at each other then smiled, wait until these two crossed each other's bottom line.

"Then, let's talk about how to operate our deal." Yang Yang's smile became more pure and harmless, "Coincidentally, I just have made a preliminary plan here, take a look and see if it's feasible."

Archibald immediately became alert and looked at Yang Yang, "Let me hear it first."

Yang Yang "It's actually quite simple, I just need Duke Doton's cooperation..."



Yang Yang and the people of the Doton Family stayed in the corner for nearly half an hour. Although no one dared to bother them, still the guests attention was focused on their direction.

After all, Zhou Hua brought Yang Yang out today and Sima Zhao's intentions are obvious to everyone. Only the guests didn't expect that things would go so smoothlyㅡwhich noble lady haven't tried approaching the Duke of Doton but was rejected, but who was that person who left with the Duke for half an hour already?

T/N: Sima Zhao's intentions are obvious to everyone - an open secret

After a while, the projection screen in the corner disappeared, revealing a group of five people inside.

Gu Lita and He Shu came out first in good spirits. Monta followed, his look says that he has something to say but hesitated. Finally came Archibald and Yang Yang. The two walked side by side, Archibald still looked the same but there's something strange about him and Yang Yang was blushing next to him.

Guests "..."

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What the fuck happened???


The momentum of the Dotons and company was obviously wrong. Still waiting at the entrance of the Manor, Zhou Hua heard the wind.

Zhou Hua looked at He Shu and Gu Lita's complexion then laugh in his heart. He quickly chuckled, "What's wrong? Is Yang Yang's mind's was unclear and said something wrong? Second brother don't mind him, after allㅡ"



He Shu changed from his usual gentleness and coldly looked at Zhou Hua saying, "I won't agree with this marriage!"

Zhou Hua "... ah???"

Zhou Hua was stupefied and Mu Shuyi at his side stepped forward, looking at He Shu and asked, "Second Brother, take a deep breathe and be careful with your body. What's wrong?"

He snorted and turned his head but didn't speak.

Gu Lita took a step forward and sneered, "You should asked Mr. Zhou Hua. Didn't you say that Yang Yang have amnesia, but how could he say that Bryd was his boyfriend?"


After that, Gu Lita stared at Archibald again, "Byrd, you're just confused. What online dating, what do you teenagers knew about love and dated online, what year are we now?"

What? Online dating?? Duke of Doton... was having an online love affair??

The surrounding guests exploded with a 'buzz' and they didn't care about the low air pressure that was coming from Archibald, as if he wasn't there, everyone started whispering to each otherㅡDuke of Doton had a dark past! This is big news ah!

Archibald "..."

Archibald glanced at Yang Yang by his side, conveying his friendly message of "Just you wait" in his kind eyes.

Yang Yang looked up, with a shy smile and a "Come at me" was written on his face, then he gently wriggled and said "Don't look at me~"

Archibald "..."

Mu Shuyi and Zhou Hua were also embarrassed, but Zhou Hua immediately became ecstatic after being embarrassed. The smile on his face revealed a joy of victory, "Oh, this, is there any misunderstanding ah?"

Gu Lita smiled "Was it really just a misunderstanding? Byrd had just became an adult and Yang Yang lost his memory. And he's saying silly things like he wants to get married with Bryd, how could he, when he can't even remember anything? Mr. Zhou Hua, I think you should take Yang Yang back first and we won't be bothering you."

"Get, get married?"

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Zhou Hua's eyes widened and his questioning voice was so small that he thought he was dreaming.

But before Zhou Hua returned to his senses, Yang Yang suddenly cried in response to Gu Lita's acting, "No, I don't want to leave Byrd, he's the only person that I remember!"


After speaking, Yang Yang embraced Archibald's arm and cried with tears falling like peach blossoms.

Archibald took a deep breathe and then said coldly, "I want to marry him."


The sound of gritting and gnashing his teeth, means that it was Archibald's firm decision in the ears of others, but only Yang Yang knew that Archibald was just trying to hold his desire to kill him.


However, these words successfully boiled all the guests.

Zhou Hua's heart was also boiling. He had planned for so many years but did not expect to achieve success in such a dramatic way.


But now Yang Yang was pregnant. No, there's no room for turning back, just give him some more time...

"No, you can't!"

Suddenly, a woman's voice broke through the crowd hysterically, it was Zhou Niya who was like a wolf crossing from a garden's pathway.


When Zhou Hua saw Zhou Niya appeared, he realized that this wasn't going to be good. At the same time before Zhou Niya can come over, Zhou Hua shouted loudly, "Niya, what are you saying! Someone come and bring her down for me."


Because the previous atmosphere changed, some security personnel had followed Zhou Hua, so someone immediately took action.

But Zhou Niya's eyes already turned red. Previously, her parents was watching her, it was Roth who hacked the security system. Only then did Zhou Niya had a chance to sneak out and ran towards them. Roth calculated the time of Zhou Niya's arrival, just in time for the sentence "Marry him."



In fact, Yang Yang's original plan was more complex but in the past two days, he let Roth get an in-depth understanding of Zhou Niya and then found a small account number of her. She's a fan of Archibald and was quite famous, called "Sister Jiao".

T/N: maybe she's a sasaeng fan lol


Yang Yang saw a few of her long trend post updates on her small account number and he didn't expect to also see one of her post targeting the original ownerㅡthat slut had a wild seeds haha, I died laughing.

T/N: Wild seeds - illegitimate child

Yang Yang was "..."

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However, because of her madness, Yang Yang's plan has been simplified a lot. Just a "marriage" was enough for Zhou Niya to lose her mind.

Zhou Niya's eyes now seemed to be like eating Yang Yang.

Before the security personnel came to take her away, Zhou Niya shouted out what she wanted to say, "Byrd! Yang Yang is pregnant with wild seeds, you can't marryㅡ"

Her last sentence was interrupted by the security personnel and Zhou Niya was taken straight upstairs after being forcibly calmed down. But what Zhou Niya said was heard by everyone.

Zhou Hua's face changed greatly because Yang Yang's artificial insemination was not known to anyone in the family except Mu Shuyi. How did Zhou Niya knew?


Zhou Hua's first reaction was to looked at Mu Shuyi.

For decades of living together, Mu Shuyi knew that he was suspecting her. But even after being questioned, Mu Shuyi still remained calmed. She shook her head to signal that she didn't know what was going on.

Zhou Hua secretly gritted his teeth and quickly remedied "Is this Niya's crazy words, or..."

"We'll know if we check it."

The white-faced Gu Lita came over and she already had the testing equipment she had used before.

Zhou Hua's face changed, but how could Gu Lita give him a chance to respond, the instrument had already been placed in front of Yang Yang's stomach and the results came out soon.

Gu Lita sneered, "Oh, it was just three months old and our Byrd was still on the battlefield three months ago. Who was the father of this child?"

"No, this is impossible..."

Yang Yang seemed to be frightened by this result. He went pale and was shaking.


But soon he realized that it was true.

So Yang Yang cried like a stream of spring. He pressed his lower abdomen and looked at Zhou Hua, his face was full of disbelief, "Uncle, what's going on? Why did I get pregnant? Why didn't you tell me! No, it's not true No!ㅡ"

Yang Yang was emotionally screaming, but before he could say his whole speech, his expression suddenly looked blank and then he leaned back and fainted.


Archibald really didn't want to picked him up, but he had to.


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Archibald picked up Yang Yang with one hand then he paused when he started—too thin and too light.

It seems that at this moment, Archibald realized that the man who made him want to kill at least five times today was a patient who was just discharged from the hospital.


Archibald had some inexplicable emotions in his heart, perhaps it was sympathy.


Archibald bent down and hugged Yang Yang horizontally. The thin Yang Yang was in Archibald's arms, like a nestling chick and the contrast between rigidity and weakness made the audience pity Yang Yang even more.

T/N: the legendary princess carry


Archibald looked coldly at Zhou Hua then looked at Mu Shuyi and said, "Yang Yang and I have known each other for many years already and he would not be willing to take someone else's child, Aunt, I hope you can give me a satisfaction explanation. "


Mu Shuyi gently said, "I'm afraid there might be a misunderstanding. Byrd, Yang Yang left a will when the accident happened. This child would not be pregnant without authorization."

Zhou Hua quickly replied and said, "Yeah, Byrd. At that time Yang Yangㅡ"

"I'll check it out myself."

Archibald directly interrupted Zhou Hua's words and smiled coldly, "If there was a will, I'm asking Aunt to please cooperate with me. As for Yang Yang, since he remembers me, I will take care of him.

Also, I don't want any news to be revealed about what happened today."

Archibald's eyes glanced around the banquet venue, adding word by word, "Otherwise, I wouldn't let anyone off."

After uttering these ruthless words, Archibald held Yang Yang and walked out.

Zhou Hua wanted to stop them but was stopped by Mu Shuyi.

Mu Shuyi shook her head at Zhou Hua and whispered, "Don't go, Byrd is still angry, wait for his anger to subside first then we'll talk to him well. After all, it's not our fault if they don't end up being together because of a child. If they really broke up then that's because they are not fated."

Zhou Hua's heart was cold. He only told Mu Shuyi about Yang Yang's will stating that he wanted to conceive a child but only he knew the real truth behind those various means that he did just to let Yang Yang get pregnant.


That will, as well as the Incubation Center and the Medical Research Institute... At first, he was so sure that Yang Yang would definitely die, so there were many variables that he didn't thought well. If Archibald wanted to check, it would be easy to find the flaws.


And once a flaw was found...

Zhou Hua's vest was covered by his cold sweat layer by layer, he just felt that the sky was spinning and he almost faint.

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