Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3615: Luo lan's Trap

Endless devil beasts began to crazily attack the Heavenly Dragon Domain’s barrier. The barrier began to rapidly fall back.

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As the barrier fell back, it exposed countless cities. Those ancient cities instantly crumbled in the face of the devil beasts’ attack.

“Alldevil bastards, and you traitors of the human race, just wait! We’ll kill all of you!” Watching as the homes that their ancestors had lived in were destroyed, countless experts roared furiously.

“Fools. Do you think the great Alldevil race is something that you can provoke? The merciful Alldevil race gave you time to surrender, but you refused to recognize kindness. You actually were so arrogant as to resist, truly seeking your own destruction. You can’t blame anyone else.”

An expert sitting on top of a late stage World King bird sneered at them as he directed the attack of the devil beasts.

Every section of the devil beasts had one human expert directing them. They were the traitors of the human race, and they knew the weak points of the barrier. With their directions, the devil beasts were capable of unleashing terrifying power.

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The barrier rapidly retracted. Fortunately, the people in those cities had long since been withdrawn. There were no huge casualties.

However, seeing the cities with an immense history behind them destroyed like this, every person’s heart was dripping blood. Those cities were witnesses to history and also witnesses to their own powerlessness. Even the cities that had been passed down from their ancestors generation after generation could not be protected by them.

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“Fuck, this is too arrogant! Boss, let’s slaughter them!” Guo Ran was enraged at the sight of these arrogant traitors.

“If you go out now, you won’t be able to come back,” said Long Chen, shaking his head.

“What? Are there some hidden experts?” asked Guo Ran.

“There are no hidden experts. Instead, there is a hidden scheme. Do you see that a few devil beasts in their army are rather stiff and moving oddly? Those devil beasts are puppets with formation discs inside of them. Once you go out, they’ll surround you and the formation discs will activate. You’ll be transported away. As for where, you can guess for yourself. I would guess that it wouldn’t be to treat you to a feast,” said Long Chen.

“Damn, they’re so sinister?” Guo Ran was startled.

With this warning, people looked more closely at the devil beasts. A few were truly moving a bit oddly. Their hearts shook.

“Boss, how did you know?” asked Guo Ran admiringly.

“How did I know? It’s because I was conned this way already. I was still in the Four Peak realm back then, and that bastard Enpuda almost conned me to death. The Luo clan might be sinister, but when it comes to technique, they’re a far cry from Enpuda’s level. Such a childish trap can only trick a few children.” Long Chen curled his lips disdainfully.

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Back then, Enpuda’s schemes had come one after another in a perfect loop that could not be broken. Even Long Chen was ensnared. Although Long Chen hated Enpuda, he had to admit that Enpuda was quite formidable.

As for the Luo clan’s trap, it was far too obvious and came with no proper preparation. They were baiting them without preparing anything. It was practically an insult to people’s intelligence.

As a result of putting it this way, the surrounding experts were all embarrassed. They had been unable to see this trap.

Guo Ran laughed. “As a youngster, I have always maintained a youthful heart.”

Leng Hui, Xie Liuer, and the others couldn’t help laughing. Guo Ran was truly shameless. He turned this immaturity into a marker of youthfulness.

The barrier was continuing to fall back. As its area shrank, its power grew. When it was no more than a tenth of its original size, it stopped shrinking. Also, no matter how the devil beasts attacked, they were unable to shake it.

With this, the Heavenly Dragon Domain was reduced to only three ancient cities. The others were all abandoned and destroyed, and countless people had their moods plummet.

“Dean Long Chen, the ten days have passed. Within the entire Alldevil Star-Field, a total of one hundred and seventeen people from the human race have stepped forward and repented for their sins. As for the others…”

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The ten-days grace period for the spies to step forward had passed. The elder in charge of this matter reported it to Long Chen.

During the past two days, Long Chen had gone into seclusion. But when he came out, everyone was shocked to find that he had reached the seventh Heavenstage of the Divine Lord realm. He was a late stage Divine Lord now. Furthermore, his aura was powerful and steady. It wasn’t as if he had just advanced at all.

“Excellent. Those one hundred and seventeen people have saved their own lives. For them to be able to step forward now shows that they have some conscience at the very least. They can’t endure the pain of their betrayal. As for those that haven’t stepped forward, don’t worry about them. Go find a place to dig a ten-thousand-year hole for the corpses of those traitors. Prepare a stele to record their names and statuses. I want every descendant of this domain to remember those traitors. Let them have their names go down for ten thousand years of infamy as a warning,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Those traitors thought that the human race was doomed and that the Alldevil race would become the ruler of the Alldevil Star-Field. If that was the case, Long Chen wouldn’t give them any chance to regret it.

Long Chen was also constantly gathering the medicinal ingredients that he needed. Practically, all the stocks of the ingredients that he needed had been gathered.

After constantly consuming Violet Tower Pills, the Enlightenment Palace Star had also turned violet. Long Chen had abundant violet qi now. His 108,000 stars were immersed within that violet qi and undergoing some kind of transformation. The current Long Chen no longer knew just how powerful he was.

“Boss, the hundred thousand starry river warriors have gathered. Their battle armors are complete, and they can enter the battlefield,” reported Guo Ran excitedly.

A hundred thousand starry river warriors…all of them were hot-blooded. Together with them, Guo Ran felt like he had returned to when the Dragonblood Legion fought their enemies.

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The most exciting thing was that every single starry river warrior was a true warrior, a companion worthy of trust. As expected, those that could cultivate the Starry River of the Sky Art were righteous people.

Other than the hundred thousand starry river warriors, many more disciples were condensing the starry river manifestation with every passing day. As they joined the troops, it seemed that it wouldn’t be long before a second batch of a hundred thousand starry river warriors was born.

As for Xie Liuer, Leng Hui, Tu Hu, Xie Qianqian, and the original three hundred starry river warriors, they had started drawing in the energy of two stars into their bodies. Moreover, they had finished modifying their battle armors for this new star, causing their power to once more soar.

Long Chen nodded. These people really hadn’t disappointed him. They connected with the second star so quickly.

Long Chen directly presented Xie Liuer, Leng Hui, Tu Hu, Xie Qianqian, and the four other exceptionally talented heavenly geniuses with the title of captains. The three hundred starry river warriors were the squad leaders. 

The hundred thousand starry river warriors were placed under their jurisdiction. After some supervision, they followed a simple battle formation of the Dragonblood Legion for training.

During this time, the various large domains were attacked by the Alldevil race. The Luo clan was starting to grow uneasy and was increasing the power of their attacks. The formation was using up a great deal of energy. If this continued, the human race would not be able to hold on for long.

It was at this time that dissenting voices appeared within the human race. Their criticism was pointed at Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled when those curses rang out. They were finally here.

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