Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3614: Hundred Thousand Starry River War

“Dean Long Chen, as you instructed, the human race’s settlements without powerful defenses have all been abandoned, with their people withdrawn,” reported an elder.

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“Excellent. To have accomplished this in just a day, it must have been hard on you.” Long Chen nodded. Some sects truly were efficient. What he left to them would be accomplished beautifully.

This was also a testament to Long Chen’s sharp vision. The ones that he gave the orders to were all specially picked by him. For now, they were in charge of organizing the Devil Slaying Legion and had a great deal of authority. Right now, as the Devil Slaying Legion was just assembled once more, no one dared to defy their orders. 

Along with his announcement of the Devil Slaying Legion being reborn, Long Chen also sent out several orders. That was to directly abandon the cities like Clear Rain City that couldn’t hold on their own. This would reduce the defensive line that they had to defend, as well as concentrate their combat power.

The Alldevil Star-Field only had three large domains, and they had enough defensive power to hold those three domains. Long Chen directly ordered everyone to retreat back to those three domains while abandoning the cities outside of them.

However, there were many people living in those cities, and they didn’t want to leave their homes. Some even raised suspicions over Long Chen’s orders.

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Long Chen didn’t bother with them. If they didn’t want to leave, they didn’t have to. These cities were now abandoned by the human race and would not receive further reinforcements or supplies. As a result, they were isolated and the people inside would only die.

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When five fingers were spread, every single finger could be easily taken down one by one. But when they were clenched into a fist, their power grew by many times.

Although some people raised suspicions and complaints over these orders, these orders were still carried out. 

“As for the spies, up until now, the reports from the large sects are not very ideal. Currently, only seventeen people have admitted to being spies,” said the elder gravely.

“You didn’t have those seventeen people point out the other spies?” asked Long Chen.

“No. No one has asked them any questions,” said the elder.

Long Chen nodded. “Good. Don’t worry, everything is under control. Good intentions cannot advise ghosts. I gave them this chance, but to tell the truth, I really don’t want them to grasp it. I cannot tolerate traitors. However, I’m not from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College nor a native to the Alldevil Star-Field. I cannot fully comprehend your ties, so I gave them a chance to live. Spies are meaningless in front of absolute power. All you have to do is give them their chance, and the rest is up to their own luck.”

The elder nodded. When Long Chen gave this duty to him, for only just over a dozen people to admit to being spies, he felt himself to be lacking. It felt like he had failed to live up to Long Chen’s trust. However, he felt much better after Long Chen said this. He grew even more confident in this powerful youngster.

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After this report, Leng Hui came forward. “Boss, the Starry River Legion isn’t doing well. Of eighty million people, only eight million are barely capable of using this technique. Moreover, those capable of condensing the starry river manifestation are no more than thirty thousand. Using that as an estimate, those capable of drawing in astral energy and becoming starry river warriors will number no more than ten thousand.”

“Impossible! These people are the elites of the various major powers. If so many of them are failing, with only one in a thousand elites able to pass, how can we create an army of a hundred thousand starry river warriors?” The others present were all startled. This result was unexpected.

These were elites amongst elites, but only one in a thousand were capable of becoming starry river warriors. Then what would the proportion for the ordinary disciples be? One in ten thousand? Or one in a hundred thousand?

People had seen hope after witnessing the power of the starry river warriors. But seeing this failure rate, their newfound hope turned cold.

On the other hand, Long Chen was not at all surprised by this result. He simply said, “Everything is as expected. There’s nothing to be surprised about. Tomorrow, when the second batch of disciples arrives, you will understand.”

The next day, the disciples with slightly less talent arrived. They were in different batches because some people needed to be split to teach the disciples who had passed the initial test.

On the second day, thirty million disciples came. People were pleasantly surprised to find that fifty thousand of these disciples were capable of condensing the starry river manifestation. This news shook the human race.

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These people’s talent on average was quite inferior compared to the first batch. So why did they have such a higher ratio of success? Was there a problem with the trial?

It was Long Chen who explained that the Starry River of the Sky Art could only be cultivated by a person with the right character. The next most important factor was perseverance. As for talent, it was actually the least important thing for cultivating the Starry River of the Sky Art.

The Starry River of the Sky Art required a righteous heart. Only someone possessing the right character could cultivate it.

This explanation caused countless disciples with only average aptitudes to go crazy with joy. As for the heavenly geniuses that had failed the trial, they were all dejected and unwilling to accept this result.

When it came to the disciples that had failed, Long Chen simply said that when cultivating, the first thing to do was to cultivate the heart. By cultivating the right character, by having a righteous heart, evil could not invade their minds. Then they could continue cultivating the Starry River of the Sky Art.

These words gave hope to those disciples that had failed. With the goal of joining the Starry River Legion, they worked hard on their cultivation.

As people passed the trial, Long Chen spread the recording of his lesson on the Starry River of the Sky art, and a copy was given to all the major powers. He wanted every single person to be able to see the complete Starry River of the Sky Art.

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This way, even disciples without good qualifications and those that weren’t chosen could still cultivate the Starry River of the Sky Art themselves. If they condensed the starry river manifestation, they could directly come to the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College. That was to avoid them trying to directly draw a star into their body.

The Starry River of the Sky Art truly bloomed and instantly spread among millions and millions of disciples of the human race. Countless people worked hard day and night to cultivate it.

By the seventh day, there were already three hundred thousand people capable of condensing the starry river manifestation, and sixty thousand capable of drawing a star into their body. As long as they forged their own battle armors, those sixty thousand could become powerful starry river warriors.

As for those that had yet to draw a star into their bodies, it wasn’t that their aptitude was lacking. When it came to sensing the corresponding star beyond the heavens, there was a large degree of luck involved.

The lucky ones could find it in a few days, but others might take a few months or even a few years. However, as long as they didn’t give up, through the process of elimination, they could find the right star.

The families and sects of the disciples that managed to become starry river warriors were even more excited than the actual disciples. This was a supreme glory. They would provide the best resources to these disciples, helping them forge the absolute strongest Starry River Battle Armors.

On the eighth day, the number of starry river warriors broke through a hundred thousand people. On this day, the Alldevil race launched a ferocious assault on the Heavenly Dragon Domain. An endless army crashed down upon this domain like a raging tsunami.

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