Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3613: Tea hing

“Pull out the spies?”

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Everyone was dumbfounded. Spies were always the most hateful existence of the human race. But not a single sect dared to say that there were no spies within their ranks.

That was especially true with the Luo clan’s secret interference. No one knew just how many people amongst them had been bought.

Furthermore, under the enticing and pressure of the Luo clan, quite a few people had been openly pulled over to their side. Those people almost took up a full tenth of the human race.

The Luo clan’s seductions and the power of the Alldevil race made a part of the human race no longer able to see any hope. Hence, they took advantage of while they still had some value to switch sides.

Once those people turned their bloody blades on the human race, the human race’s hearts were no longer steady. No one knew who was in collusion with the Luo clan.

This was why the various major powers didn’t dare to make any rash moves. They were afraid of the spies within their own ranks. Once they took the first step, they might become the number one target of the Alldevil race. The latter might pay any price to wipe them out.

“This will probably be very difficult!” said the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch.

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“Correct, it will be difficult. After all, we don’t have the skills of dean Yifan. We can’t pull out all our spies like that,” said another half-step Divine Venerate.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “I won’t make things hard on you. When you return to your homes, gather the higher-ups for a meeting. Simply tell them that the Devil Slaying Legion is being assembled once more, and the human race’s counterattack is beginning. If they are spies and admit to it now, they can simply leave. If they wait until they are ferreted out, their only end will be death.”

“Just that?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. What was the point of this? People weren’t fools. Who would actually step forward and admit to it? If these words didn’t come from Long Chen’s mouth, they would definitely have cursed the speaker.

Long Chen nodded. “Just that.”

“What’s the point?” asked someone.

“The point is that when we kill them in the future, we won’t feel any burden on our conscience. We already gave them a chance, and they didn’t grasp it. They can’t blame anyone else then,” said Long Chen indifferently.

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Seeing all of their lost expressions, Long Chen continued, “Let me put it to you this way. Advise them to stand out themselves to give them a chance to live. I, Long Chen, have killed too many lifeforms to even remember in my life. However, I always give others a chance to live. If they can grasp that chance, they can live. If they can’t grasp it, then I will simply take it as even the heavens want that person to die, so killing them is simply the will of the heavens. When the real battle erupts, I will do soulsearches on the Luo clan’s higher-ups. At that time, all those spies will be exposed. When I destroyed the Qingying Battleship, it didn’t leave any of the higher-ups available to be captured. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the power to capture them alive, but simply to give a chance to those people who are undecided. Of course, if you really hate the spies amongst your ranks, you don’t have to do this. But when the list of spies is exposed, I will not permit anyone to beg for mercy for them. Otherwise, I will kill that person along with the spies. Remember, I’m only giving you ten days. After ten days, all spies are to be executed.”

Looking at Long Chen’s confident appearance, everyone’s heart was shaken. Just what gave him the confidence to say such words?

They felt a certain kind of kingly air from him, one they had never felt before. All his words were unbelievable, and yet they didn’t dare to doubt him.

Long Chen’s orders were given. So everyone, including the patriarch of the Celestial Essence Sect, immediately left for their own sects to get to work.

After they left, Long Chen gathered his people. He then directly carved a giant star diagram on the plaza and wrote down a detailed explanation. This was an explanation on how to cultivate the Starry River of the Sky Art in a step-by-step process.

After that, he summoned the three hundred starry river warriors and once more demonstrated the principles of the Starry River of the Sky Art to them. He then pointed out some easy-to-make mistakes.

As he explained these things, the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College’s people watched closely. There were some people whose only task was recording his explanation with photographic jades.

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During this time, Long Chen personally demonstrated several methods for drawing the stars into their bodies. When Long Chen’s starry river manifestation appeared, it stunned everyone.

Long Chen’s starry river covered up the nine heavens and the entire world. Even World Kings felt miniscule seeing this. It was their first time seeing someone unleash such terrifying power without needing a set of battle armor.

When they saw Long Chen’s starry river manifestation, the starry river warriors realized just how terrifying their new cultivation art was. Hence, their gratitude toward Long Chen deepened to another level, and they also felt unprecedented confidence.

When Long Chen drew ninety-nine stars into his body, the entire world quivered and the Heavenly Daos rumbled. People were terrified and amazed by this.

In this state, Long Chen appeared to be an absolute ruler. It seemed that even without doing anything, just a thought from him would be able to annihilate them. They finally understood that Long Chen was so terrifying that they couldn’t even imagine it.

Long Chen used his own body to deepen their understanding of this technique. He taught them how to draw in the second star, drawing in even more astral energy.

At first, these starry river warriors thought that the Starry River of the Sky Art would only allow them to draw in a single star’s energy. Then Long Chen told them that as long as they didn’t give up, even the least talented of them could draw in nine stars.

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Those with the greatest talent would be able to draw in ninety-nine stars. As for even more, it wasn’t impossible, but it would be up to each person’s comprehension and perseverance.

This speech filled the starry river warriors with excitement. A single star’s energy was enough for them to undergo a heaven-toppling transformation, then just how powerful would they be if they could draw in the power of nine stars? As for ninety-nine stars, they almost didn’t dare to believe what kind of state they would be in after that.

Long Chen spent a whole day re-explaining the important parts of the Starry River of the Sky Art to them. There were some points that they simply were unable to fully comprehend, so Long Chen didn’t try to force it. He simply had them memorize those parts, and they could slowly ponder over them in the future.

The Starry River of the Sky Art was too profound, and some of its principles could not be expressed clearly with just words. They had to use their own comprehension power. If someone used their own comprehension to teach them, it would restrict their future path. That was a taboo for transmitting the Dao ever since ancient times.

Long Chen had just finished teaching his side when the large sects sent over their talented disciples. Over eighty million heavenly geniuses from the various major powers had come!

“Good. Now, I will hold the class for you.”

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Looking at the sea of people around him, Long Chen smiled slightly.

Alldevil race, dogs of Brahma, let’s see just how powerful you are!

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