Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3612: Mission

“Brother Tianxiang truly is worthy of being the master of a sect. For the big picture, he won’t quibble with a member of the junior generation. This magnanimity is something that I admire,” said Xue Yifan with a laugh.

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The Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch actually recognized his mistake, so Xue Yifan directly gave him a way to save face. This way, he wouldn’t be looked down on by the junior generation.

“The times make the man. I’ve grown old and can no longer judge people accurately. A defeat is a defeat. There’s nothing to say about it. The Alldevil Star-Field should be the land of the young. If a position should be yielded, then it should be yielded,” said the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch, shaking his head.

These words moved countless people. Before this, they had thought that this old man had a bad temper and was obstinate. They hadn’t expected him to reflect because of this humiliation. This was definitely something that not many people were capable of.

Even Long Chen was surprised. When Long Chen first saw this old fellow, he knew that the latter was a stubborn old man, someone who wouldn’t change his mind about something even if he was beaten to death. Hence, Long Chen hadn’t expected him to actually admit to his mistake. That actually made Long Chen feel a bit bad about his actions.

“I was rude. Senior, please don’t take offense at what I did,” said Long Chen.

“What offense? I was acting like a boss, but I was unable to lift this burden. I then felt bad having someone else lift it instead. Can someone with a narrow heart accomplish anything big? Even now, I’m still lost in the glory of back when I was lucky enough to follow senior Xia Guhong. When people grow old, they always think of their past glory,” sighed the patriarch, shaking his head.

“So senior was one of big brother Xia Guhong’s followers?” asked Long Chen in surprise.

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“You… you know senior Guhong?” Now it was the patriarch’s turn to be surprised.

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“He is my big brother. He is one of the people I respect the most.” Long Chen.

“Damn, why didn’t you say so earlier?! If I knew that you are brothers with senior Guhong, why would I oppose you? I even lost all my face because of it.” The patriarch was vexed.

This old fellow was actually someone from the same era as Xia Guhong. He had been one of the warriors in Xia Guhong’s Devil Slaying Legion, so he felt utmost worship for Xia Guhong.

After Luo Qingying was slain and Xia Guhong charged into the devil world, Xia Guhong never sent back any word. No news of him ever appeared again, so the Devil Slaying Legion was disbanded.

Back then, the patriarch was depressed for a long time. He later had a lucky encounter, and his cultivation base soared. He then founded the Celestial Essence Sect and became its patriarch.

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He was naturally aloof and antisocial, thinking that other than Xia Guhong, in the current world, he was the one who had made the most contributions to the Alldevil Star-Field. Thus, he always viewed himself as the boss of the Alldevil Star-Field.

After a long time, he truly did become the leading figure of the Alldevil Star-Field. However, when the enemy army attacked, he didn’t want to fight them head-on, and yet he was also unable to think of any good way of fighting them. As a result, when the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College announced that they would lead this war, he viewed it as a provocation toward him, and then he came here.

Now that he learned that Long Chen had such a relationship with Xia Guhong, he was angered and delighted. He was angered that Long Chen hadn’t said so earlier, causing him to lose face. And he was delighted to know that Xia Guhong was still alive.

With the patriarch expressing his attitude, the others also assented. To have their disciples train in the Starry River of the Sky Art with no conditions was practically an unimaginable blessing.

They didn’t quite understand Long Chen’s thought process. When they thought about it, if Long Chen wanted to lead the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College to dominate the Alldevil Star-Field, if he only waited ten years and raised a giant group of starry river warriors, just who in the human race would dare to defy him?

However, instead, Long Chen was sharing this powerful Starry River of the Sky Art with all of them. Just what was the point of that? They were unable to tell.

However, there was one thing that they were clear on. If they didn’t join the side of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, their disciples wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Starry River of the Sky Art. Then there would be a huge difference between their sects and other sects, and they would rapidly fall behind.

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If they chose to just watch, although Long Chen had said that he wouldn’t make things hard on them, if the human race won, someone would definitely come to settle accounts with them later. 

Moreover, the Celestial Essence Sect was the number one sect in the Alldevil Star-Field. Even after suffering such a humiliation, the patriarch was willing to directly join them. So, why would the others hesitate? They immediately began to express that they were willing to join.

“Long Chen, you have to keep your eyes open. Some people definitely have some relationships with the Luo clan. I don’t have the power to keep track of them, so you have to be careful. Many people that join might not necessarily stand on the side of the human race. They are only coming for the Starry River of the Sky Art,” said the patriarch of the Celestial Essence Sect suddenly.

Quite a few people’s expressions grew slightly unnatural when he said this.

Long Chen simply smiled and said, “It’s fine. Since I dare to do this, I have my own confidence. Everyone only needs to remember two things. First, I, Long Chen, have always disdained lying. Second, I never renege on my words. I don’t care what kind of attitude you come with. There are many times in which life is a gamble. If you win the gamble, you will skyrocket. If you lose, you will never be able to recover. We know nothing about the future. No one knows whether their gamble is correct or not. But once you have gambled, you bear the responsibility of paying the price. Since you are willing to join us, you must swear to never betray the human race. That is enough. If you betray this oath, your tribulation will come even faster than you imagine.”

Long Chen’s voice was very calm and contained immense confidence. That calmness as if everything was within his control moved even the elders on the same level of seniority as Xue Yifan.

“No wonder you are qualified to be brothers with senior Guhong. Good, then I, Zhao Tianxiang, will once more risk these old bones of mine. My only regret is that I don’t see a single one of my brothers that fought alongside me back then. Well, that’s fine. I will take their place on the battlefield, hahaha!” The Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch laughed. Although he was already old, his sharpness had not dropped.

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In truth, this old man had a bad temper, but his character wasn’t bad. He was someone with a sense of responsibility. That was what made Long Chen feel bad. It seemed that beheading him was a bit too rude.

Guo Ran also felt a bit bad and looked at the half-step Divine Venerate that he had slapped. Seeing that the latter wasn’t even looking at him, he felt a bit better.

“Starting today, the Devil Slaying Legion is once more assembling. Guo Ran will be the general, and there will be eight captains beneath the general. These captains have yet to be chosen. Anyone who can condense the starry sky manifestation and become a starry river warrior can compete for one of these eight spots. The various sects, families, and powers can all recommend their Divine Lords to come cultivate the Starry River of the Sky Art. Within one month, I want to create a Starry River Legion of a hundred thousand starry river warriors,” said Long Chen.

“Dean Long Chen, why only Divine Lords? Why not Immortal Kings?” asked one person.

“Immortal Kings can also cultivate this technique. However, they have missed their golden period. The difficulty is a hundred times greater than that for a Divine Lord. One mistake and the backlash will take their lives, so it is much more dangerous. As for Four Peak disciples, their physical bodies are too tender. Their foundations can easily be harmed by the backlash, so it is not recommended for them to cultivate it. Divine Lords are the perfect level for cultivating it. Even if they cannot manage to cultivate the technique successfully, as long as they do not forcibly try to condense the manifestation, there isn’t much danger,” explained Long Chen.

Everyone nodded. They could understand these principles. However, some Immortal Kings refused to accept it just like that and were preparing to secretly test it.

“Other than that, I have something very important to announce here to everyone.”

Long Chen looked over everyone gravely. “When you go back, all the major powers must pull out the spies within your ranks.”

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