Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3611: Yielding

Following Long Chen’s order, three hundred starry river warriors threw themselves at the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch and directly launched their strongest attacks. Even in the face of a half-step DIvine Venerate like the patriarch, they were fearless.

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“Courting death!”

The patriarch roared furiously. He had been humiliated by Long Chen, and now this group of rookie Divine Lords actually dared to attack him. Hence, his fury soared.



The patriarch’s full power erupted. As the runes around him were activated to their maximum power, his blade swept out, striking all the starry river warriors. As a result, the three hundred starry river warriors were sent tumbling back.

However, what shocked people was that the patriarch also grunted and was blown back as well.


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Everyone was shocked by this. It had to be known that the patriarch’s battle armor was one of the ten strongest battle armors of the entire Alldevil Star-Field. When he was wearing it, he had the power to challenge a true Divine Venerate.

However, even this full-power attack only ended up on par with three hundred Divine Lords. What kind of situation was that?

The three hundred starry river warriors instantly stabilized themselves and charged back, surrounding the patriarch.

“Stop!” Long Chen suddenly shouted.

The patriarch stared in shock and rage. Just as he was about to attack again, Long Chen ordered the starry river warriors to stop. With that order, those warriors instantly returned to their camp.

They appeared to be nothing more than ordinary Divine Lords. But they simply returned to their side calmly as if nothing had happened.

People looked from those disciples to the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch. In the end, their gazes all fell on Long Chen. Every single one of them was filled with shock.

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“Old fellow, you asked me how long I could act wild. I just want to tell you that if I was really acting wild, you would already be buried in the ground. The ones to attack just now are our Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College’s starry river warriors. Your armor is damaged, resulting in your combat power being less than half of your normal peak. Since that’s the case, I couldn’t be bothered to put you in your place, so I was planning on having the starry river warriors do it. But they are the future pillars of the human race, heroes who will enter the annals of history. I don’t want them to be known as experts that bullied an old, weak man. Well, that’s all. There’s nothing else for you here. Scram.”

Long Chen flapped his hand at him apathetically, both verbally and physically telling him to scram. He then turned back to the other experts and announced, “Everyone, you’ve seen the power of the starry river warriors. In just a few days, we were capable of raising three hundred starry river warriors. As time passes, we’ll raise three million and then thirty million. I ask you now, is my Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College qualified to lead this war?”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s heart pounded wildly. Although the starry river warriors had only unleashed a single attack, they were actually capable of blocking the full power of the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch. That was more than sufficient to show just how terrifying these disciples were.

At the same time, they understood that Long Chen had used that patriarch as a testing stone, as proof for everyone of the power of the starry river warriors.

The patriarch’s expression grew even uglier, but he was also shocked. Just what method was the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College using to raise such terrifying warriors? A group of Divine Lords possessed power practically on par with World Kings.

Everyone was silent. Long Chen lightly said, “The Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College doesn’t like to fight with the rest of the world. We initially didn’t wish to make such a stand. However, the other powers are truly disappointing. They refused to stand out, instead choosing to be wise and protect themselves, only looking after their own hide. But you don’t realize that as time passes, our enemies grow stronger, and our opportunities in this war dwindle. They are pressuring the human race from the outside and sowing discord on the inside, constantly grinding away at the human race’s will to fight. As time passes, the human race’s chances of victory will shrink. I trust that everyone is not so foolish as to not be aware of this. But all of you refuse to take the risk because whoever stands out first will become the number one target of the Luo clan and the Alldevil race. 

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

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“They will push themselves to the heart of the violent tempest. Since you are all cowards, my Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College has no choice but to stand out and carry this burden. If you wish to join us, we will welcome you. Those who can fight shoulder to shoulder with us are life-and-death brothers. If you don’t join us and instead choose to just watch as both sides exhaust themselves fighting each other, that’s up to you. That is your right. But if we are the ultimate victors, those who didn’t participate in the battle will have no relation with any of the resources of the Alldevil Star-Field. And if you instead choose to embrace our enemies, it will be even simpler. In front of our enemies, we have only one attitude, and that is to slaughter them to the last.”

Long Chen’s severe expression caused people to feel a chill in their bones, especially his last few words. They were filled with a bloody flavor and almost let them see the call of death.

“Those who join us will have the immortal world’s secret art, the Starry River of the Sky Art, transmitted to them freely. As for whether or not you can learn it will be up to your good fortune,” continued Long Chen.

“The Starry River of the Sky Art? The cultivation technique that is said to be able to draw in astral energy?” exclaimed a half-step Divine Venerate.

“Correct,” said Long Chen.

“In other words, these starry river warriors…” Another half-step Divine Venerate eyed the starry river warriors.

“That’s right. They are cultivators of the Starry River of the Sky Art. They have condensed the starry river manifestation and have their own personal star diagrams, becoming starry river warriors,” said Long Chen.

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An uproar exploded amongst the crowd. They stared in disbelief at the starry river warriors. These starry river warriors were overflowing with pride as they were eyed by these experts. They had gone from ordinary disciples to existences that could move the masters of major sects. 

“Dean Long Chen, are you really going to share the Starry River of the Sky Art freely? According to what this old man knows, the Starry River of the Sky Art is extremely famous with shocking origins,” asked another half-step Divine Venerate.

This arrogant elder now called Long Chen dean. Their entire attitude had completely changed.

“Remember, I am Long Chen and I have always disdained lying. These starry river warriors are the first batch that I raised. There will be a second batch and a third batch in the future. All human experts will be allowed to register regardless of sect, family, status, position, gender, and background. Our time is very precious, and I want to raise a batch of true experts as quickly as possible. As long as you are willing to join us and swear that you will never betray the human race, you can send out any disciples that you pick out to learn the Starry River of the Sky Art. I will carve the diagram of the Starry River of the Sky Art on the plaza so that anyone can come and cultivate it,” said Long Chen.

These words once more moved these old fellows. The reputation of the Starry River of the Sky Art was so resounding that even in the Alldevil Star-Field, these old fellows had heard of it. They knew the terrifying power of this cultivation technique.

At the same time, they were extremely enticed by the immense power shown by the starry river warriors.

“The world’s human race was originally one family. They never should have fractured. Whoever has the power to lead should be the leader, and there is no reason to fight over this position. My Celestial Essence Sect has no objection.” What no one had expected was for the Celestial Essence Sect’s patriarch to be the first to declare his position.

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