194 Spirit Mountain Trash Ground

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When Chao Bai walked in, the little lion and little phoenix were dragging the flying snake and Zi Xuan’s bodies into the secret space.

Chao Bai glanced at the two corpses with a frown. “Why go through so much trouble?”

Before Kong Rui could figure out what Chao Bai was going to do, she saw him form a few hand seals and mutter a few incantations. Then, the two corpses instantly disappeared.

Kong Rui saw that the little lion and the little phoenix were still dragging the corpses, so she asked, “Where did you throw them?”

“Spirit Mountain,” Chao Bai said aloofly.

Kong Rui didn’t know what to say. Did this guy treat Spirit Mountain as a garbage dump?

At this moment, on Spirit Mountain, Nie Yin had been lost in the forest for a few days with a few guards. They had been walking in the direction of the cave, but they couldn’t find it.

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Ever since the siblings disappeared, Nie Yin knew that he must have been deceived!

However, the cave was right in front of them. No matter what, they should be able to find it. However, after walking for a few days, they had already lost their original direction.

Now, they couldn’t even find the cave or the way back!

In the first two days, they would still catch some spirit beasts in the forest and find some spiritual fruits to fill their stomachs. However, after a few days, they were already on the verge of collapse.

Although the guards didn’t dare to complain, they were secretly dissatisfied with Nie Yin, especially since they hadn’t seen a single spirit beast yesterday.

If this continued, they would definitely starve to death here!

Just as they were thinking about how to relieve their hunger, there was suddenly some movement in the air.

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Those guards all thought that a spiritual bird had flown past. All of them were eager to shoot down the spiritual bird to satisfy their hunger.

However, before they could shoot, two huge black shadows fell from the sky.

The two things fell too quickly for them to see what they were. They could only try to avoid being hit.

With two thuds, the two balls fell to the ground, causing dust to fly.

After the dust dissipated, Nie Yin gestured to a guard beside him. “Go and see what it is!”

Although the guard was unwilling, he didn’t dare to disobey. He walked to the two balls and took a closer look. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s a person! It’s a dead person!”

Nie Yin frowned as he looked at the guard’s slightly panicked expression. “Why are you panicking?! Haven’t you ever seen a dead person before?!”

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The others thought to themselves, “Who hasn’t seen a dead person before? But we’ve never seen a dead person fall from the sky!”

Nie Yin walked over and glanced at the dead person on the ground.

The face was facing down and was wearing a purple shirt. She looked a little familiar.

Nie Yin kicked her over. When he saw her face, his eyes widened. “It’s her?”

Nie Yin had seen this person before. She was called Zi Xuan and was a Deputy Pavilion Master of High Heaven Pavilion.

But how come she was killed?

Why would she suddenly fall from the sky and onto Spirit Mountain?

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What exactly happened?

As Nie Yin was thinking, he heard the cheers of the guards beside him.

Nie Yin turned around and saw the guards surrounding the ball that had fallen beside Zi Xuan. Their eyes were filled with anticipation and they even drooled.

“Master, this is a spirit snake. Can we…” A guard asked boldly.

Nie Yin knew that these hungry fellows definitely wanted to eat the flying snake.

However, Zi Xuan had an eccentric personality. Nie Yin wasn’t sure that there was nothing wrong with her spirit beast.

Seeing that Nie Yin didn’t react, one of the guards finally couldn’t help but say, “Master, we’ve been on Spirit Mountain for so many days. We really can’t take it anymore! Let’s… eat this snake!”

Although the other guards didn’t speak, all of them stared fixedly at Nie Yin, as if they would eat him alive if he refused…


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