193 Snake Gall

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Kong Rui watched as the little lion used its two front claws to stroke the flying snake’s wings and rub its plump feathers. It bit the flying snake hard, making it unable to resist.

“Little Lion, stop playing!” Kong Rui looked at the little lion’s excited expression. Clearly, it was playing around!

She couldn’t help but remind the little lion. After all, the battle wasn’t over yet!

The little lion immediately became serious. It exerted strength with its two front claws and tore off the flying snake’s wings.

The flying snake wagged its tail in pain while wishing it could hit the griffin. At the same time, Zi Xuan let out a hoarse cry of pain.

It could be seen that this flying snake was Zi Xuan’s intrinsic spirit beast!

In other words, their fates were connected!

Kong Rui was about to instruct the little lion to get rid of the flying snake as soon as possible when she saw that the flying snake was probably in extreme pain. It actually opened its mouth with its last bit of strength and spat out a ball of smoke at the little lion.

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Kong Rui cursed inwardly.

The reason why she could dodge the poisonous gas attack of the flying snake just now was entirely because she was immune to poison and had an extremely strong self-healing ability.

However, the little lion wasn’t immune to poison, so the little lion might not be able to take it.

Kong Rui wanted to rush over to help, but she was caught by Zi Xuan, who suddenly rushed forward.

Zi Xuan had probably guessed the relationship between Kong Rui and the little lion. She thought that if she killed the little lion, Kong Rui would probably die.

However, Zi Xuan didn’t expect a fiery red figure to suddenly rush out in front of the little lion.

Its fiery red wings flapped beside the little lion. Along with the hot flames, it actually dissipated the ball of smoke and poisonous gas.

The little lion dodged the attack and bit off the flying snake’s neck angrily.

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The flying snake wasn’t dead, but it was on the brink of death.

After the flying snake was seriously injured, Zi Xuan collapsed to the ground, as if she had lost all strength.

Kong Rui stopped attacking and looked in the little lion’s direction as she asked, “Are you guys okay?”

Little Lion threw the flying snake’s body into the distance and cursed fiercely, “Damn it! I almost fell for it!”

The little phoenix stood beside the little lion as it said in disdain, “Idiot! If I hadn’t saved you, you would have been dead meat!”

“I was just careless!” Little Lion said indignantly.

Seeing that the two little fellows were energetic enough to bicker, Kong Rui was relieved. She turned around and walked towards Zi Xuan, who had fallen to the ground and couldn’t get up anymore.

Zi Xuan tried her best to prop herself up and look at Kong Rui. “You, you’re actually…”

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Kong Rui narrowed her eyes at Zi Xuan. “I was considering letting you live, but now, it seems that you know too much!”

Kong Rui didn’t give Zi Xuan a chance to speak. The iron fan in her hand slashed at Zi Xuan’s throat.

Blood gushed out and Zi Xuan fell to the ground with her eyes open.

Blood bubbled from her mouth. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

The flying snake struggled on the ground a few times before collapsing.

Kong Rui glanced at the flying snake and said to the little lion, “It’s said that snake gallbladder is a great tonic for spirit beasts. You were the one who dealt with the flying snake today, so the snake gallbladder is yours!”

“Really?” Little Lion’s eyes lit up with excitement.

The little phoenix looked at the little lion enviously and lowered its head slightly.

Kong Rui walked forward and patted its head gently. “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future! This flying snake’s cultivation level isn’t low, so the little lion’s power should be able to improve dramatically. Let it protect you in the future!”

The little lion tore open the abdominal cavity of the flying snake with its mouth, took out the snake’s gallbladder, and swallowed it.

It smacked its lips as it said to the little phoenix, “Don’t worry! I’ll definitely protect you and Master!”

“Who needs your protection? I can protect Master too!” The little phoenix wasn’t to be outdone.

Kong Rui smiled, then she stopped them from arguing.

“Alright! Let’s clean up this place first! This place is so dirty.”

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