192 Flying Snake

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When Zi Xuan heard Kong Rui say that she had been to that space, her expression became more and more ferocious. She gritted her teeth and asked, “What did you see?!”

“Everything you don’t want me to see!” Kong Rui didn’t hide anything.

Zi Xuan’s eyes instantly turned red, as if she wanted to tear Kong Rui apart. “I’ll kill you!”

Zi Xuan’s exasperated expression amused Kong Rui. She sneered as she said, “How many lives have you taken?! Today, I’ll seek justice for them!”

As Kong Rui spoke, the iron fan in her hand quickly spun and attacked Zi Xuan.

Zi Xuan was already overcome with rage. She formed claws with both hands as she faced Kong Rui.

When the two of them faced off, Kong Rui didn’t hesitate at all and attacked Zi Xuan’s vital points.

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Zi Xuan’s claws were like steel and she actually blocked Kong Rui’s attacks several times.

Kong Rui raised her eyebrows slightly. She could tell that Zi Xuan seemed to have used some cultivation technique.

Just as Kong Rui stopped, Zi Xuan used her left hand to scratch her right shoulder. As blood flowed, there was something squirming in her blood.

Kong Rui was stunned for a moment. She watched as a huge blood-red snake slowly crawled out of the bloody wound on Zi Xuan’s shoulder.

The snake looked very strange. It actually had a pair of wings on its body.

Kong Rui watched as the flying snake spat out its long tongue. Its eyes were bloody red, as if it had just crawled out of hell.

The upper body of the flying snake was wrapped around Zi Xuan’s neck and shoulders, while the lower body was wrapped between Zi Xuan’s waist, hips, and legs.

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Kong Rui narrowed her eyes as she looked at the flying snake that seemed to have fused with Zi Xuan. She immediately felt a little disgusted.

“Go and bite that woman’s head off!” Zi Xuan whispered to the snake in a charming voice.

The snake immediately raised its head and stared at Kong Rui.

As Kong Rui looked into the snake’s eyes, she was disoriented for a moment. She even felt that her soul became possessed.

“Oh no!” Kong Rui exclaimed inwardly. She realized that this flying snake actually had the ability to bewitch people!

Seeing that Kong Rui had regained her senses, the flying snake immediately spread its wings and pounced at her. It opened its bloody mouth in midair, as if it could swallow Kong Rui whole.

Zi Xuan revealed a sinister smile as she waited for Kong Rui’s head to be bitten off.

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The flying snake’s wings reeked of blood, and its mouth spat out suffocating stench.

Looking stunned and unable to move, Kong Rui stood rooted to the ground.

Zi Xuan sat there and waited. Unexpectedly, in the next second, the flying snake was grabbed by a huge force.

The griffin’s tall body suddenly appeared in the room and bit the flying snake’s vitals. Its front claws pressed the flying snake’s two wings to the ground.

The flying snake’s body fell to the ground with a bang and even cracked the floor.

Zi Xuan didn’t expect such a situation to happen. She stared blankly at the huge creature that had suddenly appeared in front of her.

“You… you are…” Zi Xuan pointed at the griffin with a trembling hand.

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She had only seen griffins in ancient books, but she had never seen their true appearance before. However, the spirit beast that appeared in front of her was indeed an ancient spirit beast, griffin!

Zi Xuan was so frightened that she couldn’t speak. She could only widen her eyes and watch as her flying snake struggled under the griffin’s grip.

The griffin looked young, but its strength was so powerful that an adult flying snake couldn’t resist!

If it grew up, how terrifying would it be?!

However, Zi Xuan no longer had the chance to see it!


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