My Wife is a Psychic

Chapter 169: 169

169 I’ll Teach You How to Seduce Men

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The corner of Fang Yu’s mouth curved up, and she responded indifferently. A life was going to be killed so easily by these people’s mouths? Fang Yu’s eyes were bloodshot.

The empress had originally wanted to cause trouble for Fang Yu and Jiang Xi today, but she was in a good mood now, so she let Jiang Xi and Fang Yu go back. Of course, the reason why she let Jiang Xi go so easily was probably that Zhao Ruifeng had not left the imperial study for a long time, so the emperor could not leave because he kept playing chess with him. The concubines in the harem were all anxious and sent people to greet the empress every two or three minutes. After Fang Yu and Jiang Xi left, five or six servant girls who had come to inquire about the news also left.

The empress massaged her temples. “What happened today? Why are you all asking me about the situation? In the past, they couldn’t wait to stay far away from me. ” The empress held the painting that was wet from the tea, her face full of reluctance.

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“As soon as Miss Jiang Xi entered the palace, General Zhao Ruifeng went to chat and play chess with His Majesty, causing the emperor to delay the call. He’s not sure which concubine he’ll go to tonight,” the palace maid replied in a low voice.

The empress was stunned for a moment before she slowly said, “I didn’t expect Zhao Ruifeng to be so infatuated. Jiang Xi is not worthy of such a good man. Go and call the two sisters, Chun Fen and Chun Xia. Zhao Ruifeng doesn’t have any women by his side to serve him, so send him two maidservants.”

All big families had special servants, but Zhao Ruifeng’s situation was a bit special. Until now, he was still a virgin. The two servant girls, Chun Fen and Chun Xia had originally been prepared by the empress for the emperor. Chun Fen and Chun Xia were twins and looked very charming. However, now that the palace had the concubine selection, there would probably be many more women in the harem after the election. It would be useless to keep Chun Fen and Chun Xia in the palace.

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“Your Ladyship the empress, Miss Panpan has arrived.” The palace maid came in and said with a smile. The empress’s eyes brightened. She stood up, put down the portrait, and took Zhao Panpan’s hand. She seemed to be much more at ease.

“Miss Panpan, you’re finally here. The empress has been talking about you for a long time. The painting of you when you were young was wet by tea and the empress was very sad. When you have time, you must send another painting to the empress.” The palace maid saw that the empress was happy and said with a smile.

Zhao Panpan pulled her collar and looked a little shy, “Many thanks for the empress’ favor. I will have someone send a portrait over tomorrow.” Zhao Panpan turned around and looked at the palace maids as if she had something to say to the empress. The empress waved her hand to dismiss the palace maids and stood guard outside the door to prevent anyone from entering.

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“You child, why haven’t you come to see me for so long? Could it be that you were bullied in the Flower Stream Palace Hall?” The empress frowned and asked Zhao Panpan.

“No, no, it’s just that Panpan doesn’t know how to face the empress.” Zhao Panpan bit her lip and hesitated. If the empress stopped her, she would not be able to stay in the palace.

“Silly child, what is it that you can’t face me with? I treat you as my own daughter, so I’m more than happy that you’re here to accompany me. ” The empress was thinking that she would soon be able to hear Zhao Panpan call her mother.

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The moment Zhao Panpan lowered her head, a red mark appeared on her neck. The empress’ eyes narrowed as she thought to herself, ‘The crown prince is so bold. He dares to mess around before the selection is even over. If this is discovered by others, Panpan will be finished.’

When Zhao Panpan saw the empress’ gaze land on her neck, she immediately covered her neck and explained in a panic, “Ah, I accidentally scratched myself.”

The empress understood. “Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to use some tricks. Men are all greedy, but let them indulge themselves. The easier it is to get something, the less they will cherish it. In the royal family, the men have many wives and concubines. People who are used to eating delicacies sometimes prefer plain porridge and side dishes.” The empress thought that the Crown Prince already had a special servant, so if Panpan used her status, the crown prince would like her even more. It was good for her to talk to Panpan about some things between men and women before marriage.

Thinking of this, the empress pulled on the shy Zhao Panpan and said, “Your biggest advantage is that you’re more innocent and sincere than other girls. When a man sees you, he definitely can’t bear to hurt you. You have to grasp your advantage and have a child before other people enter the family.” This was what she had done when she married the emperor. Otherwise, she would not have been able to sit firmly in the position of empress.

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