My Wife is a Psychic

Chapter 168: 168

168 As You Wish

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“Is the empress not feeling well? Why are your hands shaking like this? Quickly find an imperial physician to take a look. Her hand was shaking so much that he couldn’t even hold the teacup properly and had even spilled the tea on the portrait. This portrait must be very important, right? But no matter how important it is, it’s not as important as the empress’s health. From what I heard, this portrait is Zhao Panpan’s portrait, so we can go to the Zhao residence and ask for two from Xiao Meili. Xiao Meili is Zhao Panpan’s mother, so she must have many portraits of Zhao Panpan when she was young.” Jiang Xi said indifferently. She was determined not to take the blame for the painting getting wet. Jiang Xi looked at the empress’s expression and knew that this stupid woman was going to blame her again. Hehe, how unlucky would one be to be her child?

The empress’ red-painted nail broke with a snap. She hated Jiang Xi to the core!

“You’re great, very good, Jiang Xi. You’re really good.” The empress gritted her teeth, her eyes filled with poison.

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“Quickly invite Miss Panpan to the palace and tell her that the empress misses her.” The nanny turned around and ordered the palace maids. Zhao Panpan had rarely come to the empress’ place these past few days. She did not know what trouble Zhao Panpan had encountered, but the empress had expressed to the emperor several times that she wanted Zhao Panpan to enter the palace. The emperor knew the empress’ intentions and would not make things difficult for Zhao Panpan, so why had Zhao Panpan not come over recently? Why did it seem like she was deliberately distancing herself from the empress?

“Many thanks for the empress’ praise, I am indeed very good,” Jiang Xi said indifferently.

When the empress heard her tone, she felt even more resentful. This portrait was given to her by Xiao Meili before. At that time, her daughter was not even one year old. After the portrait was given to her, her daughter was seriously ill and did not go out for a whole year. It was said that her body became much weaker after that. The empress was heartbroken when she heard the news. Without the portrait, she felt as if she had lost her child. Her heart ached as if her biological daughter was getting further and further away from her. She needed something to comfort herself, so when the nanny sent people to find Zhao Panpan, she did not stop her.

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The palace was eerily quiet. If the empress did not say anything, they could not leave. There was a curfew in the palace, and they could not go out after the curfew. However, the empress did not say anything, so they did not dare to ask.

After a while, the palace maid who had gone out to call Zhao Panpan returned. There was no one behind her, and the nanny’s heart sank.

“His Majesty the emperor and General Zhao Ruifeng were playing chess in the palace and asked Miss Panpan to accompany them. This servant went to the emperor’s palace and the emperor only said one thing, saying that His Majesty the Emperor has agreed to the empress’s request this morning.” After the palace maid finished speaking, the empress suddenly raised her head, her eyes bright.”What did you just say? The emperor had agreed? He really agreed?” The empress’ voice rose as she heaved a sigh of relief.

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In the morning, the empress had mentioned several times that the crown prince’s life was bitter. He had been kidnapped when he was born and finally had a crown princess, Fang Yu. However, Fang Yu’s reputation was so bad. How could a person who had climbed out of the grave be the mother of a country in the future? Fortunately, Panpan’s heart ached for her. In addition, Panpan and the crown prince had known each other at a young age and knew each other well. If they could become a family, she would be satisfied. At that time, the emperor looked at her deeply and did not speak for a long time. At that time, she thought that the emperor would not agree. Who would have thought that there was still room for change? In the future, the crown princess would be Zhao Panpan, her poor daughter! Her child was finally going to return to her side. She was not a sinner of the royal family and did not mix up the royal bloodline. In the future, the throne would belong to Panpan and the crown prince’s child. She was not wrong!

The empress’ eyes were a little red.

“His Majesty also said that he would give an edict tomorrow. Since the empress insists, His Majesty will agree to the empress’ request. He hopes that the empress and miss Panpan will love each other in the future and not have any disputes.” When the palace maid spoke, her voice carried a smile. Who in the palace did not know that the empress was waiting for Miss Panpan to enter the palace to become the crown princess and the empress’ daughter-in-law?

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The empress laughed, thinking that the emperor was really worrying for nothing. In the future, she and Panpan would probably be the most harmonious mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the world, so how could there be a rift in their hearts?

“Alright, that’s all for today. You can go out. I know about your matters, Fang Yu. You and the crown prince are not fated. Tomorrow, the imperial decree to end the engagement will be sent to your family. You and the crown prince can live in peace separately.” The empress was in a good mood, so she ignored the slight uneasiness in her heart.


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