My Wife is a Psychic

Chapter 167: 167

167 Let’s Kill Her Again

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“I don’t know.” Fang Yu lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, so people could not see her expression.

The empress was silent for a moment. “You child, your only mistake was to make me worry. I treated you like my own daughter, but you almost died. You let me see my child die. Don’t you think you were wrong?”

Fang Yu thought, ‘Hehe, you’re right, hypocritical woman.’

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“Miss Jiang Xi, I’ve always thought that you’re a good and polite girl. Do you know where you went wrong?” The empress’ gaze fell on Jiang Xi. Her voice was a little cold, and there was a bit of hatred in her eyes. If it were not for the fact that she was related to the crown prince, the empress would have killed her back then and not let her live! Jiang Xi met the crown prince when she was three years old and caused her trouble. When she grew up, she was already marriageable. However, her three fiancés had all made mistakes and she even came to Jing City. She had ruined the empress’ plans and caused her trouble several times. She deserved to die! This person should not be alive!

The empress looked at Jiang Xi and suddenly laughed, but her laughter was a little creepy.

Jiang Xi looked at the empress and was extremely disgusted with this woman. She knew that most of the people in the palace were selfish and narrow-minded, but she did not expect that the empress, the mother of the country, would be so unbearable to look at.

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Jiang Xi thought for a moment and said seriously, “It’s probably because I shouldn’t have saved Miss Fang Yu. Miss Fang Yu made the empress worry, she deserves to die. How about we bury Miss Fang Yu again? In any case, her mental state is not good now, so no one will suspect her even if she dies again. At that time, it’ll be a good time to change the crown princess.”

Jiang Xi’s expression was very serious. The empress’ eyelids twitched, feeling as if her thoughts had been seen through by Jiang Xi. She immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. “How audacious! You’re so vicious at such a young age! I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse for General Zhao Ruifeng to marry you!” As she spoke, the empress angrily threw the teacup at Jiang Xi.

Jiang Xi tilted her body slightly, and the hot tea splashed on a portrait of a baby girl hanging behind her. The baby girl was about a few months old and was lying on her stomach with a smile. She looked like a little girl sitting on Guanyin, and she looked very innocent. The portrait was facing the empress’ bed, and the empress could see it as soon as she opened her eyes. The portrait was somewhat yellowish, and it seemed to be at least ten years old. If it was not well-preserved, it would have been rotten long ago. At this time, hot tea was poured on it, and the portrait of the baby girl instantly melted. The faint ink color faded and blurred in an instant.

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All the palace maids’ expressions changed, and their bodies trembled as they knelt on the ground in unison.

“My painting.” The empress let out a shrill cry and stood up immediately. She climbed down from the soft couch on her hands and feet. She held the burnt portrait in her arms and her heart ached. She immediately turned and glared at Jiang Xi. Her eyes seemed to be filled with poison as if she wanted to swallow her alive.

“My painting… My painting!” The empress in rage. She only held the painting with trembling hands and did not let go. However, no matter how reluctant she was, the face of the baby girl in the painting became more and more blurry, and finally, there was no trace of the original painting.

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“Your Majesty, please get up. You’re not well yet…” A palace maid bravely helped the empress up. For some reason, the empress’ period had not ended yet. However, other than not being able to sleep with the emperor, she did not feel any discomfort.

“If the portrait is gone, we can just have the painter draw another one for Miss Panpan. Now that Miss Panpan is staying in the palace every day, the empress should be happy.” The old maidservant who served the empress came forward to persuade her.

The empress’ body trembled. What could she say? She did not know why, but even though Zhao Panpan was beside her, and she could not help but feel happy whenever she looked at the portrait. The maternal love that had welled up in her could not be concealed. However, even though her child was clearly beside her, she did not feel the blood connection that she had when she saw the portrait. Now that the portrait was destroyed, she even felt the fear of losing her daughter.

“It’s not the same, it’s not the same, it’s not the same, ” the empress muttered. She hated Jiang Xi to the core. Why did Jiang Xi dodge? If she had not dodged, the tea would not have splashed onto the portrait! Why did she dodge? How did she dare to dodge?

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