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Chapter 971: 971

Chapter 971 - Who taught who?

Just when Chucky was beginning to think that perhaps the centre of attention would no longer be on them, Sil went ahead and said those words. A few students around had heard what was spoken as they were already looking in their direction.

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After all, it wasn't everyday a famous head general would attend class like they had done. After seeing who was brought over and the words of a sparring match, nearly everyone around had practically stopped focusing on their own skills.

'Quinn, I thought you were giving me an easy job when I first met you, but this task is a lot harder than I initially thought. Now I know why you wanted me to keep an eye on him.' Chucky thought, but looking at Sil walking away and getting ready for his fight, he couldn't be mad at him. 'Well, that was a cool line you said at the end so I'll forgive you, now let's just beat this student and get on with the task.'

While Robin was making sure the area was clear and stood towards the centre of where the two were fighting, another visitor had joined the room. Walking in, wanting to have a look at how the class was going, was the head general of one of the Earthborn, Samantha.

She too had heard that one of the Graylash generals was having a demonstration today. Unfortunately due to her own duties in her own group, she couldn't appear at the start of the class, but still decided that it would be best if she popped down to see a first hand demonstration of a peak Graylash family member.

It was at that moment that she spotted him with two boys as if he was about to referee a match.

'Wait a minute, isn't that the boy that Innu brought into the meeting?' Samantha recognised, but didn't think much of it, and decided to stay by the sidelines and watch the sparring match play out.

Robin looked to his right, where Sil was. "Ready?" He asked and then looked to his left, where his personal student Lin was as well. "Ready?"

'Alright, so you say your ability is stronger than that of the Graylash family, let's see if you're all talk.' Ropbin thought, as he swung his arms down to signal it was the start of the fight.

In an instant, both of Lin's hands were covered in lightning, and placing them together the first thing did was fire them off like a lightning bolt right towards Sil.

'The activation speed of his ability is amazing for a kid at such a young age, the Graylash family seem to have gotten stronger since their new leader.' Samantha thought. 'I heard their leader had passed down some of his personal techniques. It seems they have been put to good use.'

Seeing how Sil had gotten hit by something similar last time, most of the students saw no hope for him. Even Chucky was a little worried.

'My lightning strike won't be stopped by just any mere wall.' Lin thought, until he saw the impact it had made. His strike had only managed to crumble off an inch deep off the wall. 'How high is this person's earth level?'

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"Wait an earth ability?!" Shiro was so shocked, he blurted out the question. He truly didn't have a clue what was going on. The last time he saw Sil fight he had used telekinesis, so how was he able to use the earth ability?

Soon though, the wall started to move like a wave, and it wasn't the only one. The whole ground had formed into giant waves of earth. Lin tried his best to fire stronger lighting attacks, but when it hit the giant waves of earth it looked like it would do nothing.

Seeing this, he tried to use his speed to outrun the wave. Turning right, there was another wave taller than himself coming his way, and it was the same on the left.

'How much earth can he control?' Lin started to think. Seeing all this there was only one thing he could do, and running straight towards it he covered his whole body in lightning. Jumping off, he spun his body around, spinning forward making his whole body into a large lighting bolt.

"One of the signature moves of the Graylash family, although I haven't experienced it myself I have seen it in action a few times." Samantha thought. 'Still, that boy, how can he control so much earth?'

What everyone else around failed to realise, although what Sil was doing didn't look too impressive, controlling this amount of earth at once would require a huge amount of MC points. Points beyond that of a level eight user.

"He won't break through." Robin mumbled. When Lin hit the wall, although the damage created to the earth this time was stronger than his previous attack, it was useless when there were multiple waves of mud forming in mere seconds, and soon, it had collapsed on him entirely.

"Stop, the fight is over!" Robin shouted. "Get rid of all this earth."

"I believe you already know I went easy on him." Sil mentioned.

Robin first made sure his student was okay, and he was completely fine. He knew what Sil had said was true. All he did was move large amounts of earth, he didn't really attack with it, but just overwhelmed him showing the extent of his powers.

"Don't worry about losing Lin, you just have to use this loss to get stronger, and I wouldn't be upset. It looks like you lost against a monster." Robin said.

After seeing to Lin, Robin walked forward one more time and he only had one thing on his mind.

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"I said I would teach you a lesson, but it looks like you taught my student a lesson instead, so why don't we continue the lesson. Are you okay with giving me a go?" Robin asked.

The students who were pretending to still be focusing on the class, had now completely stopped, and the teacher and assistants that were giving them a telling off had stopped as well. They just couldn't believe what they had heard and now this was something they wanted to see.

"After all, I need to prove to you that the Graylash ability is the strongest." Said Robin.

At this point, Chucky thought that Sil was just going to do what he wanted anyway, and after seeing what Sil had produced with the mud, and the other members of the Cursed family, he was wondering if the members of the Cursed knew just how strong the members in their family were.

'I was lucky to join this team.'

"Okay." Sil replied calmly, and got back to the starting position he was in before. It was safe to say that, no longer was anyone paying attention to the lesson and instead was just watching the fight that was about to appear before their very eyes.

'That boy, he is incredibly strong,' Samantha thought, and she immediately decided to make a call to a certain high ranking individual. Soon on the other end, Oscar the Supreme Commander had answered.

"I'm sorry to bother you at such an important time, but I have just spotted a student that has an incredible talent, we must make sure he comes to the Earthborn group no matter what!" Samantha claimed.

"Oh, do you know the boy's name and class?" Oscar asked.

Thinking of the details she had gotten from Innu, she remembered the name.

"The boy goes by the name Sil." She replied.

There was a slight pause from Oscar until he eventually replied with a big sigh.

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"That boy, I know he is talented, unfortunately he already belongs to the Cursed."

At that moment, the fight in which Lin was now signalling the match to start, had begun. As soon as he threw his hands down, Sil was this time the aggressor starting with the waves of mud the same as before.

As they came towards him though, from all directions, everyone was wondering just what was going to happen. At first, Robin attacked a wave of earth, but as soon as it crumbled it was quickly rebuilt.

Seeing this, even Lin was beginning to worry, thinking his teacher didn't have an answer.

'Destroying that wall will just be a waste of my time.' Robin thought.

Before the wall could reach him from all ends, his whole body started to illuminate in a blue glow, and soon all four waves from each direction completely consumed the spot he was standing in. As they fell to the ground though, there was no figure or person that could be seen, and when they looked up, Robin was already standing off to his side.

"Your earth powers are strong so I can see why you're confident. But the Graylash family also has speed." Robin claimed, as he fired off a lightning bolt directly towards Sil.

However, what happened next, no one had expected. Sil's body too started to light up blue, and it looked as if his whole body had vanished and the lightning bolt had hit nothing but thin air. When looking around the arena, Sil was seen in a different place, and now the entirety of his right hand was covered in lightning.

"Now he has lightning abilities as well, who is this person?" Shiro kept thinking.

All the students were discussing seeing him use multiple abilities trying to figure out who he was. As for Robin, after seeing this, his eyes widened and the lightning covering his arms immediately faded.

"I'm sorry, I apologize for everything I have done." Robin said. "If I knew who you were I would have treated you with a lot more respect." Robin then bowed down to Sil once again. "I hope the Cursed faction leader is doing well. The Graylash family owe you and him a great debt."

After that, Robin was seen leaving the entire place, and had completely left the training hall they were in, leaving everyone in a stunned confusion.

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Samantha looked at Sil trying to figure out who he was but she had no clue.

"This student belongs to the Cursed faction, and the Graylash general just paid him so much respect like that. Why do we keep hearing about the Cursed faction members? The Graylash faction should be in higher positions and more respected than these strangers. Yet the Cursed faction keep being treated with this level of respect.

"Just what is the Cursed faction?" Samantha thought.

At the same time, Shiro too was starting to become more and more fascinated with the Cursed faction as well.

'The Cursed faction is a lot stronger than you think.' Shiro remembered his teacher saying these words.


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