My Vampire System

Chapter 442: 442

Chapter 442 Return home

While the white blade gave Vorden speed, the black blade gave Vorden power. He had used the black blade to face off against the blood swipe attack, and it was because of this, his speed had significantly reduced.

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The problem was, it was quite noticeable, not just to the vampires but even to Logan and Cia who were watching the fight. Knowing something was up, Xander had dashed in. But Vorden was no fool.

"I wanted to beat you myself, but humiliating you is just as good," Vorden said. 'Raten switch!'

Quickly switching places with Raten, the Black blade was thrown out at Xander. He easily dodged, and the blade continued until its tip was lodged in the ground. However, the aim was never for the blade to injure Xander in the first place, it was only to stall him for a little bit.

Now with one hand free, a blue mist started to form in it, until slowly it started to make a shape, it was the shape of a spear. It was the spirit spear, an ability borrowed from Cia.

For a second, Xander eyes had met with Borden's, and as they did, he could see they had significantly changed from before. The same feeling that was felt as last time was sending a shiver in his entire body.

'This is no vampire, these are the eyes of a mad man.' Xander thought.

The spear was thrown and was now lodged into Xander's body, in an instant, his whole body felt weak, but not just a little, this was a new feeling for him altogether. He was completely drained. He almost felt as weak as a human.

Swinging down his white blade, it clashed and hit Xander's forearm that was blocking his head. However, the strike wasn't too strong and had only caused a flesh cut wound on him. The white blade and his power weren't strong enough, and there were somethings that Vorden couldn't make up for with just a few pills.

"This is not my fight, you finish him." Raten said as he switched back to Vorden.

There was a reason why Vorden had switched with Raten in the first place, that was because currently, Vorden had the power of both Logan and Cia. Although he wasn't able to use Logan's ability due to its complexity, he could still use his MC points. Combining Logan's and Cia's abilities, he was able to create a more powerful and longer-lasting spirit spear.

Not wasting this opportunity, Vorden slipped past Xander' side, Lifted up the black blade, and with its power, he spun his body fast with his blade behind him. The course for the blade was right for Xander's neck.

Everyone watching was on the edge of their seat and felt like they couldn't breathe. When the blade was a few inches away, it was stopped. A hand had reached around the sword and held it in place.

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"The fight is over, Borden is the winner!" Reli shouted.

"Yes!" Layla shouted in happiness. However, she realised that not everyone had the same reaction. Everyone had heard her cheer for no one else felt the same way. Instead, they were shocked.

"Who was this Borden guy again?" A student asked.

"I didn't know there was someone stronger then Xander?" Another replied.

"Didn't you see, he used an ability though, I don't recognise that amongst the thirteenth families."

"Well, I think someone said he was from the tenths family. Perhaps it's just a regular ability and not one belonging to the thirteen."

"That would make sense."

"Still, maybe Xander just isn't as strong as we thought."

These comments from the audience continued, and of course, Xander could hear all of this, he was frustrated, for some reason he didn't feel like he had lost the fight. It was only because he suddenly felt weak form that strange spirit spear.

He didn't have any nasty wounds on him, and the attack on his forearm looked like a small scratch.

The students went into discussion mode about the current fight, while both Vorden and Xander stayed on stage. However, there was also a problem with winning the current fight for Vorden.

It was the fact that he needed to continue to fight while not getting hit. It seemed like it was almost an impossible task.

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"Thats it for this discussion, as I can see there seems to be a bit of bad blood between the two of you." Reli said. "I think it would be best as a form of sportsmanship if the two of you would shake hands."

The anger inside Xander hadn't settled and any way possible he wanted to hurt the person in front of him.

'Maybe I should slice and attack him the moment we shake hands. Or use my nails to dig into his skin.' Xander thought. All of these thoughts were going through his head.

And even Vorden was cautious about shaking his hand. Seeing this, Reli grabbed both of their hands, placed them together and shook it for them.

Before pushing them both away. "See, it wasn't so bad or hard now was it?"

With that, Xander returned to his seat with nothing else happening and instead it was now time for Vorden to pick his next opponent.

At the end of the day, inside Xander's head, they were just thoughts of what he wanted to do, but he wasn't petty enough to actually act on these actions. He had lost the fight, and he had lost it fairly, there was no reason to be sulking over it now.

Nervously, Vorden looked at the students hoping he could select someone who wouldn't be too strong, maybe they could buy some more time that way. He wished he could have picked Logan, or maybe even Layla, but that wasn't possible.

"Everyone stop this at once." A female voice from the side said.

The students turned their heads and could see a Silver beauty walking towards the platform. The boy's hearts started to flutter at the sight, as one of the most beautiful vampires in existence was walking up to the stage.

"The event has been cancelled." Silver explained. "In fact due to the emergency situation we are currently in, the school has been cancelled until further notice. All Vampires have been asked to return to their household. Those who live in the castles inner area are to return there as well. No questions are to be asked, and your family will update you on the situation."

The students' heads twisted and turned as they mumbled to each other. They had been sleeping and staying at the school this whole time, so they had no clue what was going on at the castles or the main cities. Not only that, but this was the first time they had heard of something like this happening.

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When Silver had delivered the news, they didn't quite realise how quickly things would move. Students were asked to grab their things and return now. There were no more lessons, no finale lesson for the day, just to grab their items and head home. Which only made the students wonder even more what was happening.

"I'm going to miss you, Layla, I hope we can meet up again soon." Amy said as she gave a big hug and started to rush off.

Now, Layla, Cia, Vorden and Logan had reunited on the field, as they stood there still unsure with what to do. After all, none of them had a home to go back to.

However, Cia didn't care and quickly, Embraced Layla with a big hug. As the two of their bodies touched, Layla could feel strong negative emotions that weren't felt before surrounding Cia.

'What happened to her?" Still, Layla did her usual and started to sap away all the negative emotions. At first, Cia wanted to ask Layla straight away what was going on, but as the nice special feeling came over her, she didn't want to ruin this moment and would ask later on.

"Where the hell do we go?" Layla asked. "Won't it look strange if we just stand here and don't start moving."

"Well, we did say we were part of the tenth family right, so shouldn't we start heading to the tenth's castle," Vorden said.

"And when they find out we don't really belong, besides we don't even know which one is the tenth castle in the first place." Logan replied.

A gust of wind swept and could be felt on each of their faces, and suddenly, Silver was stood in front of the four of them.

"Is this everyone." Silver said. "I still haven't agreed to help you guys, but I thought you should know what is going on. Apparently, there was an intruder in the thirteenth castle, this was were my brother and the Wight were being held.

"The intruder has managed to take the Wight with him and has headed to the tenth's castle area." Silver decided it was best to keep the fact that the saviour was a punisher. She was unsure if the matters were related or not, but it was the only thing she could think of. No one else would want to save the Wight other than these in front of her.

The message had been delivered, and Silver started to head back to school without saying anything else.

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"Do you think she was talking about Quinn and Peter?" Layla asked.

"I think it has to be them two, and there at the tenth castle. I guess we know where to go now then." Vorden replied. "But how do we get there?"

"Hey!" A small little boy shouted as he waved his arm and rushed over. Joining the four of them was the boy known as Timmy. They had gotten close with him over the past week or so.

"You guys are from the tenth family as well right, why don't we travel together." Timmy asked.

The group looked at each other before replying.



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