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Chapter 1002: 1002

Chapter 1002 - Important date

It seemed like a normal day for Sam on the Cursed ship, there were no panicking events going around on the beast planets. No internal disputes he had to solve over where certain things should be placed, or a different department asking for a big budget. It was peaceful.

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It was these moments that Sam liked best when everything seemed to be going smoothly all over. Signing off the last thing that needed to be done, Sam sat in his chair which was at the head of the meeting table for the Cursed faction leaders.

The table was on a slightly raised platform with spiraling stairs that would go downward to the control centre of the whole ship, the good thing about Sam's seat was he could swirl around and see outside the glass while also looking below at all those working hard away.

"I guess I should just double check there is nothing important, or maybe something in the future that needs to be done so I can free my work up later." Sam said to himself.

Without a doubt in anyone's mind, Sam was a workaholic. Even though there was nothing to do, he still felt like there were things needing to be done. When opening up the calendar, Sam looked at the current date. It was July 23rd, yet for some reason it was marked red.

'Did I do this, I wouldn't have marked it for no reason?' When sweeping through the date though, there were no notes like he would have usually done for other dates.

He tried thinking what the event could be, but he could think of nothing, nor why the date was important. If it was such a big deal, surely someone else would have contacted him about it. Closing the calendar, Sam looked out the window once again.

"Argh! This is going to drive me crazy. If I don't find out why that blasted date was written down!" Sam thought in anger. He gave a call to those in the Cursed faction that were currently on the ship.

Going through each one of them though, none of them seemed to know anything, until eventually, he had decided to contact Logan. Logan was often busy so Sam didn't like to call him, but it was bugging him even more that no one knew why he had marked this date down, and he was sure he hadn't done so by accident.

"Sorry, I don't know why either. Although I can try to cross reference some systems to see if there is anything going on." Logan asked.

It seemed to be a lost cause but Sam asked him to do it anyway. If Logan couldn't find anything then he would just have to give up and assume that either someone else had tampered with his calendar or he had mistakenly done something.

However, it didn't take long for Logan to call Sam back.

"I believe I have found the reason why that date is so important. When cross referencing those things I looked for all events on our field to do with that date. I then matched it to events related to those in the Cursed, and sorted them by-"

"Err Logan, I know you work really hard, but do you mind?" Sam interpreted.

"Oh sure, it's Quinn's birthday today." Logan said, and quickly hung up the call.

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Now Sam realised why he had marked the date down. It was a rare occasion anyone got to celebrate their birthday, but for Quinn, last time he had been so busy that it went past with no one noticing. Because of that, Sam wanted to plan a big event for him, but got interrupted before he could organise anything and write down any notes.

Immediately, Sam got to work. Quinn was still at the school teaching, although it was the weekend so he shouldn't have been too busy, but for what he wanted to do, they needed to get someone on the inside to distract him. At first Sam was about to contact Peter, but instead he decided to contact someone else.


"So you want me to distract Quinn for half the day or at least for a few hours because it's the boy's birthday." Helen replied.

"Yes, and make sure he doesn't find out about it either, can you do it?" Sam asked.

"I have the perfect thing in mind." She replied.

"You seem to be quite the hard worker no matter what you do." Helen commented. "You know, you don't have to do that, you could ask one of your assistants to do that for you."

Quinn didn't look up at who it was but could tell from their voice, it was Helen.

"It's okay, I enjoy doing this. When I'm here, being a teacher, it makes me forget about everything for a second." Quinn said, placing the tablet down and looking at Helen with a smile.

"Be careful there! Give any girl a smile like that, with the light shining on you in the background, and they are going to eat you up." Said Helen.

"Eat me up?" Quinn replied. "So what did you want exactly, other than food." Quinn misunderstood.

"You owe me a date, and I think it's the perfect day for a date, don't you think? Birthday boy!"

"How do you know?" Quinn replied, surprised.

"I should know everything about my future husband, right?"

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Right now, he was riding the levitating tube that was taking them out of the school and into the main city area. A place for the military family to relax, play and enjoy life. A modern city for fun and entertainment, with games, movies and more.

'Well, I did say I would, but I just never thought she would be so aggressive.'

While on the train, Quinn stood up, as the train was busy on the weekend. He was trying to be a gentleman and let Helen sit, but instead, she stood up as well and pushed her body towards him.

She was a few inches away from his face, and now he was able to get a closer look at her. Her long straight legs, her plump plum-like bum, and her current pink hair that went with her red lipstick she was wearing.

Her hair colour would often change but Quinn quite liked it pink, it made Helen look a little dangerous.

'Into the dangerous type, huh? Don't you get into enough trouble? I can hear your heartbeat inside here.' Vincent teased.

They had finally reached their stop and Quinn quickly got off from the train. He didn't know what would happen if he continued to stare at her longer.

'Is it like a reverse charm effect or something?' Quinn thought.

'You're a teenager who has just turned eighteen. These feelings are normal.' Vincent argued.

"Were you not hungry? You hardly ate anything." Helen noticed.

In fact, Quinn was starving, but not for what she thought. Luckily the restaurant had some meat that he ordered quite rare, allowing him to be satisfied for the time being .

"It's okay, I just prefer my own home cooking." Quinn replied. "I was wondering, Helen. You're a good looking girl, strong and was the leader of a strong faction. You could have anyone you wanted. Why do you like a boy like me?" Quinn asked.

Helen placed her spoon down that she was digging into her ice cream with, and looked at Quinn like it was a stupid question to ask.

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"Quinn, do you not know who you are? As you said, I should have high standards right, because I can get anyone. You are the leader of the Cursed faction and one of the world leaders. But it's not just because of that. You're different from the ones that have your power, Quinn. A lot of people make promises, but when they reach the top they fail to deliver them, or give up when it gets too hard, but not you Quinn. That's what attracts me to you." She said taking a big scoop of ice cream.

"But I'm only eighteen? Isn't it strange?"

"And I'm twenty-four. What does it matter? You look like you're in your mid twenties, and you certainly don't act your age at times Quinn." Said Helen.

"You're only twenty-four? I thought…I thought you were…"

"Older? A lot of people do, because of the position I was in. I didn't start the Daisy faction. My sisters are older than me, but later on my talent was discovered and my sisters who always looked after me. They put me in the position and gave me the place."

"So do you like me now then?" Helen asked.

Quinn thought about it, but there were a few things hitting his mind at the moment. There were others appearing in his head and on top of that Helen was human. Could a real relationship work between a vampire and a human, and if Quinn told her now, what he really was, would she run away?

At that moment, a message was received on Helen's communicator. It was time.

"Alright, you don't have to answer me now. Let's head back."


On the journey back, Quinn didn't speak much, as he had a lot on his mind again. But he had enjoyed the day out, and it was a lot better than his last birthdays. All the previous ones he had before that, there was no one around him.

When they reached the school, Helen said that one of the teachers had asked him for something, and to meet him in the beast class teaching room.

As they were approaching the building, Quinn could hear several heartbeats inside, and the light scurrying sound of several feet as it quietly ran across the floor. He was wondering why he would be called at such a time, and why there would be so many people in the room.

Walking up to it, the doors slid open and several bangs and pops were heard all at once. Balloons flew in the air and there was a giant "Surprise!", everyone shouted at the same time.

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Not for a second, even after hearing the heartbeats, did Quinn expect a surprise birthday party. He just thought that no one would care, and to see how much effort had gone into such a thing...

"Thank you so much, everyone. This is the best birthday I have ever had." Quinn said.

During the party, as Quinn mingled with everyone, Sam noticed that he had received a message from Nate, stating that they were on their way back and they should arrive in a few days,


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