332 Suspect

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Qin Xi smiled faintly and introduced Gao Huiren to Liu Dequan. Unexpectedly, the two of them hit it off at first sight. They quickly started discussing medicine.

Gao Huiren was very shocked by Liu Dequan’s acupuncture technique. He could tell that the acupuncture technique he used was similar to the one Qin Xi used to save Old Master Mu. The only thing was that Liu Dequan’s technique was not as good as Qin Xi’s.

The first day of business passed quietly.

At the Rising Sun Hotel.

Mu Di closed his eyes and listened to his subordinate report everything that had happened in Ji Ding Hall today. He was even more curious about this little divine doctor, but as he listened, he felt that something was wrong.

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“You’re saying that they went to cause trouble, but they left all of a sudden in the middle of it without saying anything?”

How was this possible?

Didn’t they say Money King was a vengeful and sinister person?

“Recount what happened to me again. Don’t miss out on a single detail,” Mu Di repeated with interest.

Hence, the subordinate recounted what happened in detail.

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“… After the young divine doctor said something strange, Money King, Captain Li, and the others were stunned for less than a minute. I heard from witnesses at that time that they seemed to be possessed. They didn’t speak or blink, and the expressions on their faces kept changing. When they woke up, they became different.”

“That’s strange.” Even someone as smart as Mu Di couldn’t figure it out.

What exactly happened to them and what did Qin Xi do to make a group of troublemakers leave without saying a word?

Unable to figure it out, Mu Di snapped his fingers at his subordinate. “Bring me a witness. Remember, don’t alarm anyone.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

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After his subordinate left, Mu Di looked at the bright moon outside the window thoughtfully and muttered, “Who are you? I’m getting more and more curious about you. I really want to lift the veil on your face layer by layer and see your true face…”

Qin Xi did not know anything about Mu Di suspecting and investigating her. Instead, she lay on the bed and made babies with Han Shi!

After doing it, Qin Xi nestled in Han Shi’s arms and said with a flushed face, “Do you still remember Old Master Qi, the richest man in Luoping in a wheelchair?”

Han Shi turned his head and kissed her forehead. “I remember. Why? Are you planning to treat him?”

“Naturally I will. Gao Huiren said that as long as Old Master Qi can be cured, he will give out 60% of his assets as a reward. Such a generous amount of money is much more than I expected. The money is already waving at me. It doesn’t make sense to not take it.”

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“Um… Xi, do you have any ideas?”

“The tallest tree attracts the most wind. We still need to keep a low profile.”

Just as Qin Xi was about to explain, she turned around and felt a pain all over her body. She couldn’t help but gasp.

Han Shi did not know what happened. He sat up worriedly and wanted to check her, but Qin Xi refused. She explained in a low voice, “I’m fine. My back just hurts a little.”

Han Shi immediately looked apologetic. “Lie down. I’ll give you a good massage.”

Qin Xi did not refuse. She obediently lay down and let him massage her back. Then, they started doing it again.


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