Chapter 99 – Glasses boy catches a glimpse of the power of the Saintess of Demon Exorcism

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“Don’t falter!” The knight leader shouted.

In this battlefield that had been taken over by the awkward atmosphere caused by the boing boing, the scream of the old man echoed.

“The target is still alive! Do not let your guard down!” The knight leader exclaimed.

He’s right.

For a moment, the tension had completely disappeared from the battlefield, but thanks to the old man’s words, everyone started moving again.

Of course, from the point of view of the Obsidian Wolf, who did not understand the words that echoed in its ear, the battle just continued its normal pace.

Even if the motivation of the attacking humans had decreased drastically for some reason, it still had no reason to hold back or hesitate.

To me, it felt like the embarrassing awkward moment lasted for a very long time, but in reality, it was only for a few seconds. Enough to let everyone recover from the shock before the Obsidian Wolf recovered from the surprise.

The battle now continued as if nothing had happened. I could finally feel a bit relieved.

“Supporting fire!” The knight leader shouted.

Ah… He is talking to me.

“Your decision was not wrong, keep at it! Just change the words!” He ordered.

Oh, alright.

It seems like he recognizes the loud noise as supporting fire. He understood that it was not a joke, but a practical way of helping.

The message has gotten across, so he’ll surely forgive me if I apologize, right? Right?

… Will he ever forgive me…?

I couldn’t reply to his words though, as the Obsidian Wolf would notice me if I did.

Nonetheless, I will now act according to the old man’s instructions.

They understood that I was hiding nearby, so if something happens, they’ll give me appropriate orders.

Then, let’s prepare to quickly respond as needed.

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The Obsidian Wolf has not yet noticed that I am hiding within the forest.

So, I immediately moved to a different location after shooting the first arrow.

I am now waiting on a different branch of a different tree, watching the situation so that I can shoot at any time.

The problem, however, is that the Obsidian Wolf learns.

The supporting fire brought by the Sound Bomb simply makes a loud noise.

From the point of view of the Obsidian Wolf, it would be something akin to hearing an explosion right next to its ear.

Maybe it recognizes that it was the voice of a human, that someone was saying something at its ear even though there was nobody there.

That’s why it was surprised and became wary after my attack.

But it will soon understand that it was nothing but sound.

If I had hit a human, the sound would have probably been loud enough to wound their ears, but the Obsidian Wolf doesn’t seem to have been harmed by the Sound Bomb in any way.

Therefore, I should probably assume that I might only be able to support them two or three more times.

As in, I can only save someone who is on a pinch two or three more times.

If the battle isn’t settled by then, someone might die.


While it felt like the battle was taking a long long time, it was actually fairly short.

The Obsidian Wolf moves quickly and attacks often, and the humans move just as quickly, blocking and counterattacking multiple times.

All those things together, happening at the same time, resulted in many things happening in a very short period of time.

Therefore, I had to shoot two more times in a short period of time.

[Old men! Are truly sad creatures!]

A sad shout roared through the skies, but nobody responded to it.

This was also something that I heard in the royal capital. The cry of a middle-aged man whose heart must have been filled with sorrow.

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I never thought that old men were sad existences, so I can only assume that the circumstances this person went through were extremely sad.

I don’t really know what they were though, nor do I want to know. I would just be sad if I learned of it.

[For this much money! Your faces and body! I want both of you!]

And nobody responded to the worst of the declarations that resounded through the sky… No, wait, there were reactions.

I couldn’t hear it, but I saw it from the movement of their mouths. The two female knights were saying, ‘disgusting’…

The young male knight and Roda both looked a bit awkward too.

This may be supporting fire, but the results were… Well, this is terrible.

In any case, this too was something I heard in the royal capital.

Immediately after this though, I heard screams, so the speaker was probably dealt with.

… Thinking about it calmly, the city is truly a scary place. Why would anyone ever say this kind of thing out loud? A country guy like me just can’t understand it.

But well, putting that aside, after the big boing boing shot, I fired two more supporting shots, and the reaction of the Obsidian Wolf has been smaller and smaller with each shot.

It will probably work only one more time at most. After that, it will probably ignore the sound in its entirety.

But… We bought enough time.

“You’re saying some really silly things, aren’t you!?” Glock shouted.

The Black Swan of Dawn team has finally joined us.

As soon as he entered the battlefield, Glock started complaining, “Luheintz, you bastard! This isn’t the kind of opponent you can kill while playing around!”

As Glock yelled that, he stood up against the Obsidian Wolf, without any hesitation, while holding his short spear.

And is response to this shout, Luheintz, the old man with a scarred face, replied, “It was not me!” while brandishing his huge sword.

“Where else can I find a middle-aged man in here!? What do you even mean with sad creatures!? Just you wait until I’m finished with this stupid wolf!” Glock exclaimed.

“It’s the Sound Bomb of the person supporting us from the forest! Nobody else said anything!” Luheintz responded.

Ah, yeah, that’s me… Sorry, I got you falsely accused.

Glock clicked his tongue, “Alright… You at least weakened it! Even if you’re playing around!”

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“Nobody is playing around! Only the forest guy is doing it!” Luheintz responded.

Hey, old man, I’m not playing around either, alright? I really ain’t. I’m just doing the best I can.

Or rather, I am the one person in this battle who can be killed instantly by anything that the Obsidian Wolf does. I want you to praise me for providing supporting fire against an opponent that is way beyond my capabilities.

Well, he did understand what I was doing at least… Still, it’s no good. Let’s not meet them face-to-face ever again. They’ll definitely be angry. There’s no way they’ll forgive me.

“Let’s finish it off at once! Pull out, everyone!

“Horun, slam it on him!” Glock shouted.

“Okay!” Horun replied.

Oh, my sister.

She moved forward with a short sword in her left hand and a somewhat long dagger in her right hand. It seems like her fighting style emphasizes speed.

At the same time, the knights, Roda and Glock all stepped back a bit.

Due to that, Horun stood alone in front of the Obsidian Wolf.

And the Obsidian Wolf groaned. Its legs were filled with wounds, and the blood from those wounds have already made a huge stain on the ground.

The Obsidian Wolf was wary of the newly arrived humans. It was glaring at them.

It must have learned enough from this battle. That the people here are not weak.

His eyes were not looking at Horun as a prey, but as a strong enemy.

So, he was being wary, and didn’t immediately jump at her.

And when faced with this careful Obsidian Wolf, Horun… “Hey, hey, hey! Come on!” Started blatantly provoking it, “Hey, hey! Hey hey hey! Hey hey hey! Oi! Oi! Hey hey heeeey! Hey…? Heeey! Hey hey hey!” She coughed, “Hey! Hey hey heeeeeeey!”

… Everyone else was silent.

… This sister of mine…

This is not a human that you’re trying to provoke…

“Shut up, Horun! You’re a complete idiot! An absolute moron!” Glock shouted at her.

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“What’s up with that!? How would you do it, old man!?” Horun shouted back.

You idiot! Don’t look away from the enemy!

It took just an instant. A moment that was faster than a blink.

In front of the enemy that looked away from it, the Obsidian Wolf opened its jaws and swallowed Horun whole.

Horun disappeared.

She was just there, but now she isn’t.

The Obsidian Wolf closed its jaws and raised its head, seemingly proud of its victory.

And fresh blood was spilled.

“Too slow!”

… It was Horun’s voice.

There she was. Covered in flesh blood. Wielding a bloody sword.

A mad counter-attack.

Horun cut the Obsidian Wolf’s mouth from inside as soon as she was eaten. She might have even been eaten on purpose.

“Don’t let it escape! Slam it on him!” Glock shouted.

Horun had jumped from inside the mouth of the frightened Obsidian Wolf and was now below its neck.

She had put her shortsword back at its scabbard so quickly that I didn’t even know when it was done.

Then, before she could reach the ground, she grabbed the fur of the Obsidian Wolf with her left hand, and slammed her dagger in with her right hand.

Right under the neck. On the throat. A place that had yet to be damaged.

It was a vital point for many creatures… A vital point that now had a shining dagger stabbed deep into it.

An adventurer known as the Saintess of Demon Exorcism within the royal capital.

My sister may be incredibly stupid, but she’s definitely strong too.


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