Chapter 127 – Glasses boy listens about Cherry and Lisse’s relationship

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Traveling through the air without being able to see anything that is happening outside is quite scary.

The flight feels a bit unstable as I keep swaying from side to side, and the sound of the fluttering fabric being hit by the wind is quite loud.

It’s not that I’m worried about falling, but without being able to see where I’m going, I can’t help feeling uneasy about the whole thing.

Though maybe things would be even scarier if I could see.

After all, even if, in my mind, I can understand that we’re flying, without seeing anything it is a bit hard to actually comprehend what it feels like to fly. It might be much scarier if I had a better grasp of how high we were.

That said… There was another, more pressing, fear in my mind.

Not only in my mind, actually. Everyone seemed to be sharing the same fear.

“It’s alright. It’s no exaggeration to say that I studied herbology just for this kind of occasion.” Cherry, who seemed to have noticed everyone’s worried gazes, proudly stated, “The motion sickness medicine is working perfectly!”

Oh, really? That’s wonderful.

We were currently in an enclosed space that was covered with fabric.

There was less air here than there was within the carriage that we rode together some months back.

If something were to happen to Cherry in this situation… It would probably affect everybody else.

Of course, it would surely be tougher on Cherry than on anybody else, but still, if something were to happen… Well, it could easily make things worse for everyone.

It might even start a negative chain reaction in the worst case scenario.

So, when I heard that we were going to be riding something, I couldn’t help worrying about Cherry’s constitution.

However, it seems like that was an unnecessary worry. It’s truly fortunate that Cherry’s hard work paid off.


I don’t know for how long we are going to be carried around, but this trip will be quite boring if it stays like this.

“Hey, where is the Tower of Bryne?” Chace asked.

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We had been traveling in silence for a while, hence why it was so boring, but Chace finally broke the silence.

“I cannot answer. You’ll have to find it yourself.” Sorichika replied.

That’s basically the same thing that she told us some time back. She’s probably bound by a duty of confidentiality that does not allow her to tell us.

“What about you, Lisse? You know a bit about it, don’t you?” Chace asked Lisse.

“What I know, you already know. You heard the explanation about what the tower is, right? I don’t really know any more than that.” Lisse replied.

Other than the explanation about what the tower is, the only thing I remember Lisse saying, was that she wanted to meet a friend, that she trained together with back when they were children, at the Tower of Bryne.

“By the way, I have been meaning to ask you something since a while back.” Florentine started saying.

Florentine, who always bluntly asks me for meat, seemed to have been, somehow, patiently waiting to ask something?

Florentine knows what patience is? That is… Shocking.

“Why is your relationship like that? Cherry, Lisse.” Florentine asked.

Oh, so that’s what it was.

Will I finally hear about it, then?

I mean, it’s not like I tried asking about it before.

That said, I thought that the girls would have shared what made their relationship a strained one with Florentine a long time ago.

Florentine not knowing about it either is a bit shocking. I really thought this was the kind of thing they’d share in girls talks.

… Both Cherry and Lisse stared at each other, with indescribable expressions, while remaining silent.

How to say it… They seemed to be both worried and troubled, but not in a big way? It’s more of a subtle kind of worry.

“… How much have you told them?” Lisse asked Cherry.

“I haven’t told them anything.” Cherry replied.

“Then, would you like to tell them?” Lisse asked next.

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“We’re all assassin trainees, so I don’t think there is any reason to keep it a secret.

“I think I would have told them if somebody asked me, but nobody asked until now, so…” Cherry replied.

After having this short, but profound conversation, Lisse scratched her head a bit, then muttered, “Alright. Then, I’ll talk first.” She took a deep breath, then continued, “As some of you may have guessed, Cherry is an adopted daughter of the Leavant family. She is not related to them by blood.”

Ah, I don’t want to hear this kind of heavy story…

But we’re high up in the sky, so there is no way to escape…


Lisse was, surprisingly, quite polite as she explained things.

Hearing her out was honestly a good way to kill time.

… Although it’s hard to use the words ‘kill time’ when considering the contents of the conversation.

It seems like Cherry and Lisse were both trained as assassins at the same orphanage back when they were children.

In other words, the two of them were part of the elites amongst assassin trainees, as they received special education since they were young.

Lisse, apparently, had a naturally high talent. She was always achieving top-class results in both academics and practical skills.

Cherry, on the other hand, was a child that was pretty average. She didn’t get neither high nor low results. She did not stand out in any way, and got some fairly unremarkable results, overall.

And when they turned ten years old, the two of them underwent a Determination Ceremony.

Normally, the ceremony is held once one becomes fifteen years old, is officially recognized as an adult, and is able to use their Gift, but… Well, I guess the people of that orphanage were able to make the orphans go through that ceremony earlier due to connections with the government.

The dirty old man Zant once said that the policy of making the Determination Ceremony was probably decided upon in order to figure out which people were worth training based on their Gift. This would let the country start investing in noteworthy people while they’re still young.

However, I now know that the timing at which one becomes able to use their Gift varies.

Basically, the Determination Ceremony exists to figure out what Gifts each person has, not when the person became able to access their Gift.

It seems like there are some children who awaken to their Gifts as early as ten years old, and some don’t awaken to theirs even after becoming fifteen years old.

Though the latter case seems to be quite rare, and according to one of the books I read, those rare people tend to, eventually, awaken to pretty strong Gifts.

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Though well, I have no way of verifying if this is true or not, so it’s just something I read in a book.

In any case, Lisse and Cherry went through the Determination Ceremony at the age of ten.

At that time, Lisse had yet to awaken to her Gift, but Cherry had already awakened to hers.

This seemed to have completely changed the course of their lives.

“Lord Weiss made the decision to raise Cherry, who had the Magic Circles gift, as an adopted child of the Leavant family.

“We were orphans who owed everything we had to lord Weiss, as he was the one who took care of us.

“Everyone there wanted to be the best possible assassin for him. We all wanted to work for him.

“Me too, of course.

“And even if it was purely a bureaucratical thing, I still wanted to be a part of lord Weiss’ family.

“… So, Cherry was the one who was chosen. She left the orphanage and our shared training grounds, then started receiving the necessary education to become a noble lady.

“And now she’s here.” Lisse concluded.

Everyone stayed silent.

After a few seconds like that, Lisse started speaking again, “… Before anything else, I want to make it very clear. I too, wanted to be adopted by the Leavant family.

“I wanted to be a relative of lord Weiss, and I also wanted to be his number one subordinate.

“And well, I was always competing for the top spot during our training, so I honestly thought I had good chances.

“Not to mention how I’m pretty cute. Wouldn’t he consider adopting me to have a beautiful daughter?”

Three people clicked their tongues.

“… Thanks for the unpleasant reaction.” Lisse muttered, without hiding her frustration.

But well, it really couldn’t be helped. Her words deserved nothing less than some tongue clicking.

Or rather, the only reason I didn’t click mine was because Lisse might slap me, but she definitely got the reaction she deserved.

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“Seriously, even Sorichika clicked her tongue… Oh well, whatever.

“In the end, Cherry was the one who was chosen.

“Her training results were not impressive, and she wasn’t the kind of person to take the initiative to do things in general, but she was still the one who lord Weiss chose.

“I was really jealous and frustrated back then. I was not convinced that Cherry deserved it… And honestly, even now, these feelings still come back to me from time to time.”

And that was all from Lisse’s side of the story.


So this was why Cherry wanted to be an assassin?

… Well, I’m glad I didn’t ask her about it.

Hearing this kind of thing is way too troublesome.

The mood was quite heavy right now…

“Hey, Cherry.” Chace said, “Tell Lisse that she’s stupid for being frustrated over that.”

“I won’t say it.” Cherry replied.

“Eh? I give you my permission. You can say it.” Sorichika told her.

“I won’t say it.” Cherry repeated.

“Come on, be honest. Since you were a child, you have always thought that Lisse was a cheeky redhead, haven’t you?” Florentine asked.

“I did not think that! Or rather, I don’t even understand why Sorichika is giving her permission for something like that!” Cherry answered.

Well, it seems like they’re having fun at least.

Meanwhile, Lisse stared at me with a stupefied face.

And like this, the air trip continued.


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