Chapter 125 – Glasses boy finds a new type of glasses

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Despite my worries, Chace didn’t get involved into anything troublesome.

We also got into no trouble involving the cute evil god statue, so we were able to safely reunite by lunch time.

As for Chace’s spear, he didn’t find anything worthwhile, so he decided to pass on the best spears available.

Instead, he looked at the mediocre leftover spears, and after carefully looking at the selection, he decided on buying a cheap one that seemed good enough.

Apparently, he wants a sturdy spear that will last him for a long time, and none of the good spears on the store fit his standards, so he preferred to go with a mediocre spear that would be functional enough instead.

I think all weapons have limited durability though, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to choose one based on how sturdy it is. I’d rather get something that fits me instead.

But that’s just how I view those things.

As for Lisse, she bought a new sword.

In her case, she had wanted a disposable sword from the get-go, as she doesn’t expect any weapon that she buys to last for long.

After that, we reunited with Cherry, Florentine and Sorichika, and went to a cafe to eat sweets.

At that place, which sold baked sweets; seasonal fruits; pies and tea, we saw that the clerk was staring at Florentine with disgust.

“Oh, please don’t mind me! You don’t want a taboo child in your establishment, right!?

“If you tell me to leave, then I’ll meekly turn around leave! Just come on, look me in the eyes and tell me!” Florentine boldly exclaimed.

Perhaps the clerk was only able to openly show this kind of disgust to a customer because it was a small store.

Nonetheless, when faced with such a bold declaration of Florentine, the clerk, surprisingly, decided to avert their eyes and not say anything.

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So this happens, huh? I didn’t think about it much, but taboo children, like Florentine, are said to be the reincarnation of the devil and other things like it.

I remembered this fact for the first time in a long while.

Well, it doesn’t really matter. I know that she’s just an ordinary girl whose imagination overflows from within and gives birth to images of evil gods. There’s nothing wrong with her… Well, I guess she does have one particularly unusual aspect to herself.

Nonetheless, my older sister is far more of a weirdo than a taboo child is. No matter how I look at it, Florentine is much more normal than my sister is.

“Meat guy, don’t worry about me.” Florentine told me.

Huh? Wait, hold on, don’t call me meat guy.

“I’ve been dealing with this kind of thing since I was born. I’m used to it.

“So, don’t worry too much about it. This heartbroken expression of yours is embarrassing.” Florentine continued.

Huh? No, I mean… I did see the interaction, but I wasn’t worrying about you, I was thinking about how you’re much more normal than my older sister is.

… Well, this misunderstanding doesn’t hurt anyone, so I guess it’s fine to keep it as is.

Besides, it’s not like I need to worry about someone who can be as proud of herself as Florentine is.

In any case, this kind of thing happened, but no major incident occurred, so we were all able to return to the inn at noon without any issues.


After eating a quick, light lunch, we resumed our journey on foot.

Then, by the time the sun was starting to set…

“We’ve arrived.” Horse stated as he stopped moving.

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We were at the top of a fairly high cliff.

There was a vast forest below it, but if we were to fall, we would certainly die.

You’re not gonna tell us that we have to go down this cliff, are you?

There’s no way we can do that.

Even if we tied everyone’s ropes together, we still wouldn’t have enough to reach the bottom.

The scaffoldings available at the cliff are just some exposed rugged rocks. It would be extremely hard to descend it while relying on those.

“Sorichika, call it.” Horse said.

“Okay.” Sorichika nodded, then began to glow.

“What are you doing?” Chace asked Horse.

Chace was basically voicing everyone’s doubts out loud.

“We’re calling someone. They’ll be here soon, so just wait.” Horse replied.

… I could see it.

The figure of the fish-like spirit that always hovers around Sorichika. That fish flew into the forest below, perhaps to send a message to someone.

And a while after that happened, a black dot appeared in the skies as we waited in silence.

Gradually, its shape started changing. It looked like a bird.

“Whoa…!” Chace muttered as the shape became clearer.

“It can’t be… A dragon!?” Lisse exclaimed.

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Yeah… As the silhouette became clearer, it became impossible to misunderstand it.

This was the ruler of the skies, a dragon.


“It’s been a while, Horse.” The being that just arrived stated.

With its last flap of wings, the dark grey dragon quietly descended in front of us.

And then, from its back, a man that was on top of the dragon descended to the ground too.

“A draconic person!?” Chace exclaimed.

Eh? That’s a draconic person?

… I suppose that could be true.

Draconic people are humans with the characteristics of dragons. They’re said to be offsprings of humans and dragons, or simply descendants of dragons with a different form.

People think of them as beastmen of sorts.

They live in faraway lands that would take months of travel to arrive at, so they’re basically completely unseen in this area.

So, to us, people who live in this region, they’re more like creatures of myth. I wasn’t sure if they really existed or not.

But they do exist. It’s true. I was quite surprised by seeing this man.

In his case, his arms and legs are dragon-like.

His face is the same as a human’s, but other parts of his body are not.

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He is wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a skirt, probably because different clothes can get in the way of the movement of his draconic limbs.

He looks like a human, but he is not one.

That was my first impression when seeing a draconic person.

But more importantly than that… What is that thing on his face?

“Are those glasses?” I couldn’t help asking.

It’s really rare for me to speak to someone I’ve just met, but I didn’t even hesitate.

I couldn’t stay still while looking at that thing on his face.

“Mmm? No, those are goggles. They’re there to protect your eyes.

“… Hey, what about those!?” The draconic person exclaimed as he approached me.

So what he is wearing are ‘goggles’? They look like glasses, but have a different, and much sturdier, design.

Then, before I realized what he was doing, as I stared deep into his goggles, the draconic man used his scale-covered hands to grab the sides of my head, then started staring deeply into my glasses.

Through the vaguely cloudy goggles, I could see the pupils of the draconic man… His reptilian blue eyes met with mine.

“What is this transparency!? What kind of insect membrane did you make these from!?” He asked.

That’s how I discovered goggles.

Honestly, finding goggles was more shocking than seeing a dragon and a draconic person up close.


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