Chapter 101 – Glasses boy gets assaulted while being in an unfavorable situation

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I was forcibly taken by Lorobel to the front of the knight old man, and the old man with a stubble from Black Swan of Dawn… As in, Luheintz and Glock.

On top of that… Oh dear.

The two female knights lined up behind me, blocking my way out.

Lorobel was already gone. I wish she could stay to protect me… But I guess that’s impossible.

Glock glanced on Luheintz’s way for a second, and after Luheintz remained silent, Glock opened his mouth first, “You! Brat!”

On a side note, while I was categorizing them both as old men, Glock is probably ten or so years younger than Luheintz.

Luheintz must be on his forties already, and gives more of an uncle image. Glock should still be on his thirties and feels more like an older brother. I’m sure he would look younger if he shaved his beard too.

“I’m usually lax with people. I can forgive most things that they do.

“But I hate people who joke around on the battlefield! This kind of person drags down their comrades! They kill their comrades! They not only die, but they don’t even die alone!” Glock exclaimed.

Yes, I completely agree with him. I too would get very angry if someone tried making jokes while I was in the middle of a hunt.

“So…? Any excuses?” Glock asked.

“None. You are right. I apologize for my thoughtless actions.” I replied.

If I knew I would get in this kind of situation, I would have tried to find a different way.

I’m still unfamiliar with the Gifts I have available. I lack experience and knowledge on them.

I haven’t made enough experiments. In order to use these Gifts in actual combat, I need to learn more about them.

Because I didn’t know about it, I wounded myself with Flower Bolt. Gifts aren’t things that are so simple that they can be easily handled by someone on their first attempt.

I can’t keep on making those mistakes. I have to learn from them.

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“… I guess you’re still not used to Sound Bomb yet.” With a low, but intimidating voice, Luheintz spoke, “The balance between your skill and your ability with your Gift is terrible.

“You are skilled enough to shoot arrows at a moving Obsidian Wolf without missing a single one, yet you use your Gift in such an absurdly crude way.

“One always needs to be calm and cool-headed to wield a bow. Always plan ahead and predict where your opponent will be, otherwise you won’t be able to hit.

“It’s different from people like me, whose brain is made of muscle.

“Are you simply unfamiliar with it…? Have you only learned about your Gift recently?

“Essentially, you lack experience, right? You seem to have just become an adult, so I assume you have yet to get properly familiarized with your own Gift.”

… After all, this person may have a scary face, but he is really kind, isn’t he?

I told Lisse to not cause him trouble, yet I ended up bothering him anyways…

“First of all, let me thank you for helping me comrades.” After Luheintz said that, he turned to Glock, “And Glock, please forgive him. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t put ourselves in a dangerous situation where we required outside aid.”

“I should tell it to him properly. It’s my duty as a senior adventurer.” Glock replied.

“However, no matter how you look at it, he is already reflecting and regrets his action.

“He doesn’t seem to be stupid enough to not understand why you’re angry, so there is no need to go any further.” Luheintz stated.

Yes, I do regret it and am reflecting on it. It’s true.

I’m not an adventurer though.

“… He acted poorly, but this much is enough.” The tanned woman spoke and moved to my side.


The tanned woman continued, “It’s my fault that this happened in the first place.

“This boy is my benefactor and helped me three times. Please don’t scold him any further.”

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… Huh?

Wait, this is…?



“Well, that’s how it is.” The fair-skinned woman stood on my other side.

… While stroking my butt.

Eh? Why!? I’m not imagining this, am I!? It’s not like she accidentally hit her hand there, right!? She’s really stroking it right now, right!?

Is she doing it because she knows I can’t say anything in this kind of mood!? Is she really taking advantage of my moment of weakness like that!?

What’s wrong with her!? She’s despicable! This act is absolutely despicable! She’s assaulting me!

… Well, it’s much better than being touched by a man, like what I feared that might happen in a certain bow store at the capital.

Glock clicked his tongue, “If you all are okay with it, then I have nothing more to say. This is enough!” then turned around and started leaving, “Eil, do come say hi when you return to town! I will be waiting!”

Ah, sure, I’ll be going alright. I always feel sorry for my sister’s actions, after all. It’s important to talk to her companions.

“Also… If you don’t like it, you should say so. This kind of woman won’t stop otherwise.” Glock said those words, then walked away leaving me and the knights alone.

Glock now reunited with the other members of Black Swan of Dawn, who are preparing to carry the Obsidian Wolf.

“… So, as he said, please stop.” I told the fair-skinned woman, who was still stroking me.

“Oh, you don’t like it? I never thought there would be a man who didn’t like getting touched by me.

“I was doing it as a small thank you for helping my companion, you know?

“Please excuse me then.” Only after she said all this, did she finally stop touching and stepped away from me.

This woman… Is this the kind of person that Roda deals with often? People who are used to playing with others? Is this how city women are?

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… Terrifying.

“Boy.” The tanned woman said in a cold voice, “The next time that white thing touches, strokes, hits, gropes, pranks, or asks anything of you. Tell me. I’ll kill her.”

The tanned woman was glaring at the fair-skinned woman with a murderous gaze.

However, the fair-skinned woman remained calm.

… I’m kinda afraid of them both. Those women are way too scary.

“Alright, that’s enough teasing.” The young male knight interrupted.

Until just now, he had been preparing the fire signal to call back the adventurers who were waiting nearby.

The smoke was rising now though, so the adventurers would soon be here.

“Lord Luheintz, what about that thing?” The young knight asked.

“Right… I’m still a bit troubled about it, but I suppose it should be fine.” As Luheintz said that, he turned his face towards me, “Boy, I have a request.”

… I don’t like this.

It is early in the morning, Glock scolded me, I had my butt stroked, and I want to go home already.

… And yet, I can’t say anything. I’m surrounded and I caused them a lot of trouble.

“I’m not sure if I can do anything. It would depend on the content…” I replied.

And with some luck, I will receive a request where I can easily find a reason to refuse it.

“I understand this much. For now, just listen.” Luheintz told me.

He says that, but I don’t think he has any intention of letting me refuse…

“Robin, Seriara, step back. Aroro, keep an eye on the surroundings.” Luheintz ordered.

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“Sir!” The three knights said that in unison, then started moving.

Robin is the young male knight, Seriara is the fair-skinned woman, and Aroro is the tanned woman. The three of them immediately started acting on the old man’s orders.

… Well, Aroro remained right by side, motionless.

“To be direct, we’re knights from a different country.” Luheints told me.

Ah, I know this much… Well, I stayed silent and kept on listening.

“We came to this land to pursue the Obsidian Wolf.” Luheintz continued.

I know that too.

“But the Obsidian Wolf that we fought earlier was not the one we were chasing.” Luheintz said next.

… Huh?


I couldn’t quite comprehend the meaning of his words, but… Even if I tried calmly thinking about it, I could only come to one conclusion.

“No way… There are two? There is a second Obsidian Wolf here?” I asked.

The information was as shocking as having my butt stroked.

… Oh, this really made me realize how troubled I was by having my butt stroked.

She really did it for as long as she could…

I’m sure that this is a very serious topic that I should be paying full attention to, but I can’t shake off the horrible discomfort that remains on my butt right now…

“I heard it from Roda. You were the one who figured out the rough location of the Obsidian Wolf.

“My request is to have you help us find the other Obsidian Wolf. Please lend us your strength.” Luheintz said.


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