679 Meeting The Mirage Dragon Again 2

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Si Tingyu felt that the two of them were probably playing a game or something.

Si Tingyu shook her head and said,

“Then let Ah Yuan come out too.”

Lu Yuan didn’t expect Li Qinghe to say it so directly. He looked at her in surprise.

Hearing Si Tingyu’s words, Li Qinghe smiled.

“I understand.”

Soon, Lu Yuan heard the sound of footsteps leaving.

Li Qinghe raised her eyebrows at Lu Yuan and said,

“Your mentor wants you to leave quickly.”

Lu Yuan was speechless.

“I want to take a shower too.”

Li Qinghe’s pretty face changed immediately, revealing a hint of fear. She said,

“No! You take a shower first!”

She pushed Lu Yuan off the bed.

Lu Yuan was speechless.


Li Qinghe rolled her eyes. “Cut the crap. You go wash up first!”

Lu Yuan nodded helplessly and went to wash up.

Seeing Lu Yuan enter the bathroom, Li Qinghe heaved a sigh of relief.

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She was just a little worried that she would not be able to hold it in if they showered together later.


Not long after, Li Qinghe and Lu Yuan left the room and went to the living room. Yeye had already gotten out of bed and was surrounded by a few people. Shuangyue had a wicked smile on her face and teased Yeye about how she felt before.

However, Yeye’s expression was as calm as ever, and she described the feeling in great detail. In the end, Shuangyue, Amy, and Wang Lingling were all stunned.

Only Xiao Bai sat at the side with a look of despair. When he heard this, his eyes were filled with curiosity and anticipation.

Lu Yuan felt a little amused when he heard their conversation.

As expected, Yeye was more suitable to deal with people like Shuangyue.

Seeing Lu Yuan and Li Qinghe, everyone looked over.

Lu Yuan smiled when he saw that Yeye’s expression was no longer tired.

Li Qinghe stretched lazily and endured the discomfort in her body. She said,

“Alright, let’s celebrate the sacred geno points we’ve been burning every night.”

Yeye’s eyes lit up and she nodded repeatedly.

Not only was her relationship with Ah Yuan getting closer, but she also had delicious food to eat. She even had a saint-level gene engraved on her body. Yeye felt that today was the luckiest day of her life.


The celebration lasted until late at night. Li Qinghe was the first to give in and returned to her room to rest.

The others also returned to their own rooms.

Lu Yuan naturally returned to his room and lay on the bed, thinking about the problem.

Yeye had finished recording the genes, and there was no one else who needed to record them for the time being. Lu Yuan finally had time now.

He planned to go to the lower level of the Land of Origin tomorrow morning to take a look at the special areas that the Evolution Cube had sensed previously.

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Tomorrow’s destination was the Misty Forest.

After setting his goal, Lu Yuan closed his eyes and rested.

The next morning, after Lu Yuan told Li Qinghe and the others about his schedule, Li Qinghe and the others naturally did not have any problems.

They had been busy with cultivation recently, planning to complete their breakthrough. Yeye, who had already broken through, needed to practice the Shadow Sacred Realm she had just obtained.

They would also go out to hunt fierce beasts and the like, so Lu Yuan did not need to worry too much.

Lu Yuan bid farewell to the few of them and then arrived at the teleportation hall of White Cloud City.

After being teleported to the White Cloud City, Lu Yuan glanced at the stone tablet in the central area and thought of the Saint-level ranking.

Now, he could rush to the first place on the Saint ranking list.

However, he would have to wait until he returned from the Misty Forest.

After making all kinds of corresponding preparations, Lu Yuan’s body disappeared from where he was.

In the next moment, he appeared in the sky above the vast forest.

The trees in the forest were lush. Lu Yuan floated above the forest. He could see that the central area was surrounded by white fog, making it impossible to see the scene inside.

Misty Forest.

A nostalgic look appeared in Lu Yuan’s eyes. He had just awakened and reached Rank-1. He left Sandstone City and went to a higher-level city.

Now that he thought about it, it had been about four years in real life.

Four years in the real world was equivalent to forty-eight years in the Land of Origin.

Although Lu Yuan did not spend all his time in the Land of Origin, he should have stayed there for about 20 years.

It could be said that a long time had passed, which made Lu Yuan miss it a little.

This was where Lu Yuan met Amy for the first time and also where he became friends with Yeye.

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It was the place where Lu Yuan died for the first time and the only time.

Lu Yuan came back to his senses and looked in the direction of the thick fog. Light flashed in his eyes.

Even with his current cultivation level, he was unable to see the depths of the fog clearly. He could imagine that the mirage dragon from before was probably a divine-tier ferocious beast.

His body turned into a stream of light and flew towards the fog.

After entering the fog, Lu Yuan could see that the forest trees inside were much taller than those outside.

There were still quite a number of ferocious beasts resting in the forest. Most of them were Misty Earth Dragons, a special ferocious beast of the Misty Forest.

Lu Yuan took a look and guessed that it should have the bloodline of the mirage dragon.

The aura of these fierce beasts was quite strong.

At this moment, an angry roar sounded. An extremely tall beast with a Battle Emperor aura and bronze scales appeared out of nowhere. It suddenly appeared beside Lu Yuan and pounced towards him.

Lu Yuan raised his eyebrows and a grayish-white sickle flashed across the head of the beast.

In the next moment, the beast lost its vitality and turned into a corpse that fell to the ground.

However, what puzzled Lu Yuan was that the beast’s corpse did not drop any treasures. Instead, it dissipated.

Lu Yuan looked at the ground where the fierce beast’s corpse was smashed out in shock. Then, he sensed the surrounding aura and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Was that an illusion?”

If it was a real beast, death would definitely not be like before.

Then it could only be virtual and fake.


However, what surprised Lu Yuan was that although it was clearly an illusion, this ferocious beast actually had real combat strength, and its aura was extremely real.
It was very different from an illusion.

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Was this the mirage dragon’s characteristic?

Lu Yuan thought for a moment and had some guesses.

He looked at the beasts resting around him. The commotion just now did not wake them up, and his guess was even more certain.

Lu Yuan continued to go deeper. Soon, the same ferocious beast illusions continued to attack Lu Yuan.

These illusions were all Battle Emperor level. When Lu Yuan arrived at the center of the forest, in front of the lake formed by thick fog, there were six illusions of saint-level fierce beasts rushing towards Lu Yuan.

However, even a saint-level ferocious beast would naturally find it difficult to resist Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan easily used the Scythe of Death to kill these illusions one by one.

After the illusion dissipated, Lu Yuan looked at the fluctuating foggy lake and smiled. He said,

“Come out.”

As soon as Lu Yuan’s voice fell, thick fog surged, and the lake seemed to be formed by raging waves. Then, a low and majestic roar came from the lake.

An incomparably terrifying aura surged, and that incomparably powerful aura spread in all directions. The dense fog in the deepest part of the Misty Forest also spread throughout the entire Misty Forest.

The beasts that were sleeping in the thick fog also woke up one after another. Fear appeared in their eyes and they hurriedly fled to the outer area.

In the Misty Forest, the newbie genetic warriors who had come to hunt for beasts or had just come out of the city were surrounded by thick fog. They were in a daze as they were killed by beasts that came out of nowhere. Everyone was a little dumbfounded.

In the lake of fog, the head of the mirage dragon, which was covered in golden-green scales and looked majestic and ferocious, slowly poked out. Its huge body swam in the fog, faintly discernible, and it was not very clear.

The mirage dragon’s golden-green eyes stared at Lu Yuan, and a human-like complex expression appeared in its eyes.

“You’re here.”

The dignified voice slowly resounded throughout the Fog Lake.

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