Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1362: 1362

1362 Closeness

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Her black hair was naturally scattered on the bed, as soft as willows. Her face was slightly rosy, and her eyes were half-closed. She did not dare to look directly at him, as her slender and boneless hands grabbed the corner of his clothes, trembling slightly. Her body softened a little under his comfort.

Because she raised her head slightly, revealing her smooth, delicate and white neck, and the beautiful collarbone, Zhou Huaijin moved his eyes slowly down her body and then buried his head in her neck, rubbing it lightly. He wished that he could stay longer.

After a while of closeness, Zhou Huaijin looked up and said to Chaoyan gently, “You have had a hard time traveling from Liuzhou. Sword One has gotten the hot water ready, so you should take a bath and relax. We are getting up before dawn breaks tomorrow, so you should not be too tired when we reach the capital. I have gotten the hidden guards to find a wagon which you can ride tomorrow, don’t get too exhausted.”


“Chaoyan, I really love you,” Zhou Huaijin said with earnest feelings, before he kissed her on the eyes and got up.

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Then he helped Chaoyan to fix her messy clothes and hair.

He had been trying his best to control himself, but what he had done to her a while ago made her look a bit messy. Chaoyan was a very shy person and her shyness might be gone when they were alone, but an outsider would make her flush even more. Soon Sword One would come in to help her, and Sword One would make her face even redder, if she continued to look so disheveled.

Zhou Huaijin sat straight and said, “Sword One, come in and help your Miss bathe and get changed.”

Hearing that, Sword One walked in.

Zhou Huaijin said when Sword One walked in, “I will let Fu Bao have dinner delivered to the room, so she doesn’t have to move around outside the warm room.

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“Okay,” Sword One said politely.

Zhou Huaijin walked outside.

Inside the room, Sword One smiled. She was aware of what happened between Lord Huai and Elder Miss just now. She noticed it immediately. Lord Huai and Elder Miss had been living together for a long time, and they were so close which was a good thing. She and Fu Bao loved to see this.

Sword One was smiling as she looked at her Elder Miss. “Elder Miss, let’s go and take a bath.”

Gu Chaoyan was sitting on the bed, her ears still very rosy. Although Huaijin had already tidied up the mess left by the two of them just now, for some reason Gu Chaoyan was still a little shy. She always felt that Sword One seemed to be fully aware of what happened.

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Thinking of what happened just now, Gu Chaoyan flushed even more. It made her feel so bashful. She forgot to push him away.

Soon Gu Chaoyan felt a bit regretful.

Seeing Elder Miss’ look, Sword One got even more cheerful.

Elder Miss had a very cold personality, and she had full control of many things, thus being composed all the time. However, now Elder Miss seemed to have lost control of her own emotions, thus showing so many expressions.

“Elder Miss!” Sword One said with a laugh.

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