Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1361: 1361

1361 Happening 4

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“What is wrong, anything wrong with the hostel?” Seeing Zhou Huaijin’s serious expression, Gu Chaoyan was not as calm as she was before. As she thought of how she was swept into his arms and taken into the room, she wondered what was going on. “An ambush?” Gu Chaoyan asked as she looked increasingly serious, trying to see if there was any strange sound of footsteps or other things around.

Zhou Huaijin looked at her carefully.

Chaoyan was so slow at this moment.

Smart but slow in the head when it came to love and emotions.

Thanks to that, he knew that Chaoyan had a very pure heart that did not make her a calculative person, but he was quite uncomfortable.

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He knew that Chaoyan was not into Duke North and that she was trying to stay away from him, yet when she was reminding Li Qing about Duke North, he felt quite jealous.

However, this girl of his did not even understand that he was feeling jealous! That made him very unhappy.

She was so slow in love and affection, but he was not going to let her get away with this today.

Zhou Huaijin lowered his head and leaned forward, his face moved closer to Gu Chaoyan. He could clearly see Chaoyan’s face. Her face was very fair, her skin very delicate, her eyelashes were very long, the shadows of the eyelashes falling like feathers. There was a look of panic between her eyebrows and eyes. She was obviously a little frightened.

He reached out for her back and caressed it.

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Instead of releasing her like before when she got frightened, he locked her in his arms.

“What is wrong?” Chaoyan asked with a soft voice. She was slow in emotions, yet she could tell that this man in front of her was not in a right state.

Zhou Huaijin hugged her tightly, kissed her forehead lightly, below the eyelashes, then the cheek, her pink lips. Her lips were trembling slightly, Zhou Huaijin stopped his movements and stroked her back comfortingly. He didn’t know if his being overly excited startled her, or if she was just being very nervous.

He stopped here.

He caressed her like he was caressing a little kitty. His hand fell on her back and then she slowly got better.

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She was no longer trembling, and only then did Zhou Huaijin feel more at ease. He gently carried her to the bed, and then carefully placed her on it. He leaned over, propped his elbows beside him, and kept his eyes on her face.

His other hand was placed on Chaoyan, rubbing her gently. It stood to reason that they were already supposed to be married at this moment, but the filial piety period to the Queen’s death had not yet passed, so he could only continue to wait a little longer. When the world became his, and when they did not need to worry about anything anymore, he wanted Chaoyan to become his for real.

It was not right now, but he was going to offer Chaoyan the best when he could.

However, now, with the warm and soft jade-like girl in his arms, and the fruity fragrance attacking his nose, Zhou Huaijin felt that he was craving more. He wished this kind of time could last longer.

He moved closer to Chaoyan’s face with his, rubbing her body gently, enjoying the moment.

Gu Chaoyan flushed. She did not reject this kind of closeness, but she felt extremely shy about it. She was slightly trembling.

Zhou Huaijin looked at her with excitement.

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