1606 Find A Way To Bring Her Over

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“I came from a rural town.” Huo Yao placed her hands in her pockets, looking casual and laid back.

Ji Ya was trained in etiquette ever since she was a mere child, so they looked very different.

Ji Ya did not feel there was anything wrong with what Huo Yao said. Instead, she responded in envy. “I think that’s good. Less competition, right?”

Huo Yao smiled without replying.

As they chatted, they got back to Li Chenhui and the others before long.

They were at a laboratory block. Owing to security, they did not have clearance to enter the place. The teacher could only show them outside the block before they left.

Shortly after they walked off, Lu Xia saw Huo Yao from behind briefly just as she was about to enter the laboratory block.

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She could not tell it was Huo Yao.

She was not looking at the people at all.

After entering the laboratory block, Lu Xia swiped her pass and pressed for the seventh floor.

Qiao En had spent the entire morning at the laboratory. When Lu Xia entered the room, he was still busy.

“Why did you come over?” Qiao En looked at Lu Xia in surprise.

Lu Xia caught the look of shock on Qiao En’s face. From the moment she saw Huo Yao’s name appearing on the list of attendees, she wanted to share the news.

Hence, she went straight to the laboratory.

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“Prof Qiao, I need to speak to you.” Lu Xia retrieved a name list from her pocket and took a pen from the table. After ticking Huo Yao’s name, she handed the list to Qiao En.

Qiao En took the name list quizzically. “Huo Yao? Who’s that?”

Lu Xia squeezed her hands slightly as they hung from the sides of her body and replied. “She’s the special someone I told you about.”

Qiao En looked at Lu Xia. He did not quite understand why Lu Xia gave him the name list.

“Prof Qiao, this is the name list containing all the conference attendees,” explained Lu Xia calmly.

Qiao En finally realized what Lu Xia meant. “The conference is taking place tomorrow, right? Does this mean she’ll be here as well?”

“Uh huh.” Lu Xia nodded.

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Qiao En placed one hand on his waist and walked a couple of rounds holding the piece of paper. After some time, he looked at Lu Xia. “Are you sure she has a very special constitution?”

Lu Xia thought about Huo Yao in her past life and now. She concluded they were completely different and nodded. “Uh huh.”

Qiao En did not think Lu Xia would have the guts to lie. He looked down at the name list and said, “Find a way to bring her to the lab.”

Lu Xia parted her lips hesitantly, “I… I don’t think I can do it.”

After all, they were on school grounds and all eyes were on them. She certainly could not make Huo Yao pass out and drag her over.

Qiao En turned and went to the office inside. Before long, he retrieved a vial of drugs. “This can make someone pass out temporarily. When the subjects regain consciousness, they won’t be able to remember what happened an hour ago.”

Lu Xia took the vial of drugs hesitantly. She said worriedly, “We are in school.”

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“Don’t worry. We are just running a test. After we have the stats we need, we’ll let her go. Nothing is going to go wrong,” said Qiao En mildly.

It sounded as though it was not his first time doing this and he knew what he was doing.

“Fine. I’ll try.” Lu Xia placed the vial of drugs into her pocket. She did not want to linger here any longer, so she said, “In that case, I’ll be on my way.”

A call came in for Qiao En, so he waved to Lu Xia with his back facing her and gestured for her to leave.

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