Medical Master

Chapter 1278: 1278

Chapter 1278 Using Animals!

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“Beep, beep, beep.”

Fang Qiu was pressed for time. At this moment, his phone suddenly rang in his trouser pocket.

He took it out to see who was calling.

To his surprise, it was Jiang Miaoyu.


Fang Qiu answered quickly.

“What are you doing?”

Her voice came, “Why haven’t I heard anything about you recently?”

“I’m trying to find a solution.”

Fang Qiu said, “The mutant Ebala virus is tenacious. It’s almost impossible to kill the virus in a normal way, so I’ve been looking for an effective method.”

“Have you found it?”

Jiang Miaoyu nodded knowingly. Then she said anxiously, “Some of us are also infected with the mutant Ebala virus. We’ve taken the best precautions against the virus, but a student with the medical assistance team was infected. The sick student is now running a fever. I feel there will be a large outbreak of this virus!”

“The virus has already spread there?”

Fang Qiu was shocked.

He didn’t expect that the virus would travel to Comores.

But Comores was an island country. Although it belonged to Africo, it was far away from the other countries in Africo. Besides, the virus broke out in the Africo continent. In this case, the virus must have been brought there either by mosquitoes or those people carrying the virus.

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu became anxious, fearing that Jiang Miaoyu would also be infected.

“You must take proper precautions.”

Fang Qiu hurriedly reminded her, “When handling patients with the virus, you must wear biochemical protective clothing. You must wear long-sleeved clothes every day and never expose your skin to the air. Please pay special attention to the mosquitoes. According to my observation, most viral infections are usually caused by mosquito bites. You must remember these and don’t be careless!

“I know.”

Hearing Fang Qiu’s anxious voice, Jiang Miaoyu was deeply touched and hurriedly assured him, “We’ve done a good job in protecting ourselves. Don’t worry. I’ll be very cautious.”


Fang Qiu nodded and continued, “Yes. I haven’t yet found a way to destroy this virus, but I got an ancient prescription from an ancient book. It can stave off the death of infected people for about seven days. So, keeping them alive for seven days won’t be a problem.”

“Isn’t there any better way?”

Jiang Miaoyu asked seriously.

“I’m with a group of infected people in Africo and I am studying the mutated virus in their bodies. If I can find a better solution, I’ll tell you as soon as possible.”

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Fang Qiu said.

“You’re in Africo?”

Hearing this, Jiang Miaoyu suddenly became anxious and hurriedly said, “How can you stay with those infected people? Are you alone? Do you wear a protective suit? You must be careful!”

“Trust me. I’m fine.”

Fang Qiu smiled and said, “That’s all. After this call, I’ll send you a text message with the detailed prescription.”

Then they chatted for a while.

Fang Qiu ended the call.

After that, he immediately typed out a text message and sent it to Jiang Miaoyu.


After sending the message, Fang Qiu took a long breath.

To his great surprise…

The virus had spread to Comores.

Of course, to Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu only mentioned the normal channels where people might be infected with the virus. But in his heart, he knew Nirvana Organization caused the disaster.

“Nirvana Organization seems to have gone ahead with its second plan in Africo.”

“It’s not limited to the grassland!”

Fang Qiu frowned, and his face turned grave.

From the situation in Comores…

Fang Qiu only had seven days left. Apart from the time spent sending the medicine, he only had five days at most. It meant he must find a way to eliminate the virus in five days. Even if he couldn’t do it, he had to find a new way to alleviate the symptoms. Otherwise, he couldn’t bear to think of the tragic consequences!

At the same time…

Upon receiving the order from Lord Virtuous, all Nirvana Organization members in Africo came to Africon Savannah, and carried out an intense manhunt for Fang Qiu.

Nirvana Organization had learned about the death of Sixth Venerable and Eighth Venerable. Of course, they also knew John Doe robbed them of the jade from the Egyptt relic.

They were very all clear about the situation.

Since John Doe took the jade, he couldn’t leave quickly. Moreover, according to the reports from their spies in various Africo countries, there was no sign of John Doe and the truck with the jade.

In this case, people in Nirvana Organization believed that John Doe was still in Africon Savannah.

That was why they would conduct a thorough search in Africon Savannah.

Deep in the grassland…

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After the call with Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu was once again lost in thought as he racked his brains for ways to tackle the mutant Ebala virus!

As he pondered over it…

A day and a night passed.

During this period, Fang Qiu combined countless ways to treat the disease caused by the virus in his mind. In addition, he simulated every single one of them.

But in the end, he thought all these methods wouldn’t work!

Based on the countdown…

Several days had passed.

In the past few days, Fang Qiu had come up with various methods and made all the possible attempts, but he gained nothing. The result distressed him greatly.

He had never encountered such a tricky virus before.

Fang Qiu believed…

Given enough time, he would find a way to eradicate this virus and save all the patients in Africo.

But the key was…

The outbreak of this virus was very rapid. As time went by, Fang Qiu realized he was running out of time.

“So, I could only watch helplessly as those patients are tortured to death by the mutant virus?”

Fang Qiu felt very depressed and powerless.

By dusk…

Fang Qiu was at the end of his tether. Helplessly, he walked out of the room of the chief of the Hippo tribe and stared into the vast grassland that stretched before him.

He wanted to go out for some fresh air and clear his mind. When he strolled out to the open grassland, deep in thought…

A slight sound came from a distance.

He looked over.

Fang Qiu was surprised to see a hyena bounding out of the grass not far away. Its eyes were trained on him and its mouth was half-open with drool coming out!

It seemed that…

The hyena was set to attack Fang Qiu!

When it came into Fang Qiu’s view…

“A hyena?”

Fang Qiu suddenly had an idea.

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That was right!

In addition to human beings, there were countless animals in the Africon Savannah.

“Then, since people have been infected, why didn’t these animals get infected with the variant Ebala virus?”

Fang Qiu murmured.

His eyes suddenly lit up as if he had caught a glimmer of hope.


In the past few days, he had been running back and forth around the grassland several times to collect herbs. Especially when he chased after Eighth Venerable, he had entered the area where it was densely populated by wild animals.

He thought back on it carefully.

It was true that he barely saw any animal carcasses.

In his memory, he only caught sight of one or two carcasses in the area full of wild beasts, but they had been hunted down and died.

Not a single animal had died from the virus.


Fang Qiu suddenly smiled.

With a smile, he slapped his forehead hard.

“Why did I not think of this before?”

He found that…

Under normal circumstances, the viruses were transmitted to the infected people through the air, mosquitoes, saliva, body fluids, etc.

All other countries could easily control the diseases caused by viruses spread through these normal ways, but it was difficult for countries in Africo.

What was the reason for that?

It was because of the poor air quality, lousy living environment, and mosquitoes in Africo!

Why were there so many mosquitoes?

Rotting corpses!

“No wonder Nirvana Organization sent people to spread the virus among the tribes, one after another, using mosquitoes. It was for this reason.”

Fang Qiu had figured it out.

He had thought it over. If Nirvana Organization wanted to spread the virus, the simplest way was to use a few rotten animal carcasses. They could add viruses and mosquitoes to them. Then, these mosquitoes could spread the virus. In this way, they no longer needed to release mosquitoes carrying the virus to these tribes, one at a time.


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Nirvana Organization didn’t use this simple method.

That was to say…

They had already tried it but found that this virus couldn’t kill animals!

As long as an animal infected with the virus was still alive, it would not pass on the virus. Nirvana Organization didn’t choose to infect animals, most likely because these wild animals were able to kill this mutant Ebala virus!

“Wild beasts have multiplied in an endless succession for thousands of years to the present. Why?”

“It’s not because they do not get sick, but because each kind of wild animal has intelligence and they have an inborn healing instinct. Though they are less brilliant than human beings, they can look for herbs to heal themselves!”

As he murmured…

Fang Qiu felt like he had finally found a breakthrough.


He turned to look at the hyena.

Sure enough.

Animals have the instinct to look for healing herbs. Fang Qiu was not sure if wild animals were resistant to this virus. Besides, it might be because of other reasons that Nirvana Organization didn’t choose to infect these wild animals. Nevertheless, this was the only breakthrough that Fang Qiu could find at this time.

This time, he had to blaze a new trail.

He did it as soon as he came to this realization.

Fang Qiu jumped out. Before the hyena could launch a sneak attack, he pounced on it and his incredibly powerful internal Qi erupted. The hyena was pinned to the ground, unable to move.

He carried the hyena back to the tribe.

After directly transferring the virus to it, he injected internal Qi into the hyena, which allowed the virus to absorb the internal Qi rapidly, which in turn would make the hyena sick.

A large number of viruses reproduced rapidly.

Fang Qiu scrutinized the hyena. After ensuring it was infected with the virus, he walked out of the tribe with the hyena, threw it on the grassland, and released it.

As soon as it landed…

The hyena ran away frantically. It was so afraid of Fang Qiu that it kept turning back to check Fang Qiu’s location.

Fang Qiu didn’t chase after it immediately. Instead, he locked the hyena’s position with his Divine Consciousness. When the hyena was no longer running away in a panic, he secretly followed its trail.

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