914 The Deal with the Spiritual Armored Demons

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Those cultivators who found treasures in the Divine Court’s treasure vault and were preparing to seclude themselves in a remote place found that there was no peace in the entire void.

No matter where they hid, he would be found and forced to submit.

If they didn’t submit, they would be attacked immediately.

There was no way out.

At this moment, everyone finally felt what it meant to fight for the Dao.

At this moment, the Heavenly Mystic’s Zhihu’s sword formation displayed an overwhelming dominance that made people unable to face it directly.

The 15th on the Heavenly Rankings, Dao Lord Xuanyu, who was in the realm of a sage of the Mystic Dao Sect in the Upper Three Heavens, and his 300 elite disciples were besieged on a dead star.

If they did not surrender for three days, the sword formation would kill them and destroy the world.

This battle made it clear to the world that no matter how powerful an individual was, it was nothing but chaff in the face of the struggle for the Dao.

In this era of great strife, what was being fought for was momentum.

Only when the momentum was achieved could the power that was hard to find in the world be achieved.

After this battle, the forces on the Heavenly Rankings were rearranged.

The first on the Heavenly Rankings, the Heavenly Mystic’s Wen Mosheng.

The second place on the Heavenly Rankings was Dang Wuyou.

Third on the Heavenly Rankings, Great Sage Heaven Trampler Huang Zhenxiong.

Fourth on the Heavenly Rankings, Luo Wuming of the Sword Pavilion.

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Ninth on the Heavenly Rankings, the Heavenly Mystic’s Han Muye.

Huang Zhihu’s ranking entered the top 100, and those experts who relied solely on their individual combat strength were pushed back.

However, after the 300th place on the Heavenly Rankings the last time, there were another 300 Earthly Rankings.

Most of the strong individuals on the Earthly Rankings had benefited from the last opening of the Divine Court Treasury.

With these treasures, their cultivation and strength could be rapidly improved.

In terms of individual combat strength, these people might be able to enter the top 200 of the Heavenly Rankings

The name list on the Earthly Rankings changed very quickly.

Many strong individuals who had just entered the Earthly Rankings soon lost their reputations.

They were either killed for their treasures or wiped out by the Immortal Spirit and the Heavenly Mystic.

In the vast void, there was only one place that was safe.

The trading place with a radius of 3,000 miles.

This was what Minister Han of the Heavenly Mystic had personally said. They were not allowed to attack within a radius of 100,000 miles.

After the Heavenly Mystic and Immortal Spirit swept through the void, this 100,000 mile radius became the last sanctuary for itinerant cultivators.

But everyone knew that this kind of sanctuary wouldn’t last too long.

Even if the Immortal Spirit and Heavenly Mystic Sects didn’t attack, there would still be ways to infiltrate.

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After the Immortal Spirit World returned, it ruled over the four directions, firmly grasping the power in its hands. Whether it was Sun Youdao or others, they didn’t dare to go against it.

Even the various strongmen who were later recruited and surrendered did not dare to cross the line in front of the Divine Court puppets.

On the other hand, the Heavenly Mystic was more relaxed.

Han Muye went into seclusion directly, and Wen Mosheng’s whereabouts were unknown.

The war was led by Huang Zhihu and Lu Yang, while the emperor and those senators governed the world. Regardless of whether they were Confucians or Daoists, they all practiced on their own.

Compared to the tension and danger in the void, the Heavenly Mystic World was the most stable.

Whether it was the various sects or the cultivators who submitted, they could cultivate their own way.

If not for the fact that there was not much time left for the Dao struggle, such a peaceful cultivation time would really make people happy.

Even those cultivators who came from the Upper Three Heavens could practice safely in the Heavenly Mystic world.


Endless Sea.

The turbulent waves rolled around the Scattered Stars Island.

Bai Zeyu stood in the void, his eyes shining.


A sword light resounded and split the void.

He flew up and blocked the sword light in the void with his sword, but that sword light instantly turned into countless thousands of sword lights, which pushed him back and caused him to fall into the seawater.

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Baize Yu rose up from the water and then looked at the figure that had fallen down with a wry smile.

“Shui Yue’er, are you trying to murder your husband?”

Hearing his words, Shui Yue’er, who was wearing a jade-colored dress, widened her eyes and blushed.

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Although her voice was cold, she was not really angry.

Bai Zeyu shook his head and said, “I’m fine.”

Shui Yue’er raised her brows, and Bai Zeyu raised his hand and pointed. “He has something to tell you.”

Shui Yue’er turned around and saw Han Muye standing a thousand feet away in a white robe with a sword box on his back.

She had no idea when Han Muye arrived.

But she wasn’t surprised.

She knew how powerful he was, and he was someone that even the Water Spirit Palace Master had warned not to offend.

“It’s you?” Looking at Han Muye, Shui Yue’er frowned and said, “You have a deep grudge with my Water Spirit Palace.”

A faint sword intent flickered on her body.

Han Muye had killed many experts of the Water Spirit Palace on the Scattered Stars Island.

“Ahem, Yue’er, Han Muye is my friend.” Bai Zeyu coughed lightly and said with his hands behind his back.

Shui Yue’er ignored him completely.

Bai Zeyu shrugged awkwardly and said, “Look, I’ve already done my best to ask her out.”

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Han Muye nodded and looked at Shui Yue’er. “I want to visit the Water Spirit Palace.”

Visiting the Water Spirit Palace?

Shui Yue’er was taken aback.

Isn’t Han Muye asking for trouble with his grudge against the Water Spirit Palace?

Bai Zeyu grinned.

This guy was even bolder than him.


When he was looking for Shui Yue’er, he did not even dare to go to the Water Spirit Palace directly.
Shui Yue’er took a look at Han Muye and nodded, “I can inform the Palace Master for you, but I cannot guarantee whether it can be arranged or not.”

Han Muye nodded.

Shui Yue’er’s figure flashed and disappeared from her original spot.

Bai Zeyu clicked his tongue, “Ah, too bad…”

Han Muye waved his hand and tossed out a piece of icy jade pendant.

Bai Zeyu caught it and smiled. “Not bad, not bad. This treasure can make me ask Shui Yue’er out seven or eight times.”

He paused for a moment, with a hint of shyness on his face, and leaned in closer to whisper, “I heard that your alchemy skills are particularly high, and you’ve even researched pills that can increase bloodline power…”

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