1252 As Long as You’re Happy Now

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“This… this is naturally a surprise!”

Chu Nan was really surprised and happy.

Of course, he could tell that Angie Prairie was not joking at all. He was naturally happy that he actually had the chance to learn this extremely special and powerful cultivation method, but he was shocked that Supremacy Oville would actually take the initiative to impart this cultivation method to him.

“However, speaking of which, Angie Prairie, what if something happens to us in the future and we can’t continue to be lovers?” Chu Nan thought for a moment and asked.

“Oh, Master also said that if I dumped you, it’s fine. She doesn’t care so much. However, if you dumped me, she’ll have to…”

At this point, Angie Prairie suddenly paused.

Chu Nan immediately became nervous.

“What should she do?”

Angie Prairie chuckled.

“There’s no need to be nervous. Master is not such a petty person. She said that she admires you very much and believes that you’re not the kind of person who will take the initiative to betray me. Moreover, since she’s willing to do this, there’s no reason to regret it. No matter what the two of us become in the future, it has nothing to do with cultivation methods. In any case, since I’ve taught it to you, it’s yours.”

Only then did Chu Nan heave a sigh of relief and sigh in his mind.

At first, Supremacy Oville only treated Chu Nan well because of Angie Prairie. However, after interacting with him more, she indeed gradually began to admire him and her attitude towards him became better and better. Now, she was even willing to impart this unique cultivation method to him and treated him extremely well.

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Then, Chu Nan felt that something was wrong.

“Wait, Angie Prairie, who taught you to say this? This is not your style.”

Angie Prairie was stunned, then stuck out her tongue in a rare and extremely playful manner and chuckled.

“Master asked me to say this. She said that she wanted me to test your reaction. You seemed to be very afraid just now. Could it be that you’ve actually thought of breaking up with me in the future?”

“Nonsense.” Chu Nan rolled his eyes at Angie Prairie, “I indeed don’t have the slightest intention of breaking up with you now, but who can say for sure what will happen in the future? If we break up because of various accidents and have to endure Supremacy Oville’s anger, wouldn’t that be a tragedy?”

“Don’t worry, Master is not such a petty person. I’m not.”

Angie Prairie suddenly stretched out her hands and hugged Chu Nan. Their naked bodies were pressed tightly together. Angie Prairie whispered into his ear in a rare gentle tone, “I don’t care what will happen in the future. I only know that I’m very happy with you now. It’s the joy I’ve never been in since I was young. Master said that this is love. I don’t know what love is. I only know that it’s good to be happy. Chu Nan, are you happy?”

Chu Nan’s heart warmed. He felt the heat coming from Angie Prairie’s mouth on his face and could not help but kiss her face.

“Of course I’m happy. It’s also the happiest I’ve ever been since I was young. To be honest, I was never sure what my relationship with you was, but after automatically confirming that I agreed to be your boyfriend, this worry disappeared safely. I believe this is the best decision I’ve made so far.”

“That’s good. In that case, we don’t have to worry about the future, right? It’s fine as long as we’re happy now. Regardless of whether we break up in the future, I’ll remember that we’re very happy now.”

Chu Nan stared into Angie Prairie’s eyes seriously. After a moment of silence, he suddenly asked, “Wait, Angie Prairie, these words are still not your style and don’t sound like something Supremacy Oville would say. Could it be that Yang Xirui taught you?”

“Haha, you guessed it. How is it? Did I say it well?”

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Chu Nan could only roll his eyes helplessly.

“You touched me for nothing.”

“How can I be touched for nothing?” Angie Prairie shook her head, “Although Sister Yang taught me to say what I said just now, it’s also my true thoughts. I just don’t know how to say it.”

“Alright, I believe you.” Chu Nan sighed helplessly. He knew that it was wishful thinking to communicate with Angie Prairie as a normal lover, so he could not be bothered to pay attention to this, “In that case, we don’t have to waste time now. Come, teach me what the true Flame of Life cultivation method is.”


As soon as she heard the discussion of cultivation methods, Angie Prairie immediately became excited.

“Firstly, I want to explain the most fundamental core concept of the Flame of Life to you…”

A bright white light shone into the room through the gap in the curtains and landed on Chu Nan’s eyes, waking him up from his sleep.

Chu Nan slowly opened his eyes and felt that his body was heavy as if he was pressed down by something.

Looking down, he saw that Angie Prairie was hugging him tightly like an octopus. Their bodies were close together without any gaps.

No matter who saw this scene, the first thing they would definitely think of was that the two of them must have experienced a huge battle last night and finally fell asleep exhausted.

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However, Chu Nan knew very well that it was true that the two of them had fallen asleep exhausted at the same time last night, but he did not even see a shadow of the so-called battle.

In order to let Chu Nan learn the true Flame of Life cultivation method as soon as possible, Angie Prairie personally demonstrated it. At the same time, she let Chu Nan continuously squeeze himself. In the end, regardless of whether it was their Internal Breath or stamina, they had all been exhausted. Even their bodies had been destroyed countless times. It could only be said to be fortunate that they were still intact.

Under such circumstances, the two of them did not even have the strength to move their fingers in the end. They could not even be bothered to cultivate their Internal Breath cultivation method, so how could they have the energy and strength to fight a huge battle?

Glancing at the old wall clock hanging on the wall, it showed that it was actually only 7 AM local time. It could not be considered late.

If that was the case, only three hours had passed since the two of them fell asleep. It could not be considered a long sleep.

However, to Chu Nan, this might be the longest and most stable sleep he had slept in this period of time.

At other times, he either could not sleep peacefully or was busy cultivating and did not plan to sleep at all.

Angie Prairie, who was lying on Chu Nan’s chest, had been busy breaking through recently. She was probably similar to him.

Looking at the clock again, Chu Nan reached out and patted Angie Prairie.

“Hey, get up.”

Angie Prairie had been sleeping soundly just now, but after Chu Nan patted her, her eyes suddenly widened and she jumped up with a vigilant expression.

However, the moment she saw Chu Nan, her expression and vigilance instantly softened and she stretched her back.

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“Heh, Chu Nan, good morning. It’s been a long time since I slept so well.”

“Me too.”

Chu Nan’s gaze swept past Angie Prairie’s beautiful body and he felt a little regretful.

Last night could be said to be the best opportunity for him to have further intimate relations with Angie Prairie since he met her, but he missed it because he was learning cultivation methods.

However, he was not too anxious. In any case, the two of them would interact for a long time in the future, so there was no need to be anxious.

“Right, Chu Nan, you tried so many times last night. Do you have any insights now?”

Chu Nan closed his eyes and thought for a moment before opening them. He stretched out his right hand and spread out his palm.

The fingertips of the five fingers on his right hand suddenly emitted a trace of milky white aura. As this trace of milky white aura dissipated, the fingertips began to disappear bit by bit until his entire finger completely disappeared.

A moment later, the milky white light enveloped him again. These five fingers actually grew out bit by bit, and soon, they completely recovered!


Angie Prairie rushed over and grabbed Chu Nan’s recovered right hand to look left and right before shouting.
“Oh, my god! Chu Nan, you’re really a genius! You actually grasped body rebirth in a night!”

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